5 Outdated Career Myths to Let Go in the New Year

13 January 2022   |   by Explore Careers

As we start a new year, we’re all starting to feel a mix of excitement and worry! What will the new year bring? What plans can we make now to help set us up for success?

We love looking forward to new and exciting things, but the end of the year is also a chance to let go of anything negative that came up and rethink some of our ideas, making sure we say positive!

Over the past year, we’ve heard many weird and wonderful ideas about careers and young people, so we thought what better way to set ourselves up for some success than by letting go of some really outdated ideas.

5 Career Myths to Leave Behind

Career myths are thoughts or ideas that we or those around us might have about careers, finding work or landing your dream job that perhaps aren’t necessarily true anymore.

The world is constantly changing, and the ways we can get on with work and careers is changing too.

Here are five career myths we can definitely leave in 2021!

Myth #1: There is One ‘Best’ Career For Everyone

We’re bombarded with ideals like ‘follow your passion’ and ‘find your purpose’ to find the work that’s ‘best’ for you.

All the work or jobs we do should be treated as an opportunity to learn, helping us uncover the things we’re innately good at that we can use to motivate us towards the career that fits us best.

You don’t have to be wildly passionate about your job if it’s a stepping stone helping you to develop your career ideas. It’s also important to remember that for many people, their ‘best’ career will be made up of a few different things, rarely is it one concrete thing.

Myth #2: ‘Love What You Do & You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life.’

You can love what you do AND still find it a bit stressful, boring or frustrating at times!

Research tells us that when we don’t feel challenged or that we’ve strived for our achievements, we don’t feel like we’ve achieved them successfully at all.

Feeling like you’re working while enjoying the work is a great sign you’ve found a career path that challenges and pushes you in the right ways.

Myth #3: You Have to Match All the ‘Requirements’ to Get the Job

The truth is you don’t have to meet every single requirement listed in a job advertisement – especially if you’ve got additional skills or experience that showcase your adaptability and capability.

If you believe you can do the job and are a good match, save for one or two requirements, you should absolutely put yourself out there.

Just make sure you’re realistic when it comes to knowing the difference between being almost qualified and not even close!

Myth #4: If You Don’t Get Good Grades, You Won’t Be Successful

Getting high grades is always helpful, and yeah, it feels good, but grades are only one small part of building a career you love.

There are so many options available now for young people to get onto the pathways that feel right for them. Whether it’s a traineeship, apprenticeship, school-leaver based career roles or something else, don’t let grades define how you approach your career.

A positive mindset, determination, willingness to learn and commitment are all equally important.

Myth #5: Once You Pick a Path, You Have to Stick to It

Have you heard the story of Terry Robinson, who, at the age of 70, started a new career working in a hardware retail store as an apprentice? After retiring, Terry was bored, so he decided to apply his knowledge by helping customers with their DIY needs — through working at B&Q, a UK hardware store.

It’s a great example that you can always change your career path – anytime you like! If you start in a career and decide that it isn’t for you after all, don’t panic. Use the experience to help you determine what you want to do – and then put in the work to go after it.

We don’t have to stay in one career for our entire lives. You’ll never be too old to start something new or change direction!

What Career Myths Do You Want to Let Go?

We know there are heaps more career myths out there, but these were the ones that we kept hearing time and time again.

If you’re feeling stuck, indecisive or unsure how to move forward with your career ideas, it might be worth considering what career myths might be shaping your thoughts.

Letting them go could be just what you need to start moving ahead!


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