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Careers in Insurance

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Not sure what career path you want to choose after high school? Why not take a look at a career in insurance.

Insurance companies understand the benefit of hiring young innovative leaders and are always looking to bring in new talent. A recent ANZIIF study of insurance professionals under the age of 35, found that 86.7% of respondents would recommend insurance as a career choice.

Are you planning on going to university or TAFE?

No matter what course you choose to do, there really is something for everyone in insurance, with work available across many sectors including roles in sales and marketing, legal, data and financial analysis, risk assessment, claims, underwriting and customer service.

There are opportunities across the world so you never know where you might be able to work when you choose an insurance career.

If you’re passionate about making a positive difference in your community, this industry is for you. Insurance professionals have an active role to play in the community, and are often leaders when helping people through loss events.

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Go anywhere. Do anything.
Go anywhere. Do anything.
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At a Glance

Looking to work straight out of high school?

You might want to get stuck right into your career or you might want to work and study at the same time. Regardless of the choice you make, insurance has a place for you. Just know that most insurance businesses will support you as you develop the skills you need to perform your job and many will even pay for your education.

Arts and Humanities

The insurance world needs creative thinkers who can identify problems and solve them fast. From working with clients to identify their insurance needs to implementing strategies when disaster strikes, arts and humanities graduates have skills that are crucial to the insurance industry.

Marketing and Communications

Globally, insurance premiums total US$4.06 trillion each year. An industry this big needs clever communicators who understand how to reach and engage consumers all over the world. Whether you’re a great marketer or great communicator, your talents will be valued in roles as diverse as television advertising to communicating with the public during natural disasters.


Insurance law is a fascinating and challenging area that is indispensable to the running of the world’s insurance companies. Whether employed as in-house counsel or with a law firm that specialises in insurance, the diversity of the work and the number of opportunities available makes it a hidden secret among law graduates.

Economics, actuarial studies and mathematics

It won’t come as a surprise that insurance needs people who understand numbers. Areas like underwriting rely on the analytical skills of number-savvy people. Economists, actuaries and mathematicians working in insurance are tasked with assessing the risks of everything from a person developing a certain illness to the likelihood of a ship being attacked by pirates.


Science and insurance go hand in hand, with scientists playing a key role in helping insurers to make decisions based on evidence. Every day, scientists work on a bunch of research projects and analyse complex data that helps insurers understand how risk affects their clients.

Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting degrees are highly valued by insurers and are indispensable to the smooth running of the world’s insurance companies. With heavy reporting, accounting, risk and compliance obligations, insurers offer a diverse range of roles to those with finance backgrounds.

Commerce and business

The changing nature of the insurance industry makes it a challenging and rewarding career choice for anyone who’s studied commerce or business. Whether you work for a small regional business or one with offices all over the world, the insurance industry needs staff with a strong understanding of their clients’ needs.


Insurance is a truly global industry, with major insurers serving every continent on Earth (including Antarctica), and emerging economies constituting some of the biggest growth markets for the industry. This means that if you’ve got foreign language skills, insurance is the perfect destination for you.

Information technology

Like any business in any industry, information technology is at the heart of every insurance business. With technology advancing faster than ever before, insurance is turning its head to new possibilities like A.I., robotics, drones and automation, meaning there are countless opportunities in the industry for the tech-savvy.

Why Insurance?

You’ve probably never thought much about insurance…

And we’re betting you’ve never thought about it as a career. We think that’s a shame because insurance is one of the most varied, rewarding and exciting careers out there.

People don’t realise that insurance is what helps the world to run. Every part of life has insurance behind it, from the food you eat to the buildings you work in to the homes you live in. It is fundamental to life as we know it. Now imagine working in it.

Below you’ll find the reasons we love working in insurance. Flip through – you’ll be surprised.

It’s about people

People are the driving force behind the insurance industry. From getting drought-stricken farmers back on their feet, to supporting a business after a cyber-attack, there are many ways a career in insurance allows you to help those who need it most. Whether it’s at the local or international level, people and relationships are at the heart of insurance.

It’s critical

Insurance is the foundation that helps build the world around us. Without it governments can’t function, banks won’t lend money, homes can’t be built, airlines can’t fly and coffee can’t be poured. Being a part of something so critical to the world is a pretty special thing. Insurers are central players in discussions and developments across the globe. Look at any news headline in the world and there’ll be an insurance story behind it.

It’s diverse and unusual

Unlike most industries, you’re in the driver’s seat with a career in insurance. Instead of going bottom to top, you can move sideways, exploring different fields and roles in pretty much anything that interests you. The industry is enormous and incredibly varied, with jobs to suit every personality type and almost every skill set. If you love helping people, insurance is for you. If you’re the analytical, investigative type, insurance is for you. If exploring new horizons makes you tick, insurance is for you. You get the drift…

It’s global

A career in insurance can take you all over the world. From helping someone with a flooded house in Auckland, to talking about the risks of piracy in the Philippines or investigating the potential of drone technology in San Francisco, insurance professionals find solutions for people all over the world. Insurance is one of the most international industries around – you never know where you might end up.

It’s lucrative

Insurance is a $180bn a year industry — that makes it the biggest part of Australia’s economy, ahead of the mining, construction and manufacturing industries. An industry as important as insurance needs the best people. This means insurance jobs are generally paid better than many other industries.

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