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08 June 2023

Meet Shane Dart one of our Trainee Deckhands

I joined AMS Group 12 months ago as a Trainee Deckhand after being selected for the Quandamooka traineeship program.

I have learnt a lot and gained hands on training and mentoring from the experienced launch crew members. I have nearly completed the AMSA training workbook which will mean I can move into a Deckhand position. I will continue to work towards my Launch Master qualification to become an Assistant Launch Master and drive the launch boats.

This is an experience of a lifetime.

Describe your current role?

In my current role, I conduct refuelling checks and maintenance on vessels. We transport Marine Pilots to ships safely. We tie up berthing vessels using rope skills I’ve learnt. I am currently completing my AMSA Master 5 qualification, which I am required to complete workbooks, on the job drivering experience as well as in classroom training. A huge part of my role is being trained and mentored, particularly to do with learning about national standards as well as commercial vessels and compliance.

How did you end up in your current role?

Once in a lifetime opportunity of an expression of interest which was through the Magaraba Moorgipun Elders & Counsel and was offered an opportunity to interview for a traineeship.

What do you love most about your role?

I love being out in the weather and seeing the tides and swells. I love learning about vessel movements and navigation, passage planning & timings as well as engineering and mechanical sills.

I enjoy my day-to-day tasks along with the requirements the job entails.

How does AMSG support your career growth?
  • AMSG provides inductions during the onboarding process and then we are given an opportunity to gain sea-time and work alongside Marine Pilots.
  • Facilitated accommodation.
  • Opportunity to grow in the pilotage diversion and try other technical roles throughout the company.
How would you describe the culture at AMSG?

AMSG has a very welcoming culture, and the other employees are always willing to help out and provide knowledge if needed. I have made some amazing friendships and work closely alongside others.

Why do you enjoy working at AMS?

I have always loved the work, working with top tier pilots, being able to be out on the water every day and coming home to family and friends (work life balance). I have enjoyed learning how the weather affects the ships and the level of height safety standards.

3 pieces of advice would you give yourself as a student.
  1. Don’t be afraid to try something new – you don’t know unless you try.
  2. Ask a lot of questions as that shows you are keen, and others will go out of their way to teach you.
  3. No question is a dumb question.
Future Career Aspirations

I would like to gain my Launch Master qualification and stay working for AMSG and in the future hopefully work on boats around the globe.

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