Chicken Treat

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A much-loved WA brand with a laser focus on taste, our incredible hand-prepared and breaded fried chicken, slow-cooked rotisserie chicken and unexpected sides positions Chicken Treat as the…

Chicken Heroes!

‘Chicken Heroes’ means taking pride in our work, taking a lead on our own adventure and having the freedom to be ourselves while we do it. Working at Chicken Treat is a great way to build your skills whilst having an adventure of a lifetime. Everyone here is serious about serving up great experiences for our customers. Our positive attitudes make them smile, and our delicious food keeps them coming back.

Chicken Treat’s people are locals, and we’re all great mates. That’s part of what makes us so special. We’re proud of our ties to Western Australia, and we represent that pride with energy every day.

Bring your unique, enthusiastic, collaborative attitude to a gig at Chicken Treat, and see how being part of our close-knit team helps you grow. It is always amazing to see how our new-starters evolve in such a short time. Whether it’s the people, the responsibilities, or the new skills you learn, something about your experience here will ignite your passion and build your confidence.

It’s an exciting time to join us. We’re always launching new items to the menu to offer more delicious experiences to our customers and implementing new programmes that will help our people achieve their goals. As we grow, you’ll grow too.

There’s so much more we’d love to tell you, but basically, a career at Chicken Treat is about learning, growing, having fun and making friends whilst getting paid along the way. What could be better than that?

We can’t wait to hear from you!

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Chicken Treat, please check back soon.