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Make our roads ready for robot drivers.

Want to work on big infrastructure projects? Dream about creating technology that could shape the future? Keen to work for a global company?

Have you heard of us?

Unless you’re following the Australian Stock Exchange, the name Transurban might be a bit of a mystery. Have you ever driven along CityLink in Melbourne, the Eastern Distributer in Sydney, or crossed over the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane? If yes, that’s us! You have driven on a Transurban owned and operated road.

Across the world our company owns and operates 16 toll roads, and we are currently building more! We’re a leader within the transport infrastructure space, and while that sounds like we’re pretty big, in reality we have around 2000 people working in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Washington DC and Montreal.

Our size (compared to other top ASX companies) is really unique – it means people know who you are, your voice will be heard, and you get to learn directly from some of the best in the business.

Why pick a career with us?

You’re studying hard and you’re ready to take on a new challenge. We’re here to help find what challenge fits you best! As you may have guessed, we don’t just build roads and watch cars go by, there are a number of exciting jobs that you can get stuck into. If you’re into science, maths, engineering or technology – we’ve got amazing opportunities that will stretch you.

Our challenge to you – help us work towards making it easier, safer and quicker for people to get to where they need to go. Transurban is here to change the way people travel. We’re looking for bright minds with creative ideas and a ‘can-do’ attitude to help us do better. With a big focus on sustainability we continuously strive to do more with less – reducing our impact, while expanding and redefining the possibilities ahead.

“We thrive off creating change and improving the way we work – we’re continually evolving at Transurban. Who knows what projects we’ll be creating in 10 years’ time?” Samantha, 2017 graduate.

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Working at Transurban and flexibility
Working at Transurban and flexibility
Why did you choose Transurban?
Why did you choose Transurban?
What does Transurban do?
What does Transurban do?
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Key Points

1. Balance life with us

Lots of people work flexibly at Transurban. You can start and finish early or late, work from home, work part-time or compressed days – whatever works best for you. The way we work is constantly evolving, with our people, and for our people. If that volunteering job or sporting career is important to you, talk to us so that we can help you get the best of both worlds.

2. Learn more

Can’t get enough of study? Tell us what you are passionate about and let us help you explore that passion further. We’ll support you through on-the-job training, mentoring, exposure to more or further education to develop and grow new skills and experiences. You have the opportunity to pave out a career path for yourself with the guidance

3. Big opportunities

Being a small company means you will be able to get involved in big pieces of work. Some of our grads have worked on some of the biggest projects or deals our company has had in its history. Now that’s making a difference. We’re proud to offer these opportunities that others can’t – we love people who want to be challenged!

4. Have an impact

Whatever role you are in, know you will be making an impact. We have over 5 million customers that we need to get home safer, smarter and faster everyday. You can be part of a team that’s committed to creating value for others and connecting communities – creatively and sustainably.

5. Gender equality

50% of our Executive team is female. We recruit and develop people based on who they are, not what they are; because our business works best when we have a variety of backgrounds and opinions, and people are embraced for sharing them. We have a special mix of agility, connectedness and belonging at Transurban, and it makes us a great place to work.

6. We recognise good work

If you work hard, we make sure people know about it. Every year our biggest event is our employee awards night where we recognise teams and individuals for achieving their best. Another way we recognise people’s talents is through giving them really interesting, challenging and rewarding work to do – so they can grow their career with us.

7. Technology is a big part of what we do

We developed Australia’s first-ever toll road payment app. And people love it! They can pay for their toll from the comfort of their couch. By offering our customers a faster and easier way to pay, we’re using technology to revolutionise the way our customers travel. And that’s just the beginning – don’t get us started on how we’re preparing our roads for connected & automated vehicles.

8. Working together

Collaboration is a really important, and rewarding part of how we work – it’s one of the secrets to our success! You’ll develop great relationships and get to work directly with so many different stakeholders – from our customers, road users, government, road authorities and construction contractors. With us, you get to work with the best in the business, who come from all walks of life!

9. Global market

Because we operate across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Washington DC and Montreal – our solutions need to work across the Globe. This means our people get to understand and experience how other countries do business, talk with international teams and work together to find global solutions for our business.

10. Building roads for the future

We don’t just operate roads, we look into the future, monitor population growth and congestion so we can come up with bright ideas like the West Gate Tunnel in Melbourne or NorthConnex in Sydney to make sure we can keep people moving around our cities. Our solutions are designed for what our world will look like in 30, 60 or even 90 years time – imagine being part of that!

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Transurban, please check back soon.