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Cream of the Crop: Explore How Australian Dairy is Leading Sustainability!

Being a dairy farmer is not just a job; it’s a lifestyle! One that enables you to feed the nation and the world.

Australian Dairy is committed to producing quality food sustainably. They do this by:

  1. Providing the best care for their animals.
  2. Doing more to protect the environment.
  3. Supporting dairy workers and local communities.

Keep reading to learn more about how Australian Dairy is reshaping its industry for the better!

How is the Dairy Industry Becoming More Sustainable?

For the last ten years, the Australian dairy industry has focused on providing nutritious food for a healthier world.

Their sustainability commitments, backed by actionable goals to improve continuously, mean dairy will play an essential role in a healthy, nutritious, affordable, and sustainable diet for generations to come.

Like other agricultural industries, dairy is dependent on natural resources. Australian Dairy is mindful of its stewardship role and the need to look after water, biodiversity and soil. They also know it’s vital to reduce waste and emissions.

How Aussie Dairy is changing things up for the better:

Increase Water Use Efficiency

Did you know 80 per cent of dairy farmers recycle water on farms?

Water is a critical resource for the industry. It’s used in the daily operations of a dairy farm to water crops, hydrate animals and clean milking sheds.

At dairy farmer Andrew Murphy’s Kyabram (VIC) farm, being more water efficient is a big focus. From using ground moisture meters to determine when the soil needs irrigating to choosing more water-efficient crops. These changes make both environmental and business sense, says Andrew.

By improving water productivity, actively monitoring water consumption, using recycled water and developing water security management plans, dairy farmers are committed to driving change in water management.

Improve Land Management

The Australian dairy industry is committed to managing land responsibly and has set goals and targets. This includes measures to protect waterways, implementing nutrient, soil, plant and animal biodiversity action plans and committing to net zero deforestation.

There are many ways Aussie farmers are committed to protecting and improving land – planting trees is one of them!

Tree planting is integral to a long-term climate strategy in dairy regions. Trees act as carbon sinks, sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and air filters, releasing oxygen.

Tree shelter belts on farms can also become a natural highway for animals, offering habitat and food sources for native species.

Learn more.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity

The Australian dairy industry is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 30 per cent by 2030.

Australian dairy farmers are already adopting renewable energy technologies, such as solar and wind, to reduce energy costs, promote energy security and reduce GHG emissions.

Learn more.

Dairy Jobs Matter: Explore a Rewarding Career Today!

Dairy Australia is committed to producing quality food while providing the best care for our animals, doing more to protect the environment and supporting dairy workers and communities.

Whether it’s growing your skills, caring for animals, a chance to give back to the community or just doing something you love every day, Australian Dairy has positions available now!

Check out this short video to learn more and visit Australian Dairy’s dedicated employer profile!

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