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The names Phar Lap, Makybe Diva and Black Caviar are as much a part of Australian folklore and legend as Don Bradman, Ned Kelly and Banjo Patterson.

Immortals of the Victorian thoroughbred racing industry, the trio transcended the sport to earn a place in the hearts of millions of Australians, regardless of age, gender or location.

While the thoroughbred undoubtedly is the star of the show, the stories of these three champions were not possible without a huge element of human contribution from those that put on the show.

In fact, the sport engages more than 70,000 people as an employee, volunteer or participant in communities throughout Victoria and it is an industry that generates nearly $2.1 billion in value for the state’s economy.

Racing provides a broad range of career pathways for job seekers, both on and off the track, in a range of elds. Whether your passion is being hands on with horses and working outdoors every day or being at the forefront of administration of a progressive sporting code, there are exciting opportunities waiting for you in racing.

As the governing body of thoroughbred
racing in Victoria, Racing Victoria gives training and employment opportunities to passionate people that are ready to step up, take a punt,
be heard and leave their own mark in a sport that has weaved itself into Australia’s cultural fabric.

Possible career pathways in the industry include:

  • Racing Industry Careers
  • Race Day Careers
  • Racing Administration
  • Equine Welfare
  • Thoroughbred Breeding

One of Racing Victoria’s seven strategic goals is to ensure ‘great people and an inclusive industry’. Racing Victoria, as the Principal Racing Authority governing thoroughbred racing in Victoria, aims to build an inclusive, high performance culture that is accountable, rewards performance, provides clear career pathways and delivers leadership across the industry.

Racing Victoria is committed to strengthening and further developing racing’s workforce by:

Providing comprehensive training, development and leadership programs;
  • Improving long-term career opportunities through job sharing, cultural diversification and by creating opportunities for broader female participation; and
  • Delivering a leading-edge Apprentice Jockey Training Program.
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Key Points

1. Why work in racing

The nature of thoroughbred horse racing makes it one of the most diverse and exciting industries to be involved in. Whether your passion is being hands on with thoroughbreds, being part of the fast-paced operations of a race day, or in racing administration, it is a sport that provides a broad range of challenging career options.

2. One of Victoria’s largest industry employers

The impact of the Victorian thoroughbred racing industry extends well beyond that seen on the racetrack. Racing is an integral part of the sporting life, cultural traditions and, importantly, the economy of Victoria. The sport engages more than 70,000 people as an employee, volunteer or participant in communities throughout Victoria and it is an industry that generates nearly $2.1 billion in value for the state’s economy.

3. An exciting and strongly supported sport

Racing constitutes a key aspect of Victoria’s social fabric, both on a metropolitan and regional basis. It is a sport that is a focus in many regional communities throughout the state. The passion, the fashion, the legends and most importantly, the horses, makes this one of the most diverse and exciting industries to be involved in.

4. Diverse career options and pathways

With the right training, commitment and experience, there’s a number of varying career paths to follow within the thoroughbred industry.
For example, have you thought about a role in the veterinary and medical sector of the industry? More than just vets and doctors, there are numerous varied positions from equine therapists to dentists. Breeding operations are another arm of the industry which require numerous skilled individuals for roles such
as stud hands and handlers, stallion handlers and bloodstock agents. Alternatively, a sports administration role in management, marketing or finance might be for you. Whatever your passion and training is, there are many avenues which can be explored.

5. Passionate people

There are more than 70,000 people who actively participate in thoroughbred racing in Victoria. Each has a passion for horses and many have spent a lifetime caring for them. Racing could not function without the dedicated work of these people across a range of vocations – from the tireless work of stewards, who control all aspects of the sport, to the numerous track maintenance staff who prepare the hallowed turf which hosts the sport of racing.

6. Major player in the global sports and entertainment market

The Victorian thoroughbred racing industry is a major player in the global sports, entertainment and wagering market. Working in the industry provides an opportunity to be a part of a diverse, exciting and fast-paced environment.

7. Flexible and rewarding environment

Whether it is working hands on with horses
as a barrier attendant or being responsible for determining the of official race placings as a judge, there is something for everyone in the Victorian thoroughbred racing industry. If a corporate role is not for you; there are many roles within the industry which offer work outside of normal business hours as well as the opportunity to take on full-time, part- time and casual positions.

8. Ongoing learning and development opportunities

The Victorian thoroughbred racing industry is proud to be one of Victoria’s largest industry employers and the Victorian industry body, Racing Victoria, is committed to providing an environment where people can continue to develop and pursue new opportunities.

9. A love of the thoroughbred

If you’re passionate about horses, then a role within the thoroughbred industry could be for you. Whether it’s nestled away from
the bustle of city life working with a breeding operation, working in a city stable or in an office administration role, there are numerous roles that allow you to pursue this passion.

10. Want to know more?

Love the excitement, colour and pace the racing industry has to offer?

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