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At Orora, we believe our packaging touches lives. Together we deliver on the promise of what’s inside.

Orora is a global business with a proud Australian heritage. Orora works closely with customers to provide an extensive range of tailored packaging and visual communications solutions. Every day, millions of consumers buy and use goods in packaging proudly designed, developed, produced or supplied by Orora.

Join Our Orora

Our vision is to be the industry-leading packaging and visual solutions company, delivering on our promise every day. The way will do this is through our people. Every team member at Orora plays a critical role in continuing to deliver on the promise to our customers, shareholders and each other.

At the heart of leveraging the diversity within our teams are our values of teamwork, passion, respect and integrity. Our values set out our expectations about how we treat each other, and our leadership capabilities which set out how we aim to connect and engage with each other to reach our full potential as distinctive leaders.

Our Diversity Strategy is integral to achieving our strategic plan, The Orora Way. It highlights our commitment to having diversity and inclusion as part of our DNA by outlining the actions we will take to attract and retain talent, achieve more effective alignment and team performance, and ultimately outperformance.

Who we are and what we do

Orora (ORA) is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and generates revenue in excess of A$4.0 billion annually. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Orora employs more than 6,700 people across 43 manufacturing plants and 88 distribution sites in seven counties.

Orora’s range of packaging and visual communication solutions includes the design and manufacture of packaging products such as glass bottles, beverage cans, corrugated boxes, recycled paper, multi-walled paper bags and point of purchase displays. We also offer broad end-to-end packaging solutions and complementary services, including global product sourcing, distribution, design, printing and warehouse optimisation.

Orora’s operational structure is made up of four core business areas spanning two major geographies; Australasia and North America.

Orora Australasia is comprised of Orora Beverage, which is a market leading provider of glass, cans and beverage closures; and Orora Fibre, which is made up of Fibre Packaging, Paper & Recycling and Packaging and Distribution.

Orora North America is comprised of Orora Packaging Solutions, including Landsberg Packaging Solutions and manufacturing facilities; and Orora Visual, a market leading point of purchase (POP) business that provides an extensive range of tailored visual communications solutions.

Working at Orora is an opportunity to be part of a diverse team, creating and thriving in a culture of outperformance. We seek people with a taste for problem-solving and a collaborative approach. We encourage you to find out more about Orora by visiting

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Key Points

1. Industry 4.0 “The Smart Factory”

The Future of Manufacturing is Now!

Cloud computing, IoT Platforms, Advanced human-machine interfaces, 3D printing, Big Data

Analysis, Augmented Reality…… these are all technologies being embraced in the next Industrial Revolution. If you are excited by the rapid advancements in how we humans will make and move things in the future (and you are a bit smart) then this could be a discipline for you.

Study tip: IT/Data Science/Mechatronics

2. Design and Innovation

We make packaging come to life!

We are passionate about packaging design and the role we play in fortifying our customer’s brands. We develop effective, integrated packaging design for form and function by partnering and learning with our customers. Whether you are an Industrial Engineer or a Graphic designer, your talents could find a home with Orora!

Study tip: Industrial Design/Industrial Engineering

3. Engineering, Manufacturing, Operations and Production

The Makers, the Fixers & Quality Sticklers!

From production team members to maintenance engineers and quality technicians, if your expertise is applied at the coal face, where things are made, then you may well find the right opportunity for you here. Our manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art, highly automated operations where magic happens 24/7!

Study tip: Processing Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Mechatronics

4. Finance, Legal & Corporate Governance

Behind every great Company…..  

There is more to Orora than great packaging.  We pride ourselves on being a great corporate citizen.  We strive for excellence in our products and in the way we do business.   Strong financial rigour, corporate governance and transparency are fundamental to everything we do.   If you are passionate about keeping it real, then this could be a great career choice for you.

Study tip: Business/Economics/Law/Commerce

5. Human Resources

People, People, People

Our culture is our foundation, the differentiator. It’s what sets us apart. Our HR team members partner with the business in the provision of the best tools, advice & support to help our people thrive in a culture of outperformance. Talent spotters, crafters and guidance givers can find their calling at Orora.

Study  tip: Organisational Psychology/Business/Commerce/HR

6. IT

Where technology & innovation collide

Our Information Technology team members not only support us with our all-important business tools, infrastructure and applications, they also work with us in delivering technology innovation to our customers. From Programming Prodigy to Help Desk Hero, our IT careers are worth checking out!

Study tip: Information Technology/Data Science

7. Logistics, Supply Chain and Procurement

The Beginning & The end of everything we do

Everything that comes in and goes out of our Manufacturing facilities around the world touches our great procurement, planning, scheduling, warehousing & logistics teams. With specialist functions located in all our sites as well as centralised functions in our Corporate Office, we’ve got your Supply Chain career covered!

Study tip: Supply Chain/Logistics/Business/Commerce

8. Safety

Our life

Our passionate team of Health & Safety experts support all of us at Orora in delivering our Orora Safety Leadership Program. We have HSE representation at each of our facilities so if keeping people safe is what you live and breathe, then come and play safe with us!

Study tip: Engineering/Health Science & Environment

9. Sales and Marketing

Growing Orora

We operate in a variety of different industry segments and markets and we pride ourselves on knowing our customer.   Whether it is continuing to grow our footprint in the primary produce sector or cementing our market position in FMCG, our Sales & Marketing opportunities come in every size and colour.

Study tip: Business/Economics/Commerce

10. Strategy and Development

Getting Better & Staying there

Our Strategy & Development teams work closely with our business leaders in delivering on our Corporate Vision and Strategic Focus!  They also ensure we never miss an opportunity to get better in an ever-changing and competitive marketplace.

Study tip: Business/Economics/Commerce

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Orora, please check back soon.