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Lion is one of Australasia’s largest food and beverage companies, employing approximately 6,700 people across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

With a proud history extending back to 1840, we create premium brands in the dairy, juice, soy, alcohol and other beverage categories. Our diverse portfolio of over 150 brands, including Dairy Farmers, Farmers Union, Dare and Daily Juice, is produced across 34 sites. We generate combined revenues of around $4.1 billion each year and are focused on long-term sustainable growth. To achieve this we invest in our people, brands, production facilities and supply chain to generate value for our customers (such as supermarkets, corner shops, restaurants, hotels & bottle shops) as well as consumers. In addition to direct employment, we make a significant contribution to the Australian and New Zealand economies and are expanding into parts of Asia, the UK and the USA.

Given our wide variety of products, we have a diversity of jobs at Lion including in sales, supply chain / manufacturing, transport & logistics, marketing, finance, strategy, IT, human resources, legal, external relations and more. We’re always looking for new and diverse people who are keen to learn, have different experiences and a passion for what they do. One of the largest parts of our workforce is our supply chain – the team which makes our great products. Our supply chain people come from diverse education backgrounds in engineering, trades, sciences, commerce, food technology, quality & safety.

At Lion we’ve built a supportive, inclusive and fun working environment. We invest in our people to develop them as leaders. We offer diverse job opportunities, new experiences and best-in-class training programs.

We strive to ensure all our people feel included and truly valued. We’re committed to helping them be the best they can be, really make a difference, and have a great time doing it. It’s for all these reasons and more, that Lion has become one of our region’s most sought after places to work.

Industry Videos

Go behind the scenes with our industry career videos to find out more about some of Australia's most popular jobs.

Finance Graduates 2018
Finance Graduates 2018
Nicola Richardson Part 1: Technical + Leadership Development
Nicola Richardson Part 1: Technical + Leadership Development
Nicola Richardson Part 2: Personal Development
Nicola Richardson Part 2: Personal Development
Nicola Richardson Part 3: Cross-Functional Working
Nicola Richardson Part 3: Cross-Functional Working
Nicola Richardson Part 4: Flexible Working
Nicola Richardson Part 4: Flexible Working
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Life at Lion

Gender Pay Equity

In 2016, Lion resolved gender pay differences in like-for-like roles after an internal analysis, peer-reviewed by Mercer, found a 3.2% average pay gap between male and female employees. We immediately took action to close this gap and keep it that way.

Grad Program

We have various graduate programs available to finishing students across Australia. Some of these programs can involve opportunities to travel the country and do rotations at multiple facilities so that grads can learn all the ins and outs of our supply chain. Grad programs can lead to long and successful careers at Lion and many people who have been through the grad program over the last 20 years are still with Lion today!

Science and Engineering at Lion

Whether you are interested in Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Microbiology or Mechatronics, there is something for you at Lion. You can work with high speed packaging machinery, automated & robotic technology, focus on quality or specialise in creating some of our great products.


We’re proud to offer flexible working options to meet the needs of our people. At Lion, we’re committed to attracting and developing the best available talent. At the heart of our strategy is the belief that high levels of people engagement correlate strongly to business success. LionFlex enables our people to work in ways that support their lifestyle so they can balance career growth with the demands of life.

Achievement Culture

Our people strategy is focused on building an achievement culture. We’re proud of the diverse range of backgrounds across Lion and the inclusive culture we continue to build. We’ve been investing in our achievement culture for more than 20 years now and we’re very proud that our most recent annual engagement survey saw overall engagement at 86%

NextGen Lion

We’ve been working on a huge project called NextGen Lion which involves implementing SAP as an enterprise system across Lion. This means that we will be working with cutting edge technologies and revolutionising how we interact with our customers and consumers.

Our Contribution

Lion generates a total economic contribution to the Australian and New Zealand economies of $5.4 billion. This comprises $2.6 billion of direct contribution, through employment, sourcing and other investments, with the remainder reflecting the significant value our business generates in the agriculture, retail, tourism, hospitality and transport industries.


Our environmental approach is governed by the simple mantra of ‘Tread Lightly’. We are committed to proactively reducing our environmental footprint and sourcing responsibly. As a large manufacturer and purchaser of agricultural goods our priorities are reducing our water and energy usage and waste. We set clear public targets in our annual Sustainability Report and hold ourselves accountable to continual improvement.

Our Goodness Promise

Almost everything we make comes from the farm or orchard, and with the reach of Lion Dairy & Drinks portfolio of natural dairy and juice products, we can play a direct role in improving the choices and health of families. In fact, our mission is to deliver more natural goodness to every person, every day and we are committed to doing this by putting nutrition at the heart of everything we do.

Careers at Lion

Every day, approximately 6700 people work, create, innovate and grow with a company that supports, encourages and empowers them to be the best they can be. With Lion, you’re set for life with a clear advantage to a great career of your choosing. Whichever way you look at it, a Lion career is a great choice

Grads & Interns

What we do

At Lion we really value graduates and interns and have recognised that a one size fits all program wasn’t the right approach for Lion or our graduates! So we have created multiple graduate programs to suit our business and your needs. We partner with universities across Australia and New Zealand to bring these to life.

How we operate

We have various programs across the business which run at different times including:

Functional graduate programs: Finance and Supply Chain run their own separate grad intakes every year. These are for rotational programs within the specific function you would join.

Cross functional programs: Rotational programs across a mix of functions, offering you a broader understanding of our business

Entry Level Graduate Roles: Specific roles within our business offered at graduate level. No rotations included.
Internship programs: Functional internships offering undergraduates working experience within our business.

These opportunities are posted to our “Job Openings” page as they come up. Interested candidates can also sign up for alerts on these via our talent community here.

Equality at Lion

Creating a place where everyone can be the best they can be

With around 6,700 people across 38 sites, people come to Lion with very different backgrounds and experiences and it’s important to us that everyone has the opportunity to be the best they can be, really make a difference and have a great time doing it. Our Inclusion & Diversity strategy focuses on:  Inclusive culture; Gender Equity; Cultural Diversity & Age diversity.

At Lion, we believe in equality and have achieved the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Workplace Gender Equality Agency ‘Employer of Choice for Gender Equality’ Citation. We’ve taken the important step of implementing a 50:50 gender balance target by 2026 across all of Lion. In 2016 we closed the gender pay gap across our business in terms of like for like roles and continue to work actively to keep it closed. We’ve launched our Women at Lion Leadership Program, mainstreamed flexible work across the business, and introduced Unconscious Bias training.

Lion CEO Stuart Irvine shares more on how we’re addressing gender equality.

We became a signatory to the Australian Marriage Equality campaign in 2015, have received the Rainbow Tick certification in New Zealand, and are members of Pride in Diversity Australia as an LGBTI Inclusive Employer. Our brands have been visible supporters of the rainbow community through Hahn beer at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, and Little Creatures as sponsors of the Australian LGBTI awards.

Our people are actively involved in recognising and celebrating events in the community year-round including: International Women’s Day, Wear It Purple Day, Harmony Day, Equal Pay Day, Maori Language Week and more.

All of this is part of our drive to build an inclusive, diverse and fair place to work.

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