National Careers Week 2021: What’s On and Where to Get Access

10 May 2021

With only one week to go, National Careers Week is back for another year, and it’s looking like an incredible week of events, webinars, and resources that everyone will benefit from. No matter whether your career ideas are one big question mark or you know the steps you want to take: there’s something to help you on your way.

In this week’s blog, we’ve taken a look through everything that’s happening and broken it down into an accessible one-stop-shop so you can dive straight into the resources you need.

First Things First: What is National Careers Week?

National Careers Week (NCW) aims to celebrate careers and career development and promote the social and personal benefits of purposefully pursuing your chosen career path. It draws together a wide range of organisations and career support services to help you get access to all of them in one helpful spot.

Like us, NCW knows that understanding the big wide world of careers is complex and often overwhelming. With so much information out there, how do you know where to begin? NCW is a week-long delivery of targeted events, activities, and resources to help you access the best information out there for you and your career decisions.

Your career is so much more than a job – it’s a massive part of your life and, when done well, an enriching one!

What’s On?

NCW will take place from the 17th to 23rd May. You can check out the interactive NCW map here – it’ll show what events are on in your local area that you might like to check out – but there are also lots of online events you can get involved with!

Here are a few that we think look pretty great:

Delivered by career professionals from Melbourne Polytechnic, in this workshop, you’ll learn all about what the hidden job market is (jobs that aren’t advertised online traditionally) and how to utilise networking and relationship building to access it! With a significant percentage of jobs going to those in the know before they’re advertised, this is a great workshop to learn all about building your own skills for the future.

Delivered by RMIT Skills and Learning Centre, this workshop will take you right back to basics with understanding your skills, interests, passions, and motivations and how to utilise these to develop a career pathway. With a mix of activities, information, and live Q&A, this is an excellent opportunity for anyone a little unsure what they really want to do in life.

A huge question we get asked a lot from young people is what skills exactly most employers look for. These skills tend to fall broadly under the ‘employability skills’ umbrella – so if that’s a question you find yourself stumped by, this is a workshop for you! We all have heaps of skills, but lots of us aren’t so great at communicating them. This workshop will show you how and help you identify the best skills you have to meet the demands of the modern workplace!

Apprenticeships are among the best ways to get into lots of professions – especially trades, construction, and engineering – but many young women find this pathway overwhelming. This talk is for anyone wanting to pursue a pathway in a traditionally male-dominated field. Hear from professionals who’ll talk you through their experiences and share what help and support are available.

Got a head for maths and data but not sure how that’s going to translate into a career? This is the workshop for you! In this workshop, you’ll hear from three professionals working in the field and all the exciting opportunities in the modern workplace for those interested in working with maths and data.

This is only a small taste of everything that’s already happening, and more events are being added every day.

Why Get Involved?

It’s easy when you’re starting with your career journey to get comfortable looking for information from the same sources and speaking to the same people about what you should do.

When you’re learning bout your options and pathways, it’s a great idea to seek information from a range of sources, including:

  • Friends and family
  • Teachers and support staff at school
  • Online careers sites
  • Industry professionals
  • Careers guidance professionals

This helps you develop a broad overview of what’s out there and make an informed decision based on the most relevant information for you.

We recommend spending some time taking a look and getting yourself booked in for what is definitely going to be a knowledge and motivation-packed week of career support!

And if you’re ready to get started now, you absolutely can!

Check out our free Career Quiz to learn what industries are the best fit for you.


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