Consolidated Pastoral Company

Agricultural & Horticultural

Consolidated Pastoral Company (CPC) is an Australian managed Agrifood business with an international presence.

It owns and operates an expansive portfolio of cattle stations across northern Australia. The company also holds a 90% interest in Juang Jaya Abdi Alam (JJAA) which owns and operates two feedlots in Indonesia.

Our history goes back to 1860, with the CPC portfolio of properties first consolidated in 1983. CPC direct sales channels primarily involve selling cattle and beef to Asian consumer markets, domestic feedlots, processors and exporting live cattle. At CPC, it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, experienced or looking to have a life-changing experience, we support career development and provide ongoing opportunities at every level. We are always looking for team members who are self-reliant, resourceful, practical, versatile, adaptable, capable and have the ability to deal with different personalities that living in a rural community offers.

At the start of each season, CPC welcomes onboard new employees who initially start their training at a dedicated Induction Week at the station where they will work for the season. We develop our people from the ground up, both internally and externally, no career path is the same.

Build your own career at CPC


145 Employees
9 Locations
1983 Founded

Life at CPC

Your team and your mates

At CPC we care about our people and treat them like family. From the moment you arrive at the cattle station, you are part of a close-knit team where lifelong friendships are made. Our people are dedicated, passionate and their hard work and commitment is celebrated and recognised. Be a part of our CPC family.

Opportunities are endless

Being a part of our team comes with some great benefits, it’s not about what work you have done, or what you’ve studied, or where you went to school; it’s about you … and what you can do. Your opportunities are endless.

Build your career through training

Many of our people kick off their tertiary education by enrolling in a Certificate II or Certificate III in Agriculture or Rural Operations where they can achieve a qualification alongside their daily work tasks, with the support of their leaders and management teams. We develop our people from the ground up, both internally and externally; no career path is the same. Build your own career at CPC.

We care for our animals

As a team, we have high standards of livestock welfare to ensure best practice management and we continue to seek out and implement new technologies to assist with favourable animal welfare outcomes. We use low stress handling and regularly provide instruction and training in these methods to our people. Come join us and learn from leading industry teachers.

We care for you

CPC is future focused on workplace health and safety and will continue to look at ways to strengthen current and future workplace health and safety systems. Our leaders continue to encourage employees to report all incidents or hazards, always remain vigilant whilst working on stations and continue to be open and share safety communications with all teams. CPC is committed to being an industry leader in the workplace. Be part of our safety TEAM (Together Employees Accomplish More).

Create your own adventure

Each day can be an adventure, you could be riding a horse or motorbike during a cattle muster with the helicopter overhead or checking and maintaining cattle watering points in a four-wheel drive utility. You might be feeding our young cattle or cooking hearty meals for our people or creating an oasis around the garden homestead complex. Then there’s the fleet of vehicles and plant to keep running smoothly. Why not create your own adventure.

Experience what makes us unique

Our rural and remote areas allow you to become involved in our community events and attend or compete in camp drafts, rodeos or going to a local horse racing event. Our diverse properties, which are found amongst some of Australia’s magnificent landscapes, all offer something different for down time. You could just spend time riding your horse, water skiing, fishing, regional social events (drafts, rodeos, shows) or at the stations own social club. Experience new adventures and travel around Australia.

But what’s the food like?

Our stations are set up with a communal kitchen and a cook/chef who prepares nutritious, wholesome choice of meals that enable our people to have good energy as they work because often the weather is hot, and the work is physical. Station living is a home away from home.

Where do you sleep?

Accommodation at the station is supplied as a single airconditioned room with a shared bathroom (or an ensuite at some stations) and a shared laundry. Many of our stock staff “camp out”, when away from the station. They roll out their swags and camp under the stars where the horizon stretches for miles and the stars are brilliant. Don’t be the dreamer, live in the moment and live your dream.

What’s in it for you?

You will enjoy above award wages paid directly into your bank account, subsidised food and accommodation, fare reimbursement, saddle and tool allowances. You have your power and water paid for. Take the lead and experience the real outback.

Staff Benefits, Training & Career Development

We believe in providing our staff with a work environment that is happy and harmonious. One that helps them become their best professionally so that they can achieve their professional goals. Here are just a few of the things that we do:

Bonuses & Allowances

Because hard work and a great attitude should be rewarded CPC offers the following rewards and benefits:

  • Competitive remuneration
  • Prepared meals and accommodation on our properties*
  • Extensive induction and training programs*
  • Fare allowances*
  • Wifi or NextG access
  • 7 weeks of annual leave entitlement (employees covered by the CPC Enterprise Agreement 2014)*
  • Pilot license reimbursement*

* Station employees only (conditions apply)

Training & Career Development

At the start of each season, CPC welcomes on board new employees who initially start their training at a dedicated Induction Week at the station where they will work for the season.

We also believe our team members are a vital link in the continuing success of our company and therefore in addition to our focus on training and development we encourage strong communication throughout CPC.

These skills include horsemanship, horseshoeing, cattle work, fencing, water and mechanical maintenance and motorbike skills. The induction also allows new staff to learn information such as low-stress stock handling techniques and Workplace Health and Safety within the pastoral industry.

All staff have an opportunity to create with their managers, an Individual Development Plan. These development needs are addressed through informal and formal training programs throughout the year and the course of their employment.

Courses offered may include:

  • Chemcert Accreditation
  • Bushfire Safety
  • Four Wheel Driving
  • Apply First Aid
  • Welding
  • Station Butchering
  • Communication and Management Skills
  • Cert I Agriculture
  • Cert II in Agriculture
  • Cert III in Agriculture
  • Cert IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
  • Cert IV in Rural Business

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are many other e-learning courses that may be learnt on CPC stations. The scope is extremely wide – the main limit being the person’s aptitude and interest in the skills he/she wishes to pursue.

To supplement your training by CPC personnel it is our custom to use professional instructors from outside the company. This practice allows staff access to some of this nation’s leading trainers.

To encourage staff to utilise and present their skills outside of the daily working environment CPC encourages staff to be involved in company and community campdrafts, rodeos, colt challenges and other events.

What to Expect

Once arriving at the station, employees will go through site-specific induction and training prior to beginning work for the mustering season. This will include skills training such as horsemanship, horseshoeing, cattle work, fencing, water and mechanical maintenance and motorbike skills. The induction also allows new employees to learn information such as low-stress stock handling techniques and Workplace Health and Safety within the pastoral industry.

We also believe our team members are a vital link in the continuing success of our company and therefore in addition to our focus on training and development we encourage strong communication throughout CPC. CPC hosts the CPC Stations Challenge for all employees to showcase their skills in stock, horse, cattle, cooking, innovation, photography and various other challenges to see who will take the lead. Socially, life in the bush is what you make it. Whether it is heading to a camp draft, to the nearest centre for the local races and events or time out on the station, there is always something going on.

Gender Equality at CPC

Join our team. Strengthen your future.

Consolidated Pastoral Company (CPC) acknowledges the value of and strongly support the principles of equal employment opportunities (EEO) in the workplace.

EEO is a matter of employment obligation, social justice and legal responsibility, CPC recognises that prohibiting discriminatory policies and procedures is a sound management practice.

CPC expect everyone to treat each other with respect and dignity. We promote the principles of merit and fairness in its employment practices. This means people are selected because they are the best person for the job. CPC continues to ensure that all employees are given equal access to training, promotion, appointment or any other employment-related issue without regard to any factor not related to their competency and ability to perform their duties.

As an EEO employer, every person is given a fair and equitable chance to compete for appointment, promotion or transfer, and to pursue their career as effectively as others. Employment decisions relating to the appointment, promotion and career development are determined according to individual merit and competence.

CPC continues to review and develop policies and procedures to ensure equal opportunity within the organisation for all our potential and existing employees in regard to recruitment, promotion, transfer, training, education and employment conditions. All recruitment and promotion of employees are based on merit regardless of sex, race, marital status, sexual preference or religion.

We specifically acknowledge the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 and in accordance with the requirements of this act, CPC lodges its compliance report annually to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. CPC is one of the first Agribusinesses to have appointed a female station manager for one of our locations. We continue to embrace the growing need for gender equality in the workplace as one of the few businesses in the industry to appoint female management. Our female station manager has worked at CPC in various positions before being appointed as a station manager.

CPC is proud of the diversity we have achieved within our team, including our consistent near equal representation of men and women, our successful indigenous employment programs and our ethnic diversity.  CPC is an employer of choice as reflected by over 50% of applications for 2020 positions on our Australian pastoral operations coming from women.  In fact, in the first half of 2020 we have seen women fill 60% of all positions recruited.

In 2017 CPC hosted its first Women’s Leadership Conference, and due to the success of the event, held another in 2018. The intent of the WLC is to encourage personal growth and respond to the challenges faced by our women at different points of their leadership journey and focus on developing new leadership skills to empower oneself. The conference looks at presenting and analysing differences in communication styles for individuals and groups, and how to overcome difficult situations. CPC aim to recruit a diverse range of people with a diverse range of talents to help our business achieve our goals.

Meet Claudia

Claudia Stokehill; Leading Hand, Wrotham Park

“I began my career with CPC in 2016 working at Wrotham Park. I was unaware of what to expect at the time but always knew that I had an extreme passion for working in this sort of industry. Starting off my first 2 years as the only female in the stockcamp was a little bit daunting at the time, but soon got over that as the fellas treated me as one of them. I’ve really enjoyed working with my team, as they are now people that I get to call great mates. At times things do get tough, the extreme heat really plays a significant role in this, but at the end of the day the job gets done and it’s really rewarding to know you overcame it. This is now my 4th year working for CPC, and have gained the role of Leading Hand. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine Boxsell; Commercial Projects Officer, Brisbane Office

“I began my career with CPC in 2017 as Commercial Projects Officer. Prior to joining CPC, I had experience in the beef production industry, having already worked for two other beef and cattle production businesses. During this time I also completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science. This is now my 9th year working in this industry and I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

As the Commercial Projects Officer for CPC, I assist the commercial operations teams with the execution of their nutrition and animal health strategies; I am involved in the scoping of potential business opportunities to further develop these strategies; and also assist with the management of research projects.

I am fortunate to work with incredible team of people within CPC; it’s this team that really makes the culture something special.

My advice to anyone looking to become involved in the beef and cattle industry is not to be limited by what may seem like ‘traditional roles’. Agriculture and food production is rapidly changing with the development and implementation of technology and research – there is a field of opportunities that will only be limited by your imagination.”

ATSI Opportunities at CPC

Career opportunities at every level

Consolidated Pastoral Company is committed to increasing employment opportunities for Indigenous people across Northern Australia.

Our stations are in regional and remote locations which have significant indigenous populations. As part of that commitment, CPC has forged close links whether providing skills training, protecting property rights or working together to safeguard local biodiversity.

We recognise that we can provide people from within these communities with opportunities for employment and skills development. CPC has supported the establishment of a local indigenous contracting business in the Northern Territory providing meaningful work opportunities for local people.

The Lake Woods Wetlands Biodiversity Asset Protection project concluded during 2017. Through this project CPC worked with traditional owners from the Lake Woods area to document their knowledge of plants and animals handed down through the generations, developing educational materials to assist in ensuring that their precious indigenous ecological knowledge (IEK) is passed on.


CPC have supported the Northern Territory Cattlemans Association (NTCA) Pastoral Real Jobs Program since 2010 and has helped 31 indigenous people to develop the skills they need to open up career opportunities.

The NTCA Real jobs program is a progressive and innovative employment program that engages, trains and supports young indigenous people for employment in the Northern Territory pastoral industry.

The NTCA operates the Pastoral Real Jobs Program in partnership with the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC). The program began in 2008 with the aim of increasing Indigenous participation in Australia’s northern pastoral industry.


The NTCA employs two full-time staff in the role of Senior Field offers to coordinate and mentor the program. These roles provide high-quality leadership, management and administration for the project, along with development and collaboration with industry, government and other organisations.

The RJP participants train alongside CPC staff by studying a Certificate II in either Agriculture or Rural Operations through Charles Darwin University, Katherine Rural College. Core skills for the competency-based training are learnt during their daily tasks and responsibilities on stations with support from Leading Hands, Head Stockpersons and Station Managers. They learn and receive mentoring from our business leaders and their colleagues along with support from the NTCA Senior Field Officers.

Aims of The Rural Jobs Program

The program aims to connect young people into the program for two years. First-year for training and placement, and the second year in sustainable, more independent employment. The program has delivered:


Trained and mentored participants to develop their personal capacity to work at industry level standards.


Placed Indigenous young people into jobs on Northern Territory cattle stations.


Provided opportunities for skilled Indigenous trainees to have a lasting role in the NT pastoral industry.

Labour requirements

Assisted the NT pastoral industry to meet labour requirements in a changing age demographic.

Cross-cultural awareness

Fostered mutual cross-cultural awareness between non-Indigenous and Indigenous young Australian living and working together on NT cattle stations.

Role models

Cultivated a rise in role models within Indigenous Communities in the heritage of Aboriginal Stockmen.


Delivered a range of cultural, social, economic and environmental benefits to participants and their families along with communities and organisations.


Up to 30 young Indigenous people are recruited, trained and placed in jobs annually under the Pastoral Real Jobs Program (RJP).

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