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Do the Right Work with a Career in Local Council!

We know there are many misconceptions about what working in a local council might involve, but here to help set the record straight is Jarrod Reid, Head of People and Culture at Yarra Ranges Council.

Far from just collecting bins and trimming down rogue trees (both essential jobs), Jarrod lets us in on ALL the incredible ways local councils support their communities – and why the jobs they do are what really matter.

Hear from Jarrod as he shares:

  • What it’s really like working for a local council, and what the work environment is like.
  • What Jarrod’s role involves, what his team looks like and what they do.
  • How Jarrod got started on his career path after finding that the subjects he did well in were the ones he also enjoyed the most!
  • Some of the biggest misconceptions about working for a local council – and why there is so much to do and get involved with.
  • How the industry has changed and evolved in recent years.
  • Jarrod’s best advice for anyone wanting to start their career journey with the local council.

We loved chatting with Jarrod and couldn’t agree more with some of the amazing advice he leaves us with – make sure you watch this one right to the end for some perfect career truth bombs!

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The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) is a membership association and the legislated peak body for Victoria’s 79 local councils. The MAV was formed in 1879, with the Municipal Association Act 1907 officially recognising them as the voice of local government in Victoria.

The success of the MAV stems from its people, and they pride themselves on having a quality team of staff and consultants to ensure members’ needs are met.

Find out more via our dedicated employer profiles.

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