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Australian Defence Force

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Today’s Australian Defence Force (ADF) is a modern, people-focused organisation.

We offer more than 200 roles across a wide range of trades and professions. There are career options to suit people with broad-ranging backgrounds, skill levels and interests. It’s fair to say that almost every Australian student could find a career that suits them in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

In the Navy, Army or Air Force, you will enjoy much more than just stimulating and rewarding work. The package of benefits on offer to every member is hard to match in the civilian world. You will enjoy:

Career and lifestyle benefits:

  • World-class training and professional development
  • Sponsored degree courses and ongoing education
  • Job security in a supportive team environment
  • Unique experiences and opportunities to travel
  • An excellent work/life balance
  • Getting paid to stay fit and healthy
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Enduring friendships

Financial benefits:

  • Attractive pay plus allowances
  • Generous superannuation
  • Free dental and medical care
  • Subsidised accommodation
  • Free sports and fitness facilities

How to Apply

Across the Navy, Army and Air Force you have over 200 roles to choose from. You’ll find all the details on our website, where you can apply for your ideal job online:

At a Glance

A World-Class Career

The ADF offers excellent career opportunities across a multitude of trades, professions and military-specific roles, ADF members enjoy well-defined career paths, exciting working environments, and opportunities to travel.


ADF personnel never stop learning. From military training and trade apprenticeships, to university study and leadership and management training. A career in the ADF provides opportunities to fulfil your potential in every way.


The ADF is a great place to learn new trades and professions, and there are a range of opportunities for students including Reserve Service and graduate career offerings. You’ll be paid while earning a degree at the ADFA or through the Defence University Sponsorship at an Australian university of your choice.

Job Variety

The ADF offers more than 200 roles across a broad variety of trades, professions and military-specific positions.

Career Growth

ADF members are given ongoing opportunities for career development. Specialist courses prepare them for expanded roles, and promotion courses help them achieve higher rank.

Opportunities & Challenges

The Navy, Army and Air Force are tasked with the defence of our nation, our people, our values and our way of life. In the Australian Defence Force you get to help communities and support International operations. Our service men and women make a real difference both at home and abroad. The ADF will prepare you to lead, bring out your best qualities, and equip you to respond to and take on challenges.

Entry Methods

Visit to learn about the numerous avenues of entry into an ADF career. There is an option to suit most skills levels and interests.

Life in the ADF

There’s so much more to life in the ADF, with great pay and benefits, stimulating work opportunities, plenty of travel, lifelong friendships and state of the art sport and leisure facilities.

Health & Fitness

Because the ADF expects its personnel to remain fit for operation purposes, sporting activities are incorporated into their normal working day. Just about every sport you can think of runs a social or competitive club. You could even have the opportunity to represent the ADF in your sport internationally.

Pay & Entitlements

You’ll earn a good salary from day one, as you learn to be your best. Your salary package is comprehensive including a generous superannuation and a variety of special allowances.

Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA)

Forged from a unique partnership between the ADF and the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in Canberra offers world-class degrees undertaken in parallel with military and leadership training.

ADFA gives you the opportunity to:

  • Acquire the skills and knowledge to become an ADF officer
  • Receive leadership training
  • Gain a world-class UNSW degree without incurring HELP debt
  • Be paid a salary while you study
  • Receive training that sets you up for life
  • Have a rewarding job to go straight into upon graduation
  • Make friends for life

All that plus financial benefits such as free medical and dental care, subsidised food and accommodation, and access to sports clubs and fitness facilities.

Degrees & Applications

Degrees offered

ADFA offers a variety of degrees, all of which lead directly to roles in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

• Bachelor of Arts
• Bachelor of Business
• Bachelor of Computing and Cyber Security
• Bachelor of Engineering
– Aeronautical Engineering
– Civil Engineering
– Electrical Engineering
– Mechanical Engineering
• Bachelor of Science
• Bachelor of Technology
– Technology (Aeronautical Engineering)
– Technology (Aviation)


Applying for ADFA is a competitive, dual application process that can take up to 12 months. It’s preferable you apply in Year 11, but you can still apply in Year 12 or beyond.

Degrees that qualify

Any degree that qualifies students for an officer role can qualify for sponsorship. It must be undertaken at an Australian university accredited by the ADF.

• Accounting
• Applied Science in Medical Imaging
• Business
• Dentistry
• Commerce
• Economics
• Engineering (numerous disciplines)
• Environmental Health
• Finance
• Human Resource Management
• Law
• Management
• Medical Science
• Medicine (Ugrad and Pgrad)
• Pharmacy
• Physiotherapy
• Psychology (Honours)


To apply for sponsorship of the degree that you are currently studying, you must first apply for a job in the ADF and go through the standard application process (applying online or at a Recruiting Centre). Applications for DUS can only be submitted following the completion of at least one semester.

* From the point the sponsorship is approved, the ADF will pay the HELP fees up to the Commonwealth Supported Place amount. With double degrees, only the eligible sponsored degree units will be paid for.

Defence University Sponsorship

Defence University Sponsorship (DUS) encourages students who are undertaking a degree at an Australian university, to apply for an officer role in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

If accepted for sponsorship, in return for committing to military service on graduation (called a ‘return of service obligation’), you will have your remaining course fees paid and receive a salary whilst completing their studies.

DUS gives you the opportunity to:

• Study at the accredited university of their choice in Australia
• Complete their degree with remaining HELP debt paid*
• Receive a salary while still studying
• Receive one to four weeks of leadership training each year
• Go straight into a job upon graduation with job security

All that plus financial benefits such as free medical and dental care, a textbook allowance and subsidised accommodation.

What’s ADFA really like?


Study in modern buildings equipped with the best academic and training facilities available.

Work out

Work out and be paid to keep fit in our world-class gyms and pool.


Participate in any court sport or footy code; and row, sail, climb, or fence too. Test your military skills with the Weapons Training Simulation System (WTSS), or tackle an over-water military obstacle course.


Socialise with likeminded people from across the Services on and off-campus.

Head out

Head out and discover the restaurants, museums, bars and entertainment of Canberra.

Hang out

Hang out in accommodation recreation areas with TV, snack facilities, BBQs and more.

Eat well

Eat well in the Academy Cadet’s Mess and catch up with your mates. There is also a cafe on campus.


Relax in your own comfortable room, sharing a bathroom and laundry with just three other cadets.

Unique benefits

Whilst studying at ADFA you will enjoy unique benefits such as getting paid to study, free medical and dental, subsidised food and accommodation, having your degree paid for and a guaranteed job on graduation.

What’s next?

Visit to learn more about the roles, lifestyle opportunities and rewards available at ADFA.


From Navy, Army and Air Force pilots, to the support crew whose technical expertise keeps our aircraft
airworthy and their crews safe, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) offers a broad range of aviation roles.

However, in the ADF it’s likely to be much more varied and rewarding, and you’ll have the satisfaction of working with the ADF’s formidable military aircraft.

Choose from a variety of roles

No other employer can offer you the range of aviation career opportunities the ADF can, along with a dynamic workplace and a unique lifestyle. You can work in the cockpit, in the hangar, or in support, in areas such as:

  • Aerospace engineering and technical maintenance
  • Air traffic control
  • Cargo management
  • Ground crew
  • Life support fitting and maintenance
  • Piloting
  • Surveillance and intelligence
  • Tactical warfare management

Receive fully-paid training

Navy, Army and Air Force pilots are paid to learn to fly.

They work with the latest tools and technology in well-equipped workshops. All personnel, including support team members, enjoy ongoing professional development and opportunities for advancement.

Work with advanced technology

Our state-of-the-art aircraft fall into five broad categories, reflecting their multiple uses and the career avenues available to you.

  • Mobility aircraft such as the C-17 Globemaster III – used to transport personnel, equipment, supplies, vehicles and fuel.
  • Surveillance and control aircraft such as the E-7A Wedgetail – used for gathering intelligence, battle management and search and rescue.
  • Strike aircraft such as the F-35A and F/A-18F Super Hornet – one of the fastest and most manoeuvrable aircraft in our skies.
  • Helicopters such as the MRH-90 Taipan – used by the Navy and Army for combat, transport and search and rescue.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles such as the Shadow 200 – used by the Army for surveillance.

Be a part of something bigger

In the ADF you’ll be a member of a uniquely supportive community enjoying amazing experiences, variety, travel and enduring friendships, while contributing to the defence of Australia.

You’ll be given the opportunity to acquire both vocational and life skills.

How to apply

Across the Navy, Army and Air Force you have over 20 aviation roles to choose from. You’ll find all the details on our website, where you can apply for your ideal job online:


Rewarding work with advanced military aircraft is just the start. In the Navy, Army or Air Force you’ll enjoy all these benefits.

Get a great pay package

You’ll earn a good salary from day one, plus a comprehensive package that includes generous superannuation and a variety of allowances.

Work with the latest technology

In a technical or engineering role, you’ll work at the leading edge of technology, using some of the best tools available in well-equipped facilities.

Benefit from personal and professional development

The ADF will invest heavily in your education and training, helping you reach your full potential. You never stop learning in an ADF aviation role.

Get involved in humanitarian and disaster relief work

At times of need you may get involved with assisting communities affected by conflict or natural disasters within Australia and overseas. Our people find this part of their work rewarding.

Enduring friendships

Your life will be filled with shared experiences; the friendships you forge in training and at work could last a lifetime. With opportunities to travel you’ll soon have mates across Australia and even overseas.

Be paid to stay fit

On most bases you’ll find gyms, courts and pools, along with teams you can join covering codes from netball to rugby. Many other activities are available through special interest clubs too, such as sailing, diving, fishing, water skiing and gliding.

Receive free healthcare and live in subsidised accommodation

You will benefit from free medical and dental services provided by fully-qualified professionals. Plus, you may receive help with your rent or home loan subsidies if you purchase a home where you are posted.

Travel across Australia and overseas

Exploring at home and abroad is one of the biggest perks of joining the ADF. On postings and deployments you’ll discover new places, meet like-minded colleagues from across the Services and engage with local communities.

Enjoy excellent leisure facilities

In your spare time you’ll be able to kick back and unwind in your ‘mess’, enjoying good food, special events and activities. Or head out to discover what’s available locally.

Experience a good work life balance

In most roles you’ll work regular hours when on base with weekends off, leaving plenty of time to get away, relax, socialise, and spend time with your family.


As a Navy, Army or Air Force engineer you’ll work at the peak of your profession, on formidable military assets such as warships, weapons, tanks, fighter aircraft and all the systems that control them. You can join fully degree qualified, or have all or part of your university fees paid for by the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Choose from a variety of disciplines

No other employer can offer you the range of engineering career opportunities the ADF can, along with a dynamic workplace and a unique lifestyle. The areas you could work on include:

• Aerospace engineering – maintaining the structure and systems of advanced fighter, transport or surveillance aircraft, or helicopters.
• Civil engineering – planning and building temporary airfields and facilities, and maintaining military infrastructure.
• Electrical and electronics engineering
– involved in technical areas ranging from vehicle electrics to sophisticated weapon systems.
• Marine engineering – working on warships, submarines and landing craft.

Work at the leading edge

On the ground, in the air and at sea, Navy, Army and Air Force engineers enjoy the satisfaction of working with some of the world’s most sophisticated hardware and technology.

The tools and equipment you use will be among the best available and you’ll work in modern, well-resourced facilities in charge of fully-trained teams of support technicians.

Be paid to gain a degree

You can join the ADF straight from Year 12, acquiring an engineering degree and military skills at the Australian Defence Force Academy near Canberra. You’ll earn a salary while studying, then graduate with a degree from the University of New South Wales, with no HELP debt.

If you are already studying for an engineering degree at an accredited Australian university, you can apply for Defence University Sponsorship. This pays for you to complete your degree and covers your remaining course fees.

Either way, with a subsidised degree you’ll go straight into a rewarding engineering role with your choice of Service upon graduation.

Acquire management skills

Once on base in your exciting new job, the first thing you’ll receive is world-class management and leadership training, preparing you to lead Navy, Army or Air Force personnel.

Then throughout your career, you may be given opportunities for further study, specialisation and diversification, with the costs covered by the ADF.

Make sure you have what we need

If you are joining from school or later in life without degree qualifications, you’ll generally need to have completed Year 12 with passes in English, Maths and Science subjects.

Be a part of something bigger

In the ADF you’ll be a member of a uniquely supportive community enjoying amazing experiences, variety, travel and lifelong friendships, while contributing to the defence of Australia.

You’ll be given the opportunity to acquire both vocational and life skills, and put them to use on the world stage. How many civilian engineering jobs can promise all that?

Join the way you want to

With many roles, you can join having completed Year 10 with passes in English and Maths and for some jobs, Science. Others require completion of Year 12. Full details are available on

Engineering positions require a relevant degree. You can bring one with you, or apply for a place at the Australian Defence Force Academy near Canberra.

How to apply

Across the Navy, Army and Air Force you have over 20 engineering roles to choose from. You’ll find all the details on our website, where you can apply for your ideal job online:

Meet Harry

Lieutenant Harry Hubbert is a Marine Engineer Officer within the Royal Australian Navy. Harry studied Naval Architecture at the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania, gaining sponsorship within the Navy Undergraduate program at the completion of his first year.

Growing up, Harry wanted to join the Australian Defence Force because he loved the theory and application of Engineering. He chose to join the Navy because he knew he could do both of those things as well as travel the world and work on world leading technology.

Harry has held a number of engineering roles over this career in the Navy spanning eight years. Most notably he participated in the commissioning on HMAS Adelaide and completed a deployment to South-East Asia in 2017.

Harry currently works in the Directorate of Navy Continuous Innovation in Canberra.

This exciting and rewarding role has Harry exploring future technology and making it a reality for the Navy. Some of his projects have included developing a 16 foot autonomous catamaran that can detect and track other boats and navigate without human intervention and Artificial Intelligence software to improve search and rescue teams in locating life rafts and swimmers.

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Gender Equality

Across every one of our 200+ roles, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) offers excellent career opportunities for women. We champion gender equality and provide a supportive working environment where enduring friendships are made.

Enjoy career equality

In the ADF you’ll enjoy equal pay, training, vocational development and promotion opportunities. Career advancement and rewards are based on potential, effort and achievement. Flexible career options and policies enable ADF members to pursue their careers and their desire to raise a family.

Choose from over 200 roles

The ADF has career options to suit women with broad ranging backgrounds, skill levels and interest.

There are opportunities for women of all ages and from every walk of life. From trade and technical to management and leadership positions, the Navy, Army and Air Force offer career options that are hard to match in the civilian world.

Receive fully-paid training

Whether you’re joining straight from school, or are looking for exciting new avenues for your skills and qualifications, you’ll receive world-class training in the ADF from experts in your field.

Fitness training will also be an integral part of your job, as in many roles you’ll need to be fit enough to carry out your duties effectively.

The fitness required to join the Navy, Army and Air Force is within most people’s capability and the priority of our assessors and trainers is to help you succeed.

Get support for family needs

ADF parents are given the support to manage their family commitments without detriment to their careers. This includes flexible working arrangements, maternity/paternity leave and career options.

We also provide substantial housing subsidies that may assist you with childcare and schooling requirements. There is also leave and financial assistance to help with home moves as well as partner employment assistance and programs for settling into a new community.

Become a member of a dynamic community

The ADF is a modern, enlightened and forward-focused employer. When you join the Navy, Army or Air Force you’ll become a member of a community that enjoys amazing experiences, variety and travel, while contributing to the defence of Australia. You’ll be given the opportunity to acquire both vocational and life skills.

How to apply

Across the Navy, Army and Air Force you have over 200 roles to choose from. You’ll find all the details on our website, where you can apply for your ideal job online:

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Australian Defence Force, please check back soon.