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SAAB Australia


Saab is Australian by design.

More than 30 years ago we transferred Combat Management Systems technologies into Australia for the ANZAC Class Frigates. In collaboration with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), we have developed the technology – our own Australian know-how – making these Frigates the best of their type in the world.

The Australian government recently mandated our Combat Management System across the RAN fleet! And we won’t stop there. Making things happen – integrating technologies and building Australian capability is in our DNA.

We have transitioned into an entirely Australian company with more than 420 staff. We have developed the capability to entirely undertake design and development of complex software and hardware projects here and overseas. Saab is the Centre of Excellence in missile control, data links, Anti-Submarine Warfare, task force level operations and artificial intelligence functions.

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Working at Saab Australia
Working at Saab Australia
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Key Points

1. People

Saab believes a healthy work/life balance is important – with emphasis on a great working culture, flexible working hours and active Social Club.

2. Extended holidays

We offer generous benefits to our staff – including six weeks of annual leave so you can get away and relax.

3. Never get bored

Our intern/graduate programme offers a large variety and range of activities. There is plenty to do in our Future Frigate Maritime Laboratory, Submarine Technology Facility and Civil Security Centre.

4. Play your part

Saab is the mandated Combat Management System provider to the RAN. Contracts announced in building Australia’s Defence Industries means you will have the opportunity to play your part in building these exciting new industries!

5. Not just local – global as well

Saab currently exports to several countries and has been invited to participate in what would be Australia’s largest Defence Export Contract – your skills are needed to help us get over the line!

6. Open door thinking

Saab never closes the door to opportunity. We encourage our students to get involved, challenge their thinking and become a part of Australia’s future.

7. Student of any age

Saab encourages students of all ages to join its workforce. We are a diverse and equal opportunity employer and proud supporter of the Veteran’s Employment Programme. We welcome interest from ex-service members, veterans and their families.

8. Careers, not just jobs

Australia’s $90 billion Defence Industry Programme means long term jobs. Saab offers more than jobs, building a career in a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at SAAB Australia, please check back soon.