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Guardian Childcare & Education own and operate over 115 early learning centres across Australia.

Our educators encourage, support and educate 15,000 children develop the skills they need to thrive in the 21st Century. Our focus on early childhood development delivers a safe and authentic learning environment, alongside a curriculum where each child’s voice comes first.

Influenced by the Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy and other early childhood educational theories, our practices focus on individualised educational programs and learning through open ended play-based experiences. Our educators are skilled at turning play into learning experiences that develop a range of skills including science, numeracy, literacy, and creative thinking – as well as 21st Century skills.

Working at a Guardian centre means you’ll be part of something special. Our educators are creative, lifelong learners and are passionate about working with children. You will find our values drive the behaviour across our centres. This includes passion, respect, excellence, partnership, recognition and team spirit. We place a great importance in supporting each educator and giving them the chance to grow with Guardian. Our commitment to educators is reflected through offering a bespoke Guardian Diploma, where Guardian fully sponsored educators to complete a recognised qualification, because to educate our educators is to better educate Guardian children.

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Kids @ IAG Information Video
Kids @ IAG Information Video
Cook Rita from Guardian Early Learning Rouse Hill
Cook Rita from Guardian Early Learning Rouse Hill
Diploma training @ Guardian
Diploma training @ Guardian
Career development at Guardian Early Learning Group
Career development at Guardian Early Learning Group
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110 Centres
3k Employees
2004 Founded

Life at Guardian

The Guardian Curriculum

We are committed to forming genuine, nurturing relationships with your child, and focus on their unique interests and learning styles to support their development in a way that is meaningful and enjoyable for them. We are proud to accompany children on their adventures as they explore and learn more about the world around them.

Every child develops differently and at their own speed, so our Curriculum, focusing on literacy, numeracy, language, science, art and music, social skills and problem-solving, is flexible to accommodate your child’s changing needs.

Respectful, open and honest interactions with our children, the wider community and the environment guide our practice. This means communication, sustainability and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do. We believe children are global citizens with rights, so we empower them to express themselves in multiple ways. And we celebrate diversity and uniqueness by embracing an array of cultural customs and building a strong relationship with our local communities.

Professional Development, Training and Further Education

At Guardian, we recognise that learning is a lifelong journey, and we support our team on that journey of development throughout their career with us.

There are many avenues for professional development at Guardian – whether it is at our professional development days, through a financially and practically supported Bachelor course at university or simply through informal learning at our workshops – whatever your professional development looks like, we have a pathway.

Below are just a few examples of some of the opportunities available to you should you join Guardian Childcare & Education.

Our Philosophy and Values

The early years gives you a chance to make a huge impact on a child’s development.  If you share similar values, then you too can help us achieve our goal of shaping the world of tomorrow through the children of today.

If you have a passion for the education of children, a curiosity about learning opportunities and a commitment to providing quality support and guidance to our children and families we want to hear from you.

We make every effort to model our behaviours on the Guardian values:

Passion             We are enthusiastic and passionate about the role we have in the lives of our children.

Respect             Open, honest and respectful interactions guide our practice.

Excellence        We pursue excellence in all we do.

Partnership      We partner with our families to create high-quality learning and development outcomes for our children.

Recognition      We recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of our children, team members and support team.

Team Spirit       All members of the Guardian team work together to achieve our shared vision of being Australia’s highest quality provider of care and early learning.

What our Guardian Trainees say…

What is the best thing about your career with Guardian?

“I have completed my Certificate III and I have enrolled in the Guardian Diploma.  My learning journey over the last three years has been amazing.  My role has taught me a great deal about how we engage with children and their development.  My passion is supporting the children to be the best version of themselves.  The greatest thing about studying with Guardian was all the support I received while studying the Certificate III.  Guardian and my trainer truly invested in my goals and offered me opportunities for further studies.  I would say to any school leaver it is a worthwhile course that is hands-on and gives you the opportunity to work with industry professionals while you learn.’

Trainee, ACT

‘The Certificate III traineeship at Guardian is a very rewarding course.  What I enjoy the most is the hands-on experience you get with the children while you learn how their minds develop. The room I am working in currently has a very supportive Group Leader who shares lots of great knowledge with me every day.’

Trainee, VIC

‘I’ve learned so many new skills in the way I interact with children.  I love the laughter, fun and learning in my role every day.  Studying my Certificate III through Guardian was the best decision I made because the company supports my learning and my family life.’

Trainee, NSW

‘I love working with children, I could not imagine doing any other job.  To be able to earn and study at the same time is very cool.  What I enjoy most about my role at Guardian is the team and the families.  They are friendly and take the time to discuss the children’s needs with me so that I understand each child.  The best thing about the Certificate III course is the support I receive from Guardian and the trainer and assessor who visits me each month.’

Trainee, QLD


Our monthly, peer-nominated G-Star awards recognise the fantastic achievements of our educators and support office team members. We also have annual Centre Manager and Educator awards nights which celebrate the fantastic work happening across our centres.

Rewards & Benefits

Working at Guardian, you’ll not only have fantastic professional development opportunities, you will also have access to a range of benefits and rewards. From team celebrations to discounted childcare, these are some of the benefits you can enjoy while working at Guardian.

All About the Community

Creating community connections is an important part of daily life at our centres.  Developing meaningful relationships within our local community help to create a sense of belonging for the children.  Community connections happen in several ways.  Each team member brings a unique set of skills, experience and culture to their role.  From regular visits to the local library, primary schools and art galleries to hosting fundraising events, community involvement provides a positive and meaningful learning experience for the children. We also host family games days, social nights and information sessions with sector experts at the centres. These may be attended by our Educators and families to enable the wider community to connect in a rich and meaningful way.

Our Commitment to the Environment & Sustainability

Guardian has created an aspirational sustainability strategy with six key goals:

  • Reduce our electricity consumption in all our centres and offices
  • Purchase environmentally responsible supplies and equipment
  • Change the way that we operate so that we lessen our environmental footprint
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our buildings
  • Reduce the amount of waste, we create at our centres and offices
  • Reduce water usage

The environment of tomorrow, in which our children will live, is dependent on how we manage the environment of today.  We recognize that using less of the world’s limited resources will lower the risk to our growing population and the environment.

Diversity and Inclusion at Guardian

A role at Guardian can take you on an exhilarating career journey and our centres are supportive of diversity and inclusion.  We do this by celebrating diversity and inclusion in an authentic way.  To continue this great work, we strive to attract team members that are understanding of our communities and the families who entrust us with their children each day.

We provide our educators with an environment that promotes respect, equity, diversity and inclusion. This supports the focus for our educators, children and families in diversity and inclusion.

As part of our curriculum, programs and our approach it reflects the broad and naturally diverse cultural heritage of our Educators, our families and our children.

Career Choice Tips

As you prepare to transition from secondary school to take your next steps and embark on your career journey, it is important to have a good understanding of the options available.  A career choice is a very personal decision so here are a few of our Talent Acquisition Teams’ most inspiring hints and tips:

  • Consider what you are truly passionate about – write it down and keep it safe, as it will motivate you to keep learning, growing and working towards your goals.
  • Remember what you choose to do for work should only be to impress you – your life and your happiness is more important than impressing others.
  • Always be yourself and trust your instincts – being authentic is important and this will always let your unique attributes and characteristics shine through.

If you feel inspired and think you can help us in our mission to encourage and shape the minds of tomorrow, contact our Talent Acquisition team to register your interest or request a career conversation!

Cultural Diversity at Guardian

At Guardian, we understand that a child’s connection to culture is developed through their experiences and we are fortunate to have a wealth of different cultures across our centres. Having a strong sense of their own cultural heritage and the associated traditions helps children build a positive cultural identity for themselves and their families.

We also recognise building a positive cultural identity facilitates a sense of belonging and emotional wellbeing. Learning in a multicultural environment also affords additional benefits including the development of empathy and the heightened ability to build and maintain positive
relationships with others.

As part of our curriculum, these programs and our approach reflect the broad and naturally diverse cultural heritage of our Educators, our families and our children. Many of our centres celebrate a wide range of cultural events such as the NAIDOC Week, Lunar New Year, Harmony
Day, or many more. Our centres also participate in traditions important
to the community they are part of, by celebrating significant milestones or through food and even language programs.

ATSI at Guardian

At Guardian, we are proud to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We recognise how important it is to incorporate Indigenous culture into our curriculum in an authentic way.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are very much alive across our centres and everyone is encouraged to share their culture and customs; this helps to create a vibrant and inclusive community.

By recognising the traditional custodians of the land, our centres learn about and embed an appreciation for Indigenous culture.

We do this through Acknowledgement of Country, celebrating NAIDOC Week and learning about indigenous traditions and customs as part of our everyday experiences.

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