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Land Surveys


Bridging the real and digital worlds.

For over 22 years, Land Surveys has become a leading provider of spatial science solutions to our clients across industries including Property and Buildings, Transportation and Infrastructure, Energy and Utilities, Mining and Resources. Within the Land Surveys Group, we employ over 600 people across Australia, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom and Singapore.

What is Surveying?

Surveying or land surveying is the technique, profession, art and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them. Surveying has been an element in the development of the human environment since the beginning of recorded history and is an important tool for research in many other scientific disciplines.

Digital transformation

With the rapid improvement in computing power, change has now become normal, technologies such as high definition laser scanning, building information modelling (BIM), virtual
and augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT) connected to sensors, providing real time data analytics, digital twins, and artificial intelligence, are changing the way we live and work. We believe Land Survey’s is well positioned to take a leading role, in this digital transformation.

What kind of company is Land Surveys?

Vision: Our vision at Land Surveys is to be Australia’s leader in providing surveying and geospatial solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Mission: Through our people, technology and innovation we build long term client partnerships to provide “No Problems Just Solutions”.

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At Land Surveys, our people are everything. We are a people business and understand our people and their passion are the key to our success. The sustainability of Land Surveys has been due to the ability of every individual to work together as a team to achieve great success. We are at the forefront of surveying with a national and international presence.


Within the digital engineering industry, we are providing geospatial solutions that help shape the future of our digital economy and society, to support and encourage building a safer, more connected and sustainable world. We achieve this purpose through our people, advanced technology and innovative methods.


We are proud of the positive culture we have created; our people truly embody the philosophy of ‘No Problems Just Solutions’. We have created environments of social interaction, teamwork and open communication, for employees to feel valued and respected. We support and encourage diversity and inclusion, and understand the importance of mental health, implementing a monthly ‘R U OK’ check in and provide all our employees, with access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Limitless opportunities

What sets Land Surveys apart? Opportunities! Land Surveys has the scale and diversification not only in services, but geographic locations. There is always something new and exciting happening, including travelling to other parts of Australia and the world along with learning new services and opportunities for career progression.

Advanced technology

With the rapid change and improvement in technology, we are continuously leveraging new and emerging technologies to remain at the forefront. We strive to be pioneers and thus leaders, in the spatial science profession, utilising the latest technology to service all our projects large or small and continually research and develop new solutions to achieve the highest quality results and value for our clients.

Innovative thinking

At Land Surveys we encourage creative thinking and collaboration from all our team, at every position within the company, we believe the best innovative solutions come from the diversity in our ways of thinking. The senior management team, openly welcome new ideas or ways of how to improve processes or procedures.

Incentives and benefits

As an employee of Land Surveys, you are entitled to special benefits, these include discounted travel and accommodation, health insurance, gym memberships and technology as well as exclusive offers on vehicles. Land Surveys also provides study assistance (including study leave and financial support) to eligible employees who wish to complete higher education for their professional development. In addition to this we also have an employee reward plan, which is an opportunity for everyone to share in Land Surveys success.

Scholarship Program

Land Surveys offers a scholarship program, that provides financial assistance, work opportunities and work experience for TAFE students that are undertaking a recognised surveying course.

We are offering up to five (5) scholarship opportunities in 2020 to full-time students, enrolled in approved surveying courses at registered TAFE providers across Australia, so that we can help develop our future leaders.


Land Surveys has shown ongoing commitment to sharing the responsibility of caring for the community. Whether it’s for local businesses, health research or the environment, we volunteer our skills and time to give back to those in need.


Land Surveys has collaborated with our clients to provide Indigenous employment opportunities on public and private infrastructure projects across Australia. We also work closely with Indigenous employees by offering flexible rosters to enable them to commit to study. We have a partnership with Indiya Geospatial, a majority Indigenous-owned business with a national footprint and a focus on improving aboriginal education.

The future is exciting!

No two days are the same, Land surveyors have the best of both worlds, working in the office and in the field

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