We’re excited to be launching a new area of Explore Careers, specially designed for parents in 2021!

Research shows that parents are still clearly the number one influence on students when it comes to planning their future career options. That’s why it’s so important that parents of students are armed with the most up-to-date and relevant information as possible, to ensure that they can help their kids choose the right career path.

There are over 130 of Australia’s leading employers partnered with us at Explore Careers – all of which who want to connect with secondary school students across Australia. With literally thousands and opportunities and pathways on offer, it can be challenging to find the right information. Explore Careers is here to help you navigate through the often daunting world of career-planning so that you can help you your kids make the best decisions for them.

What you’ll have access to:

  • Explore Careers annual publication
  • Latest news & information
  • Jobs for your kids with leading employers
  • Early access to events and online webinars
  • Podcast and video interviews
  • And more!

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Career Advisor Guides

Please find a PDF download of the Explore Careers Advisor Guide below:


Career Advisor Guide