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Con-GRAD-ulations to Peter Mac’s 2024 Graduate Nursing Cohort!

Finding your next steps on your career journey is an exciting achievement. Whether you’re making subject selections, getting into your chosen university program or transitioning into graduate roles – we’re here to celebrate with you!

This week, we’re breaking out the confetti for Peter Mac’s newest cohort of budding nursing professionals as they embark on their graduate program.

The Next Chapter at Peter Mac

A cohort of 36 graduates are embarking on a specialised cancer nursing program at Peter Mac.

These graduates will undergo rotations in various clinical settings over 12 months, aiming to gain diverse experiences. Supported by training and education, they will focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

Many graduates, like David Hellston, were drawn to Peter Mac for its positive work culture and educational focus. The program, designed to enhance clinical skills and confidence, utilises a unique professional practice model to foster reflective practice. Graduates also have the chance to explore future career options.

“The work culture is really positive and education-focused. Everyone really aims for the latest and best practice,” says David, adding he’s looking forward to gaining surgery experience. “I think it will be quite interesting. There is a huge scope of work happening, and some surgeries completed here aren’t done anywhere else in Australia.”

Lauren Cooper who completed her nursing qualification at La Trobe University, was inspired to apply after completing her oncology units. She’s eager to begin rotations in Peter Mac’s Medical Oncology ward. Like her peers, Lauren values the opportunity to build relationships with fellow graduates as they progress through their specialised training together.

Highlights of Peter Mac’s Graduate Nurse Program

The Graduate Nurse Program provides opportunities for graduate nurses to consolidate and expand their clinical ability, judgement and confidence while working as valued members of Peter Mac.

A well-developed Professional Practice model provides the nursing workforce with clear pathways that inform, support and guide nurses to progress their careers from novice to expert cancer nurse.

Peter Mac graduate nurses can consolidate fundamental nursing skills, acquire specialised cancer nursing skills and benefit from a tailored clinical support and education program

The Graduate Nurse Program is structured to encourage reflective practice. This helps new nurses identify the many possibilities available in their nursing careers.

Find out more including where the program could take you, here.

Wishing the 2024 cohort the best of luck as they start their journeys. We can’t wait to hear more about your experiences in the near future! 

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