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10 Jobs that Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

13 July 2022   |   by Explore Careers

We talk a lot about how the world of work has – and continues – to change.

But how are these changes informing the job market and the types of jobs available today?

Great questions! And we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to sit down and look at some of the jobs currently in demand and emerging that you wouldn’t have found on SEEK or anywhere else ten years ago.

Let’s get into it!

So, What New Jobs Are There?

It’ll probably come as no surprise, but many of these jobs have come about due to increased use and reliance on various technologies across different industries.

It’s super interesting to see how businesses are responding to technological advances and the human roles needed to adopt them:

1. Driverless Car Engineer

Once completely the realm of science-fiction, technology is well and truly catching up! Thanks to companies like Tesla and General Motors, driverless cars are on the up.

It’s not just personal cars either – trucks, trains and buses are all evolving to be driverless like the RAC Intelli-bus – a driverless shuttle operating in South Perth, Western Australia, since August 2016.

And with the rise of this new technology, a new type of engineer is required. Autonomous vehicles have different requirements and engineering needs from human-driven vehicles – enter the field driverless car engineers!

2. Ridesharing Delivery Services

It might be hard to imagine a world pre-Uber eats, but it was only in 2014 that it launched, and many other similar services emerged around the same time.

Building on the need in the industry for delivery drivers who wanted the flexibility to build their work-life balance through a self-employed role, Uber Eats, Deliveroo and other services launched into the market with great success.

3. Social Media Influencer

Social media has become a massive part of our lives and economies. From Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and now, TikTok – these platforms are shaping our personal lives and professional businesses.

To stay current, brands need to understand the power of social media and utilise it in the right ways. One way they do it is to use social media influencers to promote a product or a service. The fact this career keeps growing is proof it’s one that might be here to stay.

4. Podcast Producer

Love or hate them; podcasts are big business these days! Circle back ten years, and you might have found a handful out there, but podcasts have grown as people started discovering the value of presenting ideas in different ways.

With over 2 million podcasts now existing worldwide the emergence of a new role has evolved: podcast producers.

Helping successful hosts create and deliver a polished show, podcast producers support guest scheduling and management, quality control, promotion and uploading new episodes to platforms.

5. Big Data Scientist

Data mining, machine learning, and big data were barely on the tech radar ten years ago, but today they’re a core part of how many organisations operate.

From Google search data to Twitter feeds, website hotspots and cold zones – understanding, interpreting and presenting big data and how to make the most of it is a core part of big data scientists’ work. They help companies better understand and use big data to reach audiences and promote services in positive ways.

6. Blockchain Analyst

We’re probably not the best people to ask about blockchain – we’re still trying to figure out our regular banking!

But that’s where a blockchain analyst can step in instead!

With the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain is becoming an integral technology. Blockchain analysts are experts in the tech and use their knowledge to advise and support companies to maximise the benefits of tapping into this market.

7. eSports Games Coach

You might have heard of ‘fantasy football’ and thought it was just a hobby for a few die-hard fans, but eSports is BIG business.

ESports – a competitive video gaming industry between professional players and teams – commands billions of dollars annually and their events fills stadiums with participants and fans. As more and more people seek to get involved, those who have made a success of it are offering their expertise in the form of eSports Coaches. Helping and assisting gamers to go from strength to strength is a new role that’s already seeing lots of interest and demand!

8. Cloud Architect

Cloud software stores information online rather than on individual computer hard drives. Many applications are supported by cloud software – including your smartphone and Netflix.

Cloud computing continues to grow, creating the need for cloud specialists. Often referred to as cloud architects, these tech-savvy individuals support planning, designing and maintaining the systems a company uses for their cloud computing needs.

Cloud architects support everything from storage processes to data security.

9. Chief Listening Operator

No – we didn’t just make that up – it’s a fundamental role! Again, social media is to thank for the development of this one. As more people take to their platforms to talk about, complain about, and share stories of different services and companies, chief listening officers (CLO) play a role in seeing what’s being said about the company they work for.

A CLO is responsible for monitoring an organisation’s online presence, taking the information they find and passing it to relevant departments or teams to be dealt with appropriately. It could be a complaint or a good news story – anything that relates to the business somehow.

10. Sustainability Consultant

It’s no surprise that sustainability has become a huge agenda for lots of businesses in recent years, and many want to know how they can do more to reduce their overall carbon footprint and support climate change issues.

Sustainability consultants work across various industries making recommendations and action plans to help companies do this.

You can find sustainability consultants working in mining, construction and manufacturing, food production and agriculture, fashion and clothing manufacturing – and more!

Where to From Here?

We’re working hard to keep our Industry Profiles as up-to-date as we possibly can, adding new jobs and information that will you make the decisions you need to decide on your next career steps.

Head over to these pages now to learn more about a huge range of prominent industries available in Australia!


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