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Embracing a Full Career Pivot With BAE Systems!

02 September 2022

How do you go from studying to be a vet to becoming a graduate mechanical engineer working on defence ships with BAE Systems?

It might sound like a giant leap, but that’s exactly what Joyce Jolland, a Graduate Mechanical Engineer with BAE Systems, did! You’ll realise it all makes so much sense when you hear about her career journey!

Joyce joined us to give us the full low down on:

  • Who BAE Systems are and what they do.
  • What the graduate pathway with BAE looks like, what she’s been working on and how she gets lots of satisfaction seeing the projects she works on come to life.
  • How she went from veterinary studies to engineering – and why the change was the best step for her.
  • How BAE is stepping up their game to get more women in the sector and is focused on creating a positive, welcoming work culture for all.
  • What the overall work culture and work-life balance are like as a graduate with BAE.
  • Why grades are not as important as you think, and focusing on your soft skills will set you a stride above when applying for work and opportunities.

We loved chatting with Joyce and learning all about her work with BAE and what a future with the company might look like (Spoiler: It’s looking pretty good!).

Find Out More

Joyce’s role is just scratching the surface of the world of careers and opportunities available with BAE Systems!

Visit their exclusive employer profile at Explore Careers to learn more.

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