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Discover the Soft Skills Needed for Engineering Success With Leidos!

15 November 2022

We talk a lot about technical and STEM roles being vital for the future of work, but what does that look like in reality?

Here to give us all access to what his career journey into a technical role looked like is Jason, a Software Engineer with Leidos! If you’re like us, when you hear ‘engineer’, you’ll immediately think of hands-on, technical skills – but what else does a software engineer need to succeed?

Jason shares with us some of the lessons he’s learned along the way and how Leidos has helped, including:

  • Who Leidos are, what they do, and the wide array of industries they work within.
  • How Leidos focuses on creating practical, focused technological solutions based on real-life problems their clients bring to them.
  • What Jason does as a software engineer and what his day-to-day looks like working at Leidos
  • The skills, challenges and rewards of being a software engineer.
  • What led Jason down his current path, and how a passionate teacher helped him uncover his love of the subject.
  • Why your soft skills matter just as much – perhaps even more – than your technical skills in the workplace (especially communication!)

Alongside advice on why you shouldn’t worry too much about what others think you should do post-school and to focus on what matters to you, we loved chatting with Jason, and we know everyone will take away something important from this talk!

Find Out More

Leidos is a large-scale prime systems and services integration company weaving together information technology, engineering and science to deliver unique, practical and usable solutions to our customers’ most complex challenges.

We deliver software applications for a wide range of missions in the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance domain. We also offer provide critical projects to the Department of Defence whilst supporting the IT environment for the Australian Taxation Office and maintain legislative websites for a number of governments.

There’s so much to explore with these science and tech-based leaders, and you can find everything you need to get started here at Explore Careers!

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