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At the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) we strive to be bold, be excellent and drive change. We provide fresh thinking and sound advice to the government.

Our mission is to improve the lives of all Australians by delivering high-quality and timely support to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, and our portfolio ministers. Our expertise spans many policy areas, with a special focus on social and women’s policy, economic and international policy, defence, intelligence and national security.

Working in PM&C will give you the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of the Government’s priorities. We believe our greatest asset is our staff. We value people with ideas, the ability to present them persuasively, and the drive and skill to see them adopted.  Our areas of focus include:

  • Domestic Policy; creating and coordinating policy solutions to Australia’s key economic, social and environmental issues
  • Government; encouraging consistency across government and coordinating public ceremonies and national honours
  • International Policy; contributing to discussions on overseas trade, foreign aid and development, and international security
  • National Security; providing advice on initiatives for border protection, defence, counter-terrorism and crisis management
  • Office for Women; working across government to deliver policies and programs to advance gender equality and improve the lives of Australian Women
  • Regulation; essential for the proper functioning of society and the economy which includes any laws or other government-endorsed ‘rules’ where there is an expectation of compliance
  • Public Data; improving the way public data is managed, shared and published for the benefit of everyone in Australia

As part of PM&C, you will receive professional development to build and harness your role at the centre of government to promote the wellbeing of Australians.

What We Offer

How we work at PM&C

In our National Offices at PM&C we have transformed the workplace from a traditional, assigned and anchored working environment to a flexible space that has been purpose-designed to accommodate a range of working styles. Staff at PM&C now have the flexibility to be able to choose where and how to work (activity-based) in an open workspace while using integrated technological solutions that support working styles.  All staff are issued with top quality, modern, mobile technology and tools to enable staff to work anywhere at any time.

At PM&C we work with a focus on flexibility, connectivity and equilibrium with the aim to increase communication and collaboration and encourage agility and innovation.

PM&C also offers flexible working arrangements in line with the PM&C Enterprise Agreement (PM&C EA). These arrangements include compressed hours, working from home, part-time, and job sharing arrangements to enable our staff to balance their work life balance.

Benefits & Conditions

In addition to our rewarding work, PM&C provides a range of benefits and conditions which include:

  • Competitive salary – salary tables are located in the current PM&C Enterprise Agreement.
  • Superannuation – staff receive a generous 15.4% employer superannuation contribution.
  • Flexible work arrangements – we support our employees’ desire to balance their career, providing them with an excellent work environment and flexible work conditions.
  • Attractive leave provisions – employees (full-time) will accrue 20 days of paid annual leave for each year worked at PM&C, annual leave accrues daily and counts as service for all purposes. Leave provisions are applied on a pro-rata basis for part-time employees.
  • Allowances – higher duties, travel assistance, retirement financial assistance, restriction allowance, language proficiency, motor vehicle and corporate responsibility allowance (i.e. for First Aid Officers, Fire Wardens and Harassment Contact Officer).
  • Study assistance – PM&C provides assistance for employees to undertake study that will contribute to the improvement of their professional skills and knowledge relevant to the Department’s business.
  • Professional development – we focus on growing your capability with leadership programs, coaching and mentoring, study assistance, professional skills training and seminars.

For further details about PM&C conditions, please refer to the PM&C Enterprise Agreement.


We are committed to providing a supportive and safe work environment. We continually strive to improve our employees’ physical, mental and social wellbeing. Our wellbeing programs include:

  • Health and Wellbeing programs – staff have access to discounted health insurance, health offers and gym memberships.
  • Best You – professional, confidential coaching and support provided by Benestar (our Employee Assistance Program provider). These services are free for staff and their immediate family members.

We are committed to providing a flexible, accessible and inclusive work environment. We are able to facilitate ongoing support if you require any reasonable work adjustments to eliminate or reduce barriers so you can perform the key requirements of the job.

Career Development

Our employees are always learning. Professional development of our employees is carried out on the job, by social learning and formal education programs. We encourage our employees and managers to maintain frequent and high quality performance conversations that focus on continuous improvement and development.

PM&C supports individuals to pursue learning and development opportunities to meet the professional needs of both the organisation and the individual. These include leadership programs, coaching and mentoring, study assistance, professional skills training and seminars. You will have the opportunity to hear from world-class speakers through our seminar series (past speakers include Eddie Woo, Rebecca Huntley and George Megalogenis). We encourage all of our employees to develop their skills and maximise their potential and provide access to the following:

  • Coaching services – all employees are provided with access to three, one-hour coaching sessions. Coaches can be sourced from our variety of professional qualified providers to provide you with tailored support to develop and progress your career.
  • Mentoring – we encourage our employees and managers to explore mentoring opportunities that enable personal and professional goal setting and reflective practice for improved performance.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) – we use an online LMS, to administer, deliver, track and report on educational courses, training programs and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Postgraduate study opportunities – available for high performing employees. These opportunities are available for PM&C employees through a rigorous selection process and include:
    • Sir Roland Wilson PhD Scholarship
    • Sir Roland Wilson Foundation Pat Turner Scholarship
    • Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity and
    • Postgraduate Study Awards.
  • Secondments – to Australia’s leading companies, government agencies and Indigenous organisations are available for high performing employees seeking to broaden their professional experience and develop leadership capabilities within diverse working environments.
  • Internal mobility opportunities – are available to employees demonstrating a willingness to learn and increase capability.

Recruitment & Selection

Who we look for

We are seeking a broad range of diverse candidates to PM&C that are motivated, agile and resilient people from a variety of backgrounds, academic disciplines and industry sectors. Our ideal candidates are individuals who bring their ‘whole self’ to work and support colleagues to do the same.

PM&C is committed to being a leader in inclusion and diversity. We actively build an inclusive and diverse workplace that promotes gender equality and harnesses the skills and experiences of people from all backgrounds.

The Department prioritises inclusion and diversity because we believe everyone has the right to feel valued, safe and included at work. Diversity is also a proven strength of high-performing teams and organisations. This approach strengthens our policy advice and solutions, and helps us create productive relationships.

We encourage applications from people with diverse experience and backgrounds including: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people; Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people; mature age and people with disability.

Further information about what is required for the specific job can be found in the Candidate Pack. This document will also contain information about applicant eligibility and security requirements.

View our Current Opportunities.

Application and selection process

Available roles are advertised on our website and APSJobs. Before submitting an application you should determine your eligibility to apply (citizenship requirements and security clearance).

Generally, we request a one page pitch and your resume in either a Microsoft Word or PDF format as part of your application. Your application must be submitted online via our Current Opportunities. Please note we are unable to accept applications via email. For specific questions relating to the role you are applying for, please contact the listed contact officer stated in the Candidate Pack .

Each classification level has an APS-wide Work Level Standard, these include an overview of the broad job requirements, key duties and responsibilities, the knowledge and skills expected and describe the effective performance at the advertised classification. Familiarising yourself with these standards will assist you with determining the classification that aligns with your skills, knowledge and experiences.

An overview of the PM&C recruitment process is below. Note that there may be variations to this process depending on the role.


Before applying for a job with PM&C, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria:

  • Australian Citizenship
  • Security clearance (or ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance, noted in each vacancy)
  • Qualifications (where required)
  • Affirmative Measures.

Diversity & Inclusion

PM&C is proud to be a member of the Diversity Council of Australia, the Australian Network on Disability, and Pride in Diversity.

The department has a range of strategies and initiatives to embed diversity and inclusion, including the following employee networks:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employee Network
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Employee Network
  • Ability Employee Network
  • Pride Employee Network
  • Women’s Network.

Each Network has a Senior Executive Service (SES) level champion to play a visible leadership role across the department to work towards the vision of a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Our Champions work closely with the Employee Networks and the broader department to achieve a cohesive approach to inclusion and diversity.


The Recruitability Scheme

RecruitAbility is a scheme that aims to attract and develop candidates with a disability. We are committed to supporting the employment of people with disability and this scheme is applied to all our vacancies (including APS and SES levels).


You will progress to further assessment stages (generally interview stage) if you:

  • Identify as having a disability
  • Choose to opt into the scheme
  • Meet the minimum job requirements for the vacancy.


Within the Diversity section of the online application form, you will be asked to indicate if you wish to opt into the RecruitAbility scheme. You must tick the ‘opt in’ box to participate in the scheme. More details about the RecruitAbility scheme can be found at the Australian Public Service Commission’s website.


For the purposes of the scheme, ‘disability’ is based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics definition and is a current limitation, restriction or impairment, which has lasted, or is likely to last, for at least six months and restricts everyday activities. Refer to a list of specific disabilities.

You do not need to provide evidence of your disability to opt into the scheme, but you are making a declaration to the APS that you meet the definition.


If you are invited to attend an interview and require any reasonable adjustments, please advise the Contact Officer.

Identified & Affirmative Measures


Identified positions are used to attract applicants who have appropriate skills, attributes and experience to work effectively on Indigenous issues.

An identified position signifies that a role requires an understanding of

the issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and an ability to communicate sensitively and effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

All applicants can apply for these roles if they can address the required level of Indigenous cultural competency. While these roles often attract Indigenous applicants, it is important to note that all eligible applicants can apply. Familiarising yourself with the APS Identified Positions Guidance is recommended.

The criteria attached to these specific roles are consistent with merit and the reasonable opportunity to apply principles set out in the Public Service Act 1999, without raising issues of discrimination under the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

For additional information please visit the APSC Guidance Materials.


The Affirmative Measures —Indigenous employment provision is set out in section 26 of the Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Directions 2016 (the Directions) and is within the meaning of special measures under subsection 8(1) of the ‘Racial Discrimination Act 1975’.

A vacancy under the measure is only available to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people in order to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment in the APS. Familiarising yourself with the APS Affirmative Measures Guidance is recommended.


Over time, APS agencies have developed internal policies in relation to Affirmative Measures — Indigenous employment recruitment processes to ensure the requirements of the Directions are met. The most commonly accepted form of evidence is a ‘Confirmation of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander proof of heritage’.

For the purposes of the affirmative measure, an agency head must be satisfied that an applicant is:

  • of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander; and
  • accepted by their community as being Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

To demonstrate eligibility for employment under this affirmative measure, applicants are required to provide evidence that they are an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person as part of the application process.

Suitable evidence of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status may include:

  1. letter signed by the Chairperson of an incorporated Indigenous organisation confirming that the applicant is recognised as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person, or
  2. confirmation of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent document executed by an Indigenous organisation.

Entry Level Programs

At PM&C we believe that the journey is more important than the destination. Our pathways into the Department reflect this.

The Graduate Program (Program) is a 12-month Program based in Canberra founded on flexibility and empowerment. Like University, you are provided the agency to navigate your own journey and experiences.

While our Program sets a structure for rotations, graduates will be able to:

  • Choose from our Coporate and Generalist Stream
  • Determine areas of rotation using our “Choose Your Own Adventure’ platform which provides Graduates with freedom and flexibility to choose areas that better align wtih capabilities and interests.
  • Develop skills and tools, such as networking and relationship management, to secure new rotations

Working across PM&C gives you the opportunity to develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the Government’s priorities. Applications open each year from March to April, with selection occurring from May to July, and commencements in February the following year. To find out more about our program, visit the Graduate Careers page.

Pathways for university students and graduates include the:

  • PM&C Vacation Employment Program – a paid internship occurring in the university summer holidays for a 10-12 week period. The Program is for students who have completed at least their first year of University and would like to gain practical hands on experience in the APS. Successful applicants are placed in an APS2 policy adviser role within Domestic Policy Group. Applications generally open in the second half of each year.
  • Australian Government Digital ICT Graduate Program – a 12-month program, provided through the Digital Transformation Agency, to develop ICT graduates for a career within the APS. Visit the DTA website to find out more
  • Indigenous Graduate Pathway – a centralised recruitment stream, provided through the Australian Public Service Commission, for Indigenous Australian graduates into APS Graduate Programs. Visit the APSC website to find out more.

Other pathways include the:

  • Indigenous Australian Government Development Program – an 18-month program, administered by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, for Indigenous Australians into multiple APS agencies. Visit the IAGDP website to find out more.
  • Indigenous Apprenticeship Program – a 12-month program, administered by the Department of Human Services, for Indigenous Australians into multiple APS agencies. Visit the IAP website to find out more.

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