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Coles opened its first store in Collingwood, Melbourne in 1914 and has grown into a leading Australian retailer and household name.

Today, our retail presence includes: Coles Supermarkets, Coles Express, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor, Liquor Market, Coles Financial Services and Coles Online. In an ever-changing competitive landscape, Coles remains committed to its vision to become the most trusted retailer in Australia and grow long-term shareholder value.

Becoming the most trusted retailer in Australia means we are reliable and responsible, and delivering on our purpose to ‘sustainably feed all Australians to help them lead healthier, happier lives’.

Coles is focused on making life easier for its 20 million customers each week by delivering unparalleled quality, value and service through channels such as Coles Online, Financial Services and one of Australia’s most popular loyalty programs, flybuys.


2200 Locations
100k Employees
1914 Founded

Our People

Cathi Scarce

General Manager Operations, Coles Liquor

I started with Coles in 1992 as a Delicatessen Manager. Since then I have had the opportunity to progress through a number of leadership roles including Store Manager, Regional Manager and State Manager
for supermarkets. 2 years ago I took on
the role of leading 4800 Team Members around Australia for Coles Liquor. We serve over a million customers a week
and the many roles I have had at Coles
has helped me to support my team in delivering a great customer experience. I am also the sponsor of Gender Balance, and am passionate about ensuring all our Team Members are provided with equal opportunity to build great careers at Coles.

Nikala Busse

General Manager IT – Supermarkets & Logistics

I joined Coles a little over 5 years ago and have worked in Technology across a variety of roles and parts of our business. In my current role, I am responsible for technology applications in our Supermarkets, Distribution Centres and Transport functions, all with the aim of making sure our customers have a great experience in-store and our Team Members have the right technology support. What I enjoy most about my role is that I get
to work with our Team Members to find ways to continually improve the shopping experience for the millions of customers we serve every week.

Fiona Freeman

Regional Manager, Supermarket Operations

As a Regional Manager I am a Leader of 10 Stores, 60 Managers and over 700 Team Members. I have full accountability of ensuring we are creating a customer-first culture, a safe working environment, identifying future talent, developing and coaching managers and supporting the team to achieve our objectives. I joined Coles in 2016 and love coaching and working with my teams to deliver exceptional quality, availability and standards for our customers and creating an environment that our team love to work in.

Ami Jay

Finance Manager Operations
When I joined the Coles Finance team in 2013 I supported our property team in helping to evaluate all our new store proposals for Supermarkets, Liquor and Coles Express. Today I work in the Central Operations finance team who are responsible for key activities which help drive our business forward. The exciting things my team get to be a part of include co-ordinating the budget process for all our operational costs nationally and completing store budgets for our 800+ stores. What I love about Coles is the incredibly passionate people and the opportunities are endless.

Heidi Begala

Category Manager In Store Cake & Patisserie Goods
I started on the Coles Graduate Program in 2015, in Buying and Trading. On the program, I managed a variety of categories, where my experience across Fresh Produce, Deli and Homecare equipped me with the fundamental skills to become
 a Category Manager. I now manage the In-Store Cake & Patisserie Goods Category in the Bakery Business Unit. I am responsible for delivering a customer-centric cake strategy that delivers innovation, quality and value
to our customers. What I enjoy most
is working closely with our suppliers to build sustainable, long-term strategic partnerships that are commercially rewarding for both businesses, and that also enable us to offer our customers market leading products, at a market leading price.

Amber Collins

General Manager Brand and Media
Coles has given me the most extraordinary experiences over my 7 years here. Having come from a traditional Marketing and Advertising background my skill base has now broadened to include competencies such as product development and digital expertise. Now as GM of Brand and Media I enjoy one of the most exciting jobs in the country managing our sponsorships, media, advertising and brand direction.

Sophie Wood

Strategic Project Manager (Previous Graduate)
My journey with Coles began in stores as part of our operations team. Since then, I have been fortunate to have worked across a number of other teams including Supply Chain, Central Operations, People and Culture and most recently, Coles Online. What I love about Coles is the opportunity to move around our huge organisation; it means you never stop learning, and you get to work with fantastic Team Members across our business.

Laura Minahan

Organisational Development Program Manager
My career with Coles began 4 years ago when I joined as Store support manager. Since then I have had many opportunities and great experiences. I was appointed to run our flagship store in Coburg North which I ran for two years
and was responsible for the day to day operations of a multi-million dollar business and a team of 220! I have moved into our People and Culture team as the Emerging Talent Manager, where I look after our graduate programs. I have 400 graduates across the country! I love the people I interact with in my role and watching our graduates and team grow into successful roles. The best thing about Coles is the development opportunities that are available to you and that you can continually grow your career and develop yourself.

Kelly Rodwell

Caretaking Store Manager (Previous Graduate)
I started with Coles two years ago on the Coles Graduate Program. Within this time I have gained a lot of exposure across multiple stores and first hand when it comes to the daily operations of running a store. The training Coles provided gave me the knowledge to further develop my skills in the business to become a store manager. What I enjoy most is working with my team to provide customers with a great experience each and every time they shop.

Hayley Eames

Head of Organisational Development
I joined Coles as the Head of People Strategy almost 2 years ago. When I was hired, I was pregnant with my second baby and went on maternity leave just 6 months later. Initially, I was nervous about going on leave so soon but I couldn’t have been made to feel more comfortable by my Manager and team throughout the process. Upon return my role was expanded considerably. I was made the Head of Organisation Development responsible for Leadership, Talent, Performance, Diversity & Inclusion, Engagement, Recognition & Celebration, and our Emerging Talent (Graduate & Intern) Programs.

Rewards & Benefits

Paid Parental Leave

At Coles we are proud to support working families build great careers by offering 12 weeks of paid Parental Leave for primary care givers and 1 week of paid leave for secondary care givers. Paid Parental Leave is available to our permanent full-time and part-time team members with a minimum of 12 months continuous service.


Meet mycoles – a website that our team can access anytime, anywhere. It’s designed to save you lots with great deals on health, finance, telecommunications and leisure. We’re constantly reviewing our benefits to get the best deals for our team. So whether you’re into travel, restaurants, movie tickets or electronics, there’s going to be great discounts for you!

And it gets better! If you work in our stores, you can plan your weekend anytime, anywhere with access to rosters and payslips through mycoles!

Anytime, Anywhere

Your mycoles card will not only provide you with discounts at Coles (on your weekly grocery shop!) you also get discounts to other Wesfarmers stores, such as Liquorland, Kmart, Officeworks and Target.

Recognition & Celebration

We know it’s important to recognise the efforts and achievements of our team members. That’s why we have a number of ways to say ‘thank you’, and everyone can get in on the act, even our customers.

Service Recognition

Experience matters. That’s why we celebrate the anniversary milestones of our team. When a team member hits 5 years of service, and every 5 years thereafter, they are awarded a special name badge and special celebration of their time of service.

Thank You Cards

Use Thank You Cards to recognise and celebrate colleagues who really make a difference to their customers, store, team, or the community. Being recognised by peers or leaders makes us feel valued, empowered, engaged and supported. Thank You Cards are an important part of the way we recognise and celebrate our team members.

Caring Passionately

We’ve created an award that enables our team to shout about each others’ successes (because they’re a modest bunch!). Any team member can nominate someone who regularly goes out of their way to help customers, colleagues or the community. And what’s more, customers can also nominate their favourite team member for a Caring Passionately Award via our Tell Coles survey. The recipients of the award receive a special badge that they can wear with pride.

Information for Parents & Carers

Got questions? Find the answers here.

What are the legal ages a child can commence work?

The minimum age of employment differs across Australia because each State/Territory has its own legislative rules. Click here to find out more information

In some situations, we may require written permission from parents or carers before a child commences employment. In these situations, the store will guide you through processes and let you know the information they require.

What to expect in a Coles Recruitment process

Application Stage

The first step in the Coles recruitment process for team member positions is to complete an Expression of Interest Application.

In a nutshell, this step captures your child’s preferences and important details such as availability and what stores they wish to work at. You may want to guide your child through what are suitable store preferences i.e. if public transport is required you may need to check routes and timetables first.

In regards to availability, make sure your child indicates which days and times will be suitable on an ongoing basis. This information will help stores plan rosters and see what departments may be a good match.

Once the Expression of Interest Application is completed, your child will be guided through any other steps in the process, an online customer service assessment may be required as the next step in the process. All instructions and information will be provided when this arises.

From here your child will be notified by email about positions that arise from stores, please review the details provided and check closing date information. Once an application for the store is completed our recruitment team will assess suitability against store criteria. Your child should receive an email communication either way which will say whether your child will progress to the next stage or whether they may have been unsuccessful on that occasion.

If your child is unsuccessful in the process, please remember that sometimes our processes can be pretty competitive; we would encourage your child to re-apply with that store or others in the future.

Interview Stage

If your child is successful in reaching the interview stage they will receive an email communication to notify them of interview times we have available. Instructions will be provided on how to book, please remember sometimes the number of interview times can be limited so we would recommend booking in as soon as possible. Alternatively, you or your child may hear directly from the store to arrange a suitable time. Details of what’s required for the interview e.g. what to bring will be provided in the email notification.

The interview will usually be no longer than 30 minutes unless otherwise notified and is an opportunity for our store team to get to know your child and provide details on the positions we have available. Please see “Interview tips” for further information. The interviews will be after school hours, weekends or during school holidays.

After the interview, your child will either hear directly from the store if they are successful to discuss Induction and starting details. If for any reason your child may be unsuccessful communication may be received by email.

Online offer details

After receiving a verbal offer and starting details from the store directly, your child should receive an email from the recruitment team which will formalise the offer of employment and will also provide instructions of what information is needed e.g. bank, tax, emergency contact details

It is important to ensure this information is completed with absolute accuracy so it would be highly recommended for you to assist in this area. Should your child experience any issues with completing these online requirements please contact the store as soon as possible so the store or our recruitment team can assist.

What to expect when your child is working with us

We can offer flexible working arrangements at your local store that will fit in with your child’s school work. No long travel times or late shifts here!

School students are rostered for shifts in the afternoons, evenings and weekends, with additional shifts available during school holidays. A roster will be provided so you will know their shifts in advance, which will make it easier to plan study and family life. All we ask for in return, is that our team turns up ready to work each shift, so we can ensure we exceed our customers’ needs.

Our team will be on hand to provide extensive training, support and on-going guidance during your child’s employment with us. We will comprehensively go through the job role and job responsibilities (including safety requirements and processes involved), ensuring your child will feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Our Videos

Why Coles is the PERFECT place to start your career!

Gender Equality

At Coles, we’re passionate about empowering all our team members to access and enjoy the same opportunities, regardless of gender.

We know that a gender-diverse workforce is linked to improved organisational performance, attracting and retaining talent and building a better understanding of our customers’ needs. Coles has initiatives centred on solving practicalities that can create unnecessary challenges for team members as they look to build their careers, levelling the playing field to provide equal opportunity for all team members and nurturing talent.

Creating an inclusive workplace is a key priority at Coles. As part of working towards this goal, we are focused on:

  • Empowering and supporting our team members to work flexibly
  • Supporting working families through a number of initiatives such as the Coles Paid Parental Leave Scheme and Coles School Holidays Program, which operates out of our Store Support Centre in Melbourne
  • LGBTI inclusion in the workplace;
  • Creating an accessible place to work and shop for our team members and customers; and
  • Cultivating a deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in our everyday business and mutual respect among all Coles team members.

Accessibility at Coles

At Coles, we are constantly looking at ways we can make good things happen to improve how we serve our customers, continue to build the best team in Australia and become a world-class retailer. We understand that disability touches all aspects of our business – our team members, customers, suppliers, and communities in which we live and work.

At Coles, we strive to create an inclusive environment where our team members can come to work, be offered equal opportunities, perform at their best, be happy, healthy and safe and go home feeling accepted for who they are. We continually aim to improve the accessibility of our stores, sites and workplaces for people with disability, whilst supporting our customers and the community with long-standing and leading initiatives.

Our focus is simple; to continue to work towards a sustainable future while supporting Aussie farmers, food producers and the local community, underpinned by a diverse and inclusive team.

Coles Accessibility Action Plan highlights the commitment we have made to improve the shopping experience at our stores, and the working conditions of team members with a disability (or who are associated with someone with a disability) and focusing attention on three key areas.

Community and Engagement

Build inclusive communities by creating opportunities for greater workplace participation whilst maintaining ongoing support through community partnerships.

Great Place to Work

Build an inclusive and supportive culture by improving access and development opportunities for team members with disabilities, whilst enhancing our team members’ level of disability awareness.

Products and Services

Improve and consider customer needs by providing accessible products, services and facilities.

Coles has an established Accessibility SteerCo, comprising senior leaders who meet on a regular basis to drive and review progress against the Accessibility Action Plan and Charter Commitments. In 2018 we launched our Better Together charter, which outlines 3 specific commitments against each Better Together Pillar.

Better Together

Under the Accessibility Better Together pillar, some of the things we are really proud of, and that are helping drive real change, include:


At Coles, we know we are at our best when our team is representative of the communities we serve and are proud of our commitment to providing supportive work environments for all team members. We actively encourage applications from all candidates, including the LGBTI community, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people with disabilities.

Our Partners

In 2013 Coles became a gold member of the Australian Network on Disability (AND) a not-for-profit organisation resourced to support its members to advance the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of the business. This relationship has enabled us to share and learn from experiences across the member network and contribute to events and forums.

Quiet Hour

At Coles, we are always looking at ways we can meet the differing needs of our customers by creating a shopping environment in which our customers and team members feel comfortable. Quiet Hour offers a low-sensory shopping experience that’s easy on the eyes and ears. Through implementing Quiet Hour, Coles aims to help make a difference to our customers who find it challenging to shop in a heightened sensory environment.

After successful trials with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) Coles has rolled out Quiet Hour in 263 stores nationwide, every Tuesday between 10:30am to 11:30am. We will continue to work towards our Better Together Charter commitment of having Quiet Hour in every eligible store by 2023. Disability Confidence Training We partnered with Get Skilled Access to launch Disability Confidence Training for all team members in 2020, equipping them with the knowledge to best support team members and customers with disabilities. To complement this, specific Disability Confidence Training was held with our recruitment teams across the country, ensuring we can provide all job applicants with the best onboarding experience.

Access and Inclusion Index

In December 2017, Coles completed AND’s Access an Inclusion Index which measures an organisation’s maturity on the journey towards disability confidence and informed our accessibility strategy. In 2019 we will again complete the Index, to understand our progress and shape our priorities moving forward.

Flexibility at Coles

Coles is committed to supporting and empowering all team members to balance their work and life commitments through a flexible working culture. We recognise that flexible working improves team members’ wellbeing, job satisfaction, engagement and performance, which ultimately creates a better experience for our customers.

Flexible working can benefit people with disability in a number of ways, for example enabling travel outside of busier times on the road or public transport, making medical appointments easier to schedule, and adjusting working patterns to allow for more productivity. In FY19 we launched a simplified Flexible Working Guide and continue to support and profile flexible working throughout the business with positive feedback received.

Mind your Health program

Our Mind Your Health program is committed to a positive, healthy team member experience and provides a range of resources to support every team member look after their physical and mental health.

Recognise and Raise Awareness

Each year, Coles recognises International Day of People with Disability. Through various activities, we support and educate our team members on disability and accessibility, as well as encourage our teams to share stories and recognise this day with their teams and the wider communities.

National Relay Service

By becoming National Relay Service (NRS) friendly we provide even better service and support to a wide range of people in the community. The NRS is a free phone service that assists people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment to make phone calls which they could otherwise not make. Partnering with the NRS makes it even easier for our customers to get in touch.


Mycoles is our team member engagement platform providing upto- date information on various topics, benefits and Coles news. The mysupport area contains useful information including topics like Flexibility, Carers, Ageing, Disability and Social and Emotional Wellbeing. The mynews area provides a direct way to raise awareness and share the latest Coles news, celebrations and important information. mycoles is available to all our team members nationally.

Pride and LGBTI inclusion at Coles

No matter your sexual orientation or how you identify, you can be your authentic self when you work with Coles Group, where you’ll be supported to grow your career, thrive and reach your full potential.

Ensuring you have a fair, equitable and supportive recruitment experience

We recognise that individuals may identify and be recognised within the community as a gender other than the sex they were assigned at birth or during infancy, or as a gender that is not exclusively male or female. There’s no obligation to disclose your gender identity, however, if you choose to share this information, we’re here to provide advice and support. Our ‘Pride in Diversity LGBTI+ awareness’ trained Inclusive Recruitment team as well as our Diversity & Inclusion Manager, can work with relevant stakeholders and partners to assist you in navigating the recruitment process. Demonstrating understanding, sensitivity and respecting your confidentiality, we are committed to the principles of the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 that information will be handled confidentially and sensitively and will not disadvantage your application.

Applicants can contact our Inclusive Recruitment team at – where you’ll be supported by our Inclusive Recruitment LGBTI lead.

Coles Pride Team Member Network

We’re proud of the network we’ve developed at Coles for our LGBTI+ community and Allies. Our Pride SteerCo, led by senior leaders at Coles, sets the strategy and works hard to ensure we have the right training and capability, systems and processes and community engagement to build an inclusive workplace in every community we operate in. At the state level, we have active networks led by our LGBTI+ team members who drive local activity, participate in internal and external events, and provide local support and Allyship to all team members.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Engagement

Coles is currently Australia’s largest private-sector employer of Indigenous Australians with over 4,100 Indigenous team members nationally, representing 3.6 per cent of our workforce.

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan highlights our commitment to provide more career opportunities for Indigenous team members throughout our business and to actively develop their careers within the company. This support is delivered through a dedicated Indigenous Affairs team. We have a diverse range of opportunities to become a valued member of the Coles team. So whatever your passion, Coles has a role that’s right for you.

The Opportunities Available

With over 4,200 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members, Coles is one of Australia’s largest corporate sector employers of Indigenous Australians. We have a range of opportunities to become a valued member of the Coles team, across many areas of the business.

We offer unlimited career progression and flexible rosters in locations across Australia. So whatever your passion, Coles has a role that’s right for you. Start a new journey with us and apply for one of our rewarding team member jobs at

Or, express your interest in upcoming employment and career opportunities by completing the expression of interest form. Our recruitment team will search for vacancies that match your preferences – then we’ll send you email alerts when positions are available, inviting you to apply.

Our People

Meet Timothy

Timothy Mayrhans, now 38, did a butcher’s apprenticeship with Coles’ support and is now a qualified butcher working in Coles Chinatown in Broome, WA. He says the store is like one big family.

Timothy is proud to work for a company that is developing opportunities for Indigenous Australians, saying programs that support development and employment opportunities give hope and build confidence in the

“It’s a great atmosphere, everyone’s friendly and I’ve got an extremely supportive team,” he says.

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Main first joined Coles in late 2016 and is currently an Assistant Site Manager at Bunker Hill Coles Express in Victoria. Her responsibilities in the role includes managing team members and stock. Stephanie’s favourite part of the job is engaging with customers.

Meet Luke

Luke Cooper, Store Manager of First Choice Liquor, Waterford, Queensland. Luke loves learning about different products and sharing his knowledge within Coles and with customers.

Luke has managed seven Coles Liquor stores and has been a Network Services Manager and caretaker Area Manager and an Area Safety Representative. He is proud to lead a successful and diverse team and is happy to see Coles publicising its proactive recruitment of team members from all walks of life.

“It gives us the best employee base in Australia,” Luke said.

Meet Theresa

Therese Laverty’s 30-plus year career at Coles started at the checkout. She has managed seven Coles stores in NSW and received a national award for dramatically improving morale and reducing the injury rate at the Glendale, NSW store.

Therese held state roles and is now a Reset Support Manager, which involves setting up and opening new stores, refreshing old stores by updating range and introducing new concepts to delight customers. Therese enjoys speaking with managers and other staff while she’s on road.

“You become such good friends that they become a kind of family,” Therese says.

Meet Bonny

A Product Technologist, Bonny Rawson is responsible for the quality, safety and legality for Coles Brand food products. Bonny did a Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Technology) at Curtin University in WA. Bonny was a Quality Inspector in a Coles distribution centre before she joined the Store Support Centre Graduate Program.

Bonny is a Balardong Noongar woman and welcomes Coles’ ramp-up of engagement with Indigenous team members and suppliers in recent years.

“I like that every day at work is different and that I get to work with different people, both suppliers and people within the business. Plus, I get to eat really nice food every day,” the 27-year-old says.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Coles, please check back soon.


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