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Minerals Council of Australia

Mining, Energy Resources

The MCA is the leading advocate for Australia’s world class minerals industry, promoting and enhancing sustainability, profitability and competitiveness.

Australia’s minerals industry is innovative, technologically advanced, capital intensive, and environmentally and socially progressive. The industry is a major contributor to national income, investment, jobs, exports and government revenues in Australia.

The minerals industry is an exciting and dynamic sector with a diverse range of highly skilled, highly paid jobs.

Advances in technology are making our industry safer, more competitive and more sustainable. The Australian minerals industry is rapidly adopting new technology such as robotics, drones, data science and virtual and augmented reality, creating a different skills mix for our future workforce.

Future working arrangements will be more flexible, providing further incentive for prospective applicants from more diverse backgrounds to consider a career in the mining industry. There will also be greater collaboration, creativity, and social science skills to deal with changing community expectations.

We put together Australia’s first More to Mining Careers Guide, available to download on our website, to show the world the highly skilled, highly paid job opportunities on offer in our worldleading minerals industry.

This includes cutting-edge roles in innovative tech-driven fields such as data scientists and mechatronic engineers, as well as new opportunities for the existing workforce to upskill and take on new roles.

The Careers Guide provides young people and their families with information on these roles and what the mining industry has to offer, and provides information on the different pathways into the industry.

We attract the best people who want a diverse and challenging career to last a lifetime. You can change roles as your career expands, and travel Australia and the world to work with great people in interesting locations.

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Industry Videos

Go behind the scenes with our industry career videos to find out more about some of Australia's most popular jobs.

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Careers in Australian Mining
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Australian mining - it all starts here
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30 Things in modern life that Australian mining makes possible
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At a Glance

Mining is essential to modern life

Australia already has the most diverse and abundant mineral reserves in the world – and there is still so much more of the country to explore. We are using more minerals and metals than ever. From the gold in your iPad to the iron, chromium and nickel in your stainless steel fridge, from the bauxite that made the aluminium in the plane that takes you on holidays to the lithium that powers your phone and electric car, mining provides many of the things in modern life.

First-class people for a world-class industry

There’s no doubt we have an outstanding workforce in Australian mining. Mining gives 240,000 Australians a job. And when you take into account the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services sector, which provides vital support to mining and minerals processing, the industry provides jobs for about 1.1 million people. Our miners are younger than the all-industries average, highly paid, highly skilled and totally committed to being the best in the world at what they do. They also look after the environment, their mates and put a huge amount back into their local communities.

Diversity & Inclusion

The minerals industry recognises that diverse teams are more productive, innovative and creative. The minerals industry is one of the largest private sector employers of Indigenous Australians and companies are working hard to close the gender equality gap in employment and remuneration. Future working arrangements will also be more flexible – people might want to live away from site and work at a Remote Operations Centre, offering people with disabilities a chance to enter the minerals industry.

Tomorrow’s world today

Within five years, 77 per cent of jobs in Australian mining will be different thanks to technology. Across the mining process – from exploration through to operations, processing, transport and trading – technology is transforming the way we mine. In some industries, that would mean losing jobs to robots and automation. In mining, technology means safer and more productive jobs. Most jobs in mining will be enhanced by technological innovation. This means if you’re interested in robotics and automation, mining could be for you!

More opportunities

Australia’s minerals industry is an exciting and vibrant sector, with so many different jobs and opportunities on offer for school leavers, apprentices and trainees, trades people and university graduates. The modern mining industry is much more than just big machines, hard hats and high vis. Geologists and mechanics, engineers and environmental scientists, accountants and drone pilots are just a snapshot of the careers on offer. As the industry continues to evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world, one thing remains constant – the need for the best people who want diverse and challenging careers to last a lifetime.

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