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Discover a Truly Caring Career With HammondCare!

16 February 2023

There are so many misconceptions about the residential care sector, but the truth is it’s an incredibly rewarding industry to work in, with so many opportunities to grow, train, develop and progress.

But don’t take our word for it. Skye Marshall, Residential Manager with HammondCare, joins us in our latest employee interview to share her career journey in the sector and all the different roles she’s had along the way.

Jump into this one and learn:

  • Who HammandCare are, who they support and the types of opportunities available with them.
  • How Skye began her career in the sector and her progression with HammondCare.
  • What a care worker and residential manager do on a day-to-day basis.
  • How HammondCare support employees to gain industry qualifications as a registered training provider.
  • Why Skye rates the care sector as the perfect place for anyone interested in a career that allows you to grow, progress, connect and support others.
  • The HammondCare difference that’s kept Skye working with them for so many years.

Skye’s passion and commitment to her work shines through and is a testament to the great work – and career progression – available across the care sector.

Wondering if a role in residential care could be right for you? Definitely give this one a watch!

Find Out More

Join a team that offers a wide range of services, including specialised dementia care and palliative care. Services are offered where and when people need them – in residential aged care homes, people’s own homes, hospitals, the community and clinics.

By joining an independent Christian charity, you’ll be free to take an innovative and compassionate approach to your work. You’ll be part of a team that strives to lead rather than follow.

Find out more about how you can start via HammondCare’s dedicated employer profile.


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