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Forget Top Gun, the Australian Air Force is Where You Really Want to Start Your Career!

02 December 2022
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Maverick ain’t got nothing on our next guest!

We were super excited to have Todd, Network Technician with the Australian Airforce, join us for our employee interviews to talk us through his role, career journey and why a career in the Defence could be just the place to kickstart your career goals!

While Todd tells us he’s been surrounded by family members who’ve served, the Defence Force is a welcoming and supportive place to explore where a career could take you.

Hear from Todd, who share with us:

  • What his role in the Air Force involves, and what an ‘average’ day might look like
  • How he got into his role, and what drew him to be a Network Technician
  • Some of the big misconceptions about being a part of the Air Force
  • What training and preparing for a career with the Defence Force involves
  • How exploring a career in the tech side of Defence is easier than you might think (and the great training on offer if you’re committed and motivated to succeed!)
  • What he enjoys most about his role and some of the great opportunities he’s had as part of the Air Force.

It’s clear Todd loves what he does, and he’s found the best place to build his career – we reckon his talk will inspire more than a few of you to follow in his footsteps!

Find Out More

Today’s Australian Defence Force (ADF) offers more than 200 roles across various trades and professions. There are career options to suit people with broad-ranging backgrounds, skill levels and interests. It’s fair to say that almost every Australian student could find a career that suits them in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

You’ll enjoy more than just stimulating and rewarding work in the Navy, Army or Air Force. Find out more via their complete profile right here at Explore Careers.

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