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Be Much More Than ‘One Thing’ With a Career at Craveable Brands!

What do Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat all have in common?

Well, aside from serving up the delicious chicken we all know and love, they’re all owned and operated by Craveable Brands!

Ensuring these iconic restaurants deliver impeccable services is no easy task. To make it happen, there’s a massive team of business services and operations staff bringing it all together!

We caught up with Kristin, Employee Relations Associate, to learn more about her role and the wide range of opportunities available with Craveable Brands.

Hear from Kristin as she shares:

  • More about who Craveable Brands are, their businesses and the services they provide.
  • What Kristin’s role involves and some of the typical tasks she’s responsible for.
  • How Kristin got started in her career and what led her to work for Craveable Brands.
  • Kristin’s top tips for working in the industry and joining Craveable Brands.
  • What makes them a top employer for Kristin, and what she loves most about her role!

There is SO much more to Craveable Brands than people realise, with heaps of opportunities to explore unique opportunities beyond food services.

Jump into our chat with Kristin and start exploring what a career with Craveable Brands could look like for you!

Find Out More

Craveable brands operate over 580 restaurants across three iconic Australian brands Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat. Their restaurants hire over 12,500 employees and serve over 1,000,000 customers weekly!

Operating such an extensive network of franchised restaurants requires an incredible support network of experts in areas including restaurant operations, supply chain, franchising, IT & technology, marketing, store design and construction, food innovation, and customer satisfaction.

There’s a lot cooking over at Craveable Brands, and you can get stuck in right here at Explore Careers via their dedicated employer profile!

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