Meet Jennifer – Account Champion at Mainfreight

Day in the life – Jennifer Colditz

Mainfreight Warehousing Brisbane, Account Champion

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Mainfreight team member? Jennifer Colditz takes you through her day working as an Account Champion at Mainfreight Warehousing Brisbane.

7:25 AM 
“Good morning Team” is chanted around the office as team members begin to arrive through the office. I switch on my computer, open my emails and pick screen which shows all orders for the stock from our warehouse. Looks like a busy day ahead.

8:15 AM
After monitoring and printing orders for the team to start picking (fulfilling an order), I jump into finalising all inwards paperwork (any stock arriving into our warehouse for storage) that was received the day prior. All is running smoothly here with no variances in stock quantities, batches or vintages to report to the customers. An alert on my computer reminds me an international conference call with a customer is scheduled for 8.30am so I head on over to the kitchen, make myself a coffee, have a quick chat with some team members in the kitchen about the delicious baked goodies an amazing team member made (we are spoilt rotten) then head back to my desk to dial in.

8:30 AM
This customer is based in America and has an extensive global presence in the food and beverage supply chain industry. All Australian warehouse team members are on the call which helps with understanding the difference and challenges each state faces. Today’s meeting and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) presentation were (as usual) great. Discussion of predicted sales growth trends, data analysis of product movements and new products that will be hitting the Australian market soon are always exciting. Everything logistically has been operating without any hiccups nationally with international connections of freight running on time.  An upcoming visit of the American team to Australia is discussed.

9:15 AM
Throughout the day I check the pick screen for new orders to make sure our customers have a hassle-free experience from placing the order all the way through to receiving the order through transport.

11:00 AM
Point of Sale Stock Meeting with another larger global player in the food and beverage industry is underway with team members and the customer calling in from all around the world. Organising the logistics of moving over 10’s of thousands of pallets across Australia into various warehouses involves a lot more than meets the eye. All in all positive meeting with excitement in the air.

12:00 PM 
It is nearing order cut off, I check up on emails and print more orders, make a few phone calls to my customers. I print my final lot of orders that relate to interstate transport and check the Outstanding Pick Screen to see how it’s looking for the afternoon and if there is anything I can do to help in the warehouse. A quick phone call here and there to team members in other brands to touch base on deliveries and ETAs. These phone calls are important to ensure there is an open line of communication with all team members.

12:15 PM
On days when the sun is shining (which is pretty much all day, every day here in sunny Queensland), I eat lunch and then a group of team members head out for a walk down the road to stretch our legs. I grab my hat and off we go.

12:45 PM
Back at my desk feeling refreshed from the walk, I check my pick screen, outstanding pick screen, stock held by transaction screen and EDI Error screen. The orders are flooding in today! It looks like a busy afternoon ahead. There are a few stock and quality checks to complete so with my RFID gun in hand and pen in my pocket, I head on out to the warehouse. Being able to move between the office and the warehouse is so handy to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. Real-time feedback on products and orders is important to our customers.

2.00 PM
Nearing our last cut off (Metro areas) and only 3 hours until the end of the day, its go time! Final orders printed, emails checked, calls made and everything else up to date I head out to see if I can help with finalising and dispatching a few orders.

4:00 PM
A few late orders have dropped into the system that requires delivery tomorrow for restaurants and events.  Printed and given to the team to pick and get ready, I start matching up my paperwork and invoices. My pile of paperwork grows as I add more and more consignment notes.

5:00 PM
Another day’s job well done. The team make their way to the door checking that everything has been completed.

5:30 PM
Home! Depending on which day of the week I either head to a cycling class, go for a walk or just enjoy a relaxing evening in. Every day is so different and full of surprises but the great feeling of knowing you play an important role in an intricate global supply chain doesn’t change.


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