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Chris Found His Path to Success: Discover Yours at Mckenzie Aged Care!

The road to success isn’t always a straight line; there are often a few bumps and hurdles along the way!

But those bumps are just opportunities for you to discover that you really are on the right path, says Chris Jerome, Clinical Care Manager at McKenzie Aged Care.

After working in the industry for a while, Chris was invited to apply for a manager role. Despite being uncertain, he went for it anyway. Although he wasn’t successful, it opened a new pathway for Chris, and he knew to be ready when the opportunity next presented itself.

Chris joins us to share more about:

  • Who McKenzie Aged Care is and what a career looks like in the aged care sector.
  • What his role involves, what a typical workday might look like – and how every day is different!
  • How Chris started his career in the sector and what he thinks some of the best aspects of working in this diverse and rewarding industry are.
  • What McKenzie Aged Care offers to ensure individuals are fully prepared, trained and supported to be the best they can be in their roles.
  • How the industry is so much more supportive, team-oriented, and FUN than people might realise!

Chris also shares his advice for the top skills that will lead you to success in the industry (one of them might surprise you!).

We loved Chris’ passion for his work and his determination to pursue new career heights despite setbacks. Definitely give this one a listen!

Find Out More

The McKenzie Aged Care Group has grown steadily to become one of Australia’s leading privately-owned aged care and retirement providers.

Each of their communities remains true to the original vision set back in 1998 and delivers continuously on what McKenzie set out to achieve. McKenzie takes pride in employing over 2,500 staff, contributing over $35 million to the Australian economy in taxes.

At McKenzie, people are cared for and cared about. They value the family unit and all that it stands for. You will immediately feel the difference when you walk through the doors of a McKenzie home.

Find out more via their dedicated employer profile right here at Explore Careers.

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