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In every corner of Victoria, councils are searching for future leaders and specialists wanting to improve their community. Local government is one of the biggest and most diverse sectors to work in. Regardless of what career you want to pursue, councils will have a position that suits you.

Councils are one of the most community-minded employers. A career in local government gives you the opportunity to work closely with the community and respond to people’s needs. The scale and scope of council responsibilities also offers the opportunity to be part of large-scale transformational projects.

We believe that the most rewarding work is where you can see how what you do improves the lives of those around you. If you share our passion for helping others and wanting to build a future we can all be proud of, we encourage you to consider a council career.

With 79 councils across Victoria, there are plenty of employment locations to suit your lifestyle. From planning and building to community events and festivals, technological development to sports and recreation – each council provides over 100 services and has roles for everyone.

We proudly put our people at the heart of what we do. With personal and professional development opportunities, staff wellbeing initiatives, mentoring programs and study assistance all on offer, councils are not only focused on improving their communities, but their employees too.


79 Councils
100+ Services

Why work for council?

Values driven

Councils strive to create equal and inclusive communities. They lead local programs that promote social justice and human rights, social inclusion, prevention of violence, and freedom from discrimination. These in turn support the provision of council services that are inclusive, accessible and equitable to everyone.

Councils are passionate about making Victorian communities a better place to live, work and play. They help to raise community living standards,
drive the local economy, develop major infrastructure projects, protect our natural environment and provide essential community services.

Student skills development

Councils assist local students to develop their practical workplace skills and experience through a range of employment programs for secondary students and/or work placements for further education and tertiary students.
While each council is different, the types of programs they may offer students include apprenticeships, traineeships, Tertiary job placements, cadetships, graduate programs and pre-trade youth work experience.

Career growth

Working at council gives you handson experience in a range of fields and diverse tasks. From engineering to parks and gardens, public health to digital media – there are more than 100 career options available.

Councils provide access to mentoring and support networks, exposure to senior leaders and the chance to work alongside the best experts in their fields. There are also training opportunities to help accelerate your learning and gain multiple skills. You can work across different business areas and teams to expand your knowledge and expertise so that your career grows with you.

Equal opportunities

Victorian councils value and embrace diversity within their workforce and work environment.

Applications are encouraged from everyone including graduates, working parents, people with disabilities, people from Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander and non-English speaking backgrounds, people of diverse sexual orientation, and people of varied ages, ability and faith.

Councils offer flexible work arrangements and workplace adjustments necessary to accommodate the needs of their prospective and existing staff.

Your wellbeing is a priority

Councils value their employees and recognise their role as an employer to ensure the ongoing wellbeing of their team. Many councils offer staff wellbeing initiatives such as employee assistance programs, social clubs, discounted health insurance and gym memberships, vaccinations and health checks.

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