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Being a part of the Solotel family means more than just landing a job, it’s a journey.

Whether you’re starting in the kitchen, the bar, or want to move from one area of speciality to another – being a Solotel family member means helping each other grow, together.

The Solotel name means a lot in the hospitality industry. It brings with it over 60 years of collective experience between co-founders Bruce Solomon and Matt Moran, and along with them, a talented team who have built a fun, dynamic, innovative and exciting place to be. Our diverse portfolio of over 30 venues means more options and flexibility to grow; from cornerstones of the community, to fine dining and exclusive events, there’s room for everyone to demonstrate their passion for delivering amazing experiences, and to discover what’s possible when it comes to your potential.

Our career development program is as individual as you, and we mean it when we say we’re committed to getting you to where you want to go, anything is possible! We believe that a team built on strength, support and expertise and who understand what hospitality really means, is one that goes the distance. So let’s go the distance together!

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Solotel - this is who we are...
Solotel - this is who we are...
Matt Moran Story
Matt Moran Story
Our Company Values
Our Company Values
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Key Points

1. We are family

Solotel started over 30 years ago as a family business – and as the family has grown over the years (now to over 1600 family members) these family values have only gotten stronger.  Our people feel like they are a part of something, they have a voice, they matter and they know it.

2. Diversity rules

At the core of what we do every day at Solotel is maintaining a diversity of thought, attitude and ideas.  This lives through our incredible people – ensuring we have a range of different people with different experiences, passions, ages and backgrounds – creating an environment where everyone is equal and afforded the chance to grow, progress and be recognised.

3. So. Much. Fun

Our job is to bring fun to our guests – our currency is smiles, laughs and bringing a little sparkle to those around us.  Fun is contagious and we never lose sight of making sure our fabulous staff also get to have fun!  We know how to throw a good staff party and you can enjoy front row tickets to our invite only events!

4. Learn the ropes

With our deluxe ‘on the job training’, industry leading apprenticeships, management trainee programs and much much more – we’ll help you nail the skills, you just need to bring personality, drive & curiosity!

5. Great career ahead

Hospitality isn’t only fun – those looking for true careers will find the building blocks at Solotel. With continuous development, training courses and career opportunities – those eager to make their mark in a growing industry will find what they need.

6. Choose your own adventure

Not sure what the magical future holds for you yet?  Don’t worry about it – with so many pathways in one business we can help you along the way to find what truly suits you, your passions and your personality.

7. Be inspired

Surround yourself and be inspired by our industry leading experts – enjoy mentorship and most importantly just being surrounding by great passionate people.

8. Balance matters

Our family values means we value family! Enjoy a balanced lifestyle that allows other things to still matter like family, friends, surfing, partying – whatever your jam is, we want you to have a life.

9. Variety is the spice of life

With over 30 unique venues (and counting) across Sydney & Brisbane, the options are endless – from quirky bars and community based pubs to iconic fine dining restaurants – you can find the space that suits you best.

10. Don’t live in a box

We celebrate the individual – meaning we love the unique, the quirky and the creative – so enjoy a space where you can be true to who you are.

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Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Solotel, please check back soon.