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Spark Up Your Dream Career with an Ausgrid Apprenticeship!

“During the past year and a half that I’ve worked at Ausgrid, I’ve had so much fun, learned so many new things and had the opportunity to meet some great people.” 

Over the last year and a half, Max has had a tonne of fun taking part in Ausgrid’s Bright Spark Apprenticeship Program! From exciting opportunities for hands-on learning to meeting the rest of Ausgrid’s passionate team, Max’s experience just keeps getting better.  

Learn all about what life for an Ausgrid apprentice looks like as Max tells us all about: 

  • The supportive team environment cultivated by Ausgrid. 
  • How much fun Ausgrid’s Bright Spark Apprenticeship Program really is. 
  • Max’s top tips for aspiring Ausgrid electricians. 
  • His experiences doing pole-top rescues, live work, and-low voltage rescues! 

Find Out More 

As the largest energy distributor on Australia’s east coast, Ausgrid provides power to over four million Australians every day. What’s more, they do it sustainably!  

They’re currently working towards their goal of communities having the power for a resilient, affordable net-zero future, and with a tonne of entry-level positions on offer, you can come along for the ride! With a team of over 2800 diverse, passionate and talented employees, Ausgrid continues to grow, and so does their capability to do great things.  

To start your Ausgrid journey, head over to their employer profile or job listings page today! 

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