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5 Earth Day Activities for Students

18 April 2024

What Can Students Do For Earth Day

Wondering what students can do for Earth Day this year? You’ve come to the right place!

This year’s Earth Day theme is Planet vs. Plastics, a campaign that’s igniting a global effort in plastic reduction – with plenty of ways students can take action.

The aim of the Planet vs. Plastic theme is to achieve a 60% reduction in plastic production by 2040 – a bold campaign that will need all hands-on deck to achieve!

From day-to-day habit changes to creating an earth day pledge for students, keep reading to discover five earth day activities that will get your class inspired.

  1. Learn Something New With a Quick Quiz

An online quiz is a great Earth Day activity to get the conversation started. This Plastics & Human Health Quiz will help students learn a little more about plastic pollution in an engaging, light-hearted way.

The quiz even gives you a score at the end with a rating of your knowledge. From ‘Plastics Pupil’ to ‘Plastics Professional’, find out how much you know!

  1. Crunch The Numbers With a Plastic Usage Calculator

This plastic calculator may drum up surprising results! Have your students enter their daily plastic usage into the calculator and watch their eyes widen at the results.

Get your class to write up ways to reduce their single-use plastic consumption and get those numbers down. This may help them to consider not just the action of global leaders but their own personal actions too.

  1. Create an Earth Day Pledge For Students

Whether students make a pledge to their teacher, to Mother Nature, or even make a promise to themselves, an Earth Day pledge can turn climate initiatives form ideas to real actions. Encourage students to pick a climate-related idea, goal or promise to commit to. Seal the deal with your name, date and signature at the bottom.

Here are some ideas for a student Earth Day pledge:
  • “One change I will make from today is to ditch single use plastics”
  • “I commit to turning off lights when I’m not using them to help save the earth”
  • I promise to take action for a better future, including…

Remember, your pledge doesn’t have to be anything too dramatic or unachievable. The more realistic the better.

students in class writing earth day pledge

  1. Have Your Class Think About The Bigger Picture

Take a step back and look at the plastics issue on a global scale with the ‘What Country Are You In’ quiz. It asks a series of questions regarding your views and concerns on plastic pollution to determine what country your values align with.

You could have your students complete the quiz individually and discuss their results together, or why not do the quiz all together and get the class to vote on each answer.

  1. Sign The Global Plastics Treaty

Get all your students to sign the Global Plastics Treaty. This beautifully simple action is probably one of the most effective activities students can do this Earth Day. The treaty is a call on the United Nations and Governmental Organisations to commit to policies that solve the plastic pollution problems we face.

The best part? It doesn’t need your personal information or email address, just a simple click!

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