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Australian Unity

Healthcare & Medical

It’s an exciting time to be joining Australian Unity – we have grown significantly over recent years and are transforming to capitalise on further growth opportunities to help our customers and employees thrive.

We operate with commercial principles and with a strong social purpose to create community value. Australian Unity is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Established in 1840, we’re Australia’s first member-owned wellbeing company, delivering health, wealth and living services. We’re committed to real wellbeing for all Australians, and for us, real wellbeing means so much more than physical health. It’s about your standard of living and feeling safe in your home. It’s your personal relationships and being connected to your community. It’s about what you want to achieve in life, while having the security to get out and do what makes you happy.

Being a member-owned company—also called a mutual— means we’re owned by our members, not shareholders. That gives us the freedom to invest money back into the services and solutions that matter most to our members, customers and the Australian community. We can also make long-term decisions.

Life at Australian Unity

Become a part of an Australian company at the forefront of helping people and families in our community to thrive

We are a company founded on social values and community contribution. Australian Unity prides itself on providing high trust products that impact positively on health, wealth and living. The company has material growth ambitions in all its businesses over the coming five years and aspirations of being known as a thought leader on key aspects of wellbeing. We actively encourage our staff to contribute to the pursuit of wellbeing, both for themselves and their customers.

Work with us around Australia

With a broad range of services and locations, you can work with Australian Unity wherever you are in Australia. Our home, disability and community care offerings allow staff the option to travel to the clients located close to home.

Flexible working conditions

Australian Unity supports life balance, and work is an important part of that. We offer flexible working conditions and hours for the right people, allowing greater autonomy and time to pursue the things that contribute to their wellbeing.

Challenging and rewarding careers

Our company is diversified and our opportunities expansive. We apply energy and focus to achieving goals that bene t our customers, Australian Unity and the community. With leadership programs, wellbeing bene ts, performance-based rewards and a friendly work environment, at Australian Unity we support and inspire each other to do well.

Ongoing professional development

Australian Unity provides extensive support and training for care and nursing staff to reach their professional goals, including maintaining the requirements of their registration authority.

Friendly, warm and supportive environment

Our employees come from all backgrounds and walks of life, mirroring the diversity of our member base. We are proud to be a significant employer of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and work to support people who present with a disability to build their career with us. This enriches the experience we provide our customers, and enables us to better meet the needs of those we care for. Our employee wellbeing program is proven by external research to make a positive difference to our employees’ health and therefore their lives, and caters for all aspects of wellbeing.

Professional and dedicated work culture

Australian Unity understands that in order to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers, and to innovate and generate new service ideas, we need to invest in talented and dedicated teams of professionals.
To that end, we provide a high quality working environment, supportive of individual needs, where staff can focus on delivering on our ambition to be a leading health, wealth and living company.

Employee benefits to help you thrive

Australian Unity offers more than just a competitive salary, we also provide a wide variety of attractive financial and non- financial incentives, including subsidised private health cover. We offer employees access to financial services like salary packaging and in-house financial advisers, health benefits like health checks, and flu shots, and wellness benefits like community leave days and employee assistance programs.

Work for a leading employer

Australian Unity consistently measures the culture and engagement of our workforce against both Australian and world class employers abroad through external research. Our business strategy is to create an innovative and customer centric culture where our employees at all levels are empowered to contribute meaningfully to improvements to how we deliver care and wellbeing.

A stable future

The issues facing Australia’s ageing population and the rise of chronic diseases are challenges that will only become more complex with time. As a result, carers, health professionals and nurses will continue to be in demand for the services that they provide. In addition, our multidisciplinary workforce and training options means that you can add to your skill-set and experience over time.

Better Together

At our world-class wellness precincts in Carlton, Glen Waverley, Mornington and Vermont, we practice our Better Together® approach to aged care. The Better Together at Our Place philosophy provides individual and tailored support and empowerment for each resident in a holistic and personal way.

Care companions are selected, recruited, trained and then dedicated to each household. Care companions are selected because of their personal commitment to delivering the core values of the Better Together® model of service to residents:

  • Connect
  • Respect
  • Make it Possible

Our philosophy recognises the independence and capability of each resident and provides relevant support where needed and free access for the resident to make their own daily decisions, participate in food planning, meal preparation, light housework and decisions regarding activities.

Our goal is to help each resident enjoy hobbies, interests and activities that were perhaps not possible at home alone or to learn new ones. We are committed to the view that each resident has the potential to have a great day every day. We seek to provide each resident with the opportunity for joy and genuine wellbeing and for Australian Unity to become each resident’s home away from home.

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