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Hello! We’re Explore Careers, and you’re in the right place.

We’re Australia’s largest early-career and employment platform focused on giving young people (aka YOU) the best possible tools, resources, advice, guidance and opportunities - right when you need them.

So far, we’ve helped over 1.5 million young Australians kickstart exciting careers through our programs, and we’re just getting started!

As Australia’s number one careers and employment platform, we know you start thinking about your dream jobs pretty early on in your school career - that’s why we’ve made it our mission to offer accessible, inclusive and proactive career resources ready when YOU need them, not when someone else says you should get them. We’re free and open to all.

Dishing up hard facts, solid truths, and tangible activities, our programs are a bold blend of everything you need to start formalising those juicy career plans from mere ideas to successful outcomes.

Utilising our 130+ network of leading, nationwide employers, we’re the rock-solid launchpad you need to get career-ready and optimised.

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Explore Careers has established several global networks to continue with our mission of inspiring and empowering young people to achieve their career goals. We’re now operating across New Zealand, the U.S., and the U.K. Why does this matter? Well, it probably doesn’t mean much to you right now, but you can rest safe in the knowledge that our international connections inform and help us develop top-notch, high-quality content that gets you where you need to be. You’re welcome.

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So, what exactly do we do, and what can we offer you? Great question!

Our Website

From our famous career quiz to our insightful industry profiles, the Explore Careers website is jam-packed and tailored to help you grow your career knowledge.

Career Advice & Guidance

Over on our blog, you’ll find a beautiful blend of career advice and guidance, covering everything from resumes and interviews, to job role breakdowns, and help answering those big career questions.


We’ll come to you - our weekly newsletter, with the latest job opportunities, insights and news to help you explore their future.

Interviews & Podcasts

Hear directly from young people who’ve been there and employers doing cool stuff; our weekly podcasts and videos are big hits.


With so many great opportunities to learn more, knowing where to start can be confusing. Our events pages bring it all together so you can dive straight into the good stuff.


We know young people struggle to access real jobs, so our curated jobs feed is designed to help you go from researching a career to actively applying!

Our Diversity Commitment

Through our diversity commitment, we hold our employer partners accountable for raising the bar and helping students get access to supportive workplaces that meet their unique needs. We’re asking the hard questions so you don’t have to.

Gender Equality
Disability Programs
Cultural Diversity
Indigenous Australians

A Message From a Director

Want to know more about how we got started? Have a listen to this quick message from our Director, Daniel Stoneman.


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