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7 Amazing Careers in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism You Need to Know

09 December 2021   |   by Explore Careers

You might read that title and think: Seriously? Hospitality, travel and tourism careers in this climate?!

We totally agree. The pandemic has put a bit of a pause on things, but it won’t last forever – and with borders (tentatively) beginning to open, you can bet things will start moving quickly from here on out.

PLUS, when surveyed on what they’re most looking forward to once things return to normal, hundreds of people rated eating out and travel as some of the very top activities they can’t wait to get back into!

7 Amazing Careers in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

While things have had a slight pause, you can guarantee they’re going to pick up in the years ahead. And with high demand comes lots of great career opportunities.

Let’s take a look at seven potential pathways you could pursue:

1. Chief Listening Officer

If you’ve got an interest in social media, marketing and communications but maybe also like the idea of being a bit of a detective – this could be the job for you! Chief Listening Officers are like investigative detectives for social media and online platforms. They monitor online content, hashtags, web articles, blogs, and media mentions to see what’s being said about the organisation or brand they work for. They work with other marketing and communications teams to see how to use or respond to the content they find – whether good or bad – and take on board the valuable feedback this provides to help them make plans to support the business become even better.

2. Proposal Concierge

Destination wedding proposals have always been hugely popular, and sometimes they need a little help! Some tourist attractions and hotels receive thousands of requests for assistance in making the moment perfect – and that’s where a proposal concierge comes in. Proposal concierges’ assist couples to ensure they get the timing, privacy and planning of their wedding proposal right. They coordinate and diarise when proposals happen, offer guidance and set-up, and generally help the whole thing run smoothly. If you’re a true romantic at heart who loves making magic moments come together, this could be your dream job!

3. Travel and Culture Journalist

If you’d prefer to be the one doing the travelling and having all the cultural adventures – journalism could be the right path for you! You’ll write about your experiences, whether it’s a stay in the newest hotel, a destination hot spot, or where best to eat, to get published and help others learn more about these places. Travel and culture journalists could work for a single media group or newspaper or freelance and write for several. It’s a competitive industry, but highly rewarding for those prepared to commit.

4. Guest Experience Manager

Guest Experience Managers operate across a range of accommodation, tourism and hospitality businesses – think of them as the ultimate customer service professional. They’re equipped with specialist and in-depth knowledge of the organisation and local area to best advise and guide guests to make the most of their stay, both in and outside the accommodation! These professionals have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening and can provide information to suit a wide range of preferences and individuals. From young families needing a fun day out with the kids to business teams needing the best coffee spots – they’re the go-to source of information!

5. National Marketing Coordinator

Travel and tourism generate considerable revenue for different cities and locations and provide welcome income for the local businesses that operate in those places. Many cities – and states – dedicate resources to promoting and marketing their locations to attract tourists. National Marketing Coordinators support the development and delivery of mass-scale marketing campaigns that highlight why people should visit a specific place and maximise the exciting adventures available in the area. They work with diverse teams to cover a range of marketing channels to get their messages out there and measure the impact of each one.

6. Flight Attendant

Combine a love of travel with exceptional customer service with a job as a flight attendant! Flight attendants work to make every trip as comfortable and safe as possible. They generally work for one airline and ensure that every passenger has a great experience. As well as customer service, flight attendants have exceptionally safety knowledge and work to ensure that all passengers adhere to flight regulations. At times, flight attendants may have to deal with stressed or distressed passengers – they need to keep their cool while being firm to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone on board. It’s not a job for everyone, but it can be extremely rewarding for the people you’ll meet and places you get to visit.

7. Local Tourism Advisor 

Whether in your hometown or a place you’ve visited and come to see as your hometown, sharing your passion and knowledge with new visitors can be a fulfilling and exciting job! Local Tourism Advisors may conduct tours, offer information and guidance, highlight local places of interest, and generally generate enthusiasm for the local area. They ultimately want visitors to have a great time, tell their friends and family about their experiences, and keep coming back to explore! You’ll need excellent knowledge about the area, and a personal passion alongside some little known facts and history will help you in this type of role!

Ready to Find Out More?

The hospitality, travel and tourism industry is so much broader than what we’ve covered here.

With the changing landscape thanks to the pandemic, you can almost guarantee there will be some unique and surprising new roles that open up in the future too!

We’ve collated all the latest data, along with the heads-up on some of the other roles available in this industry, ready for you to a take deep dive.

Head on over to our Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Industry Profile to find out more!


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