Western Health

Healthcare & Social Assistance

Western Health is the major healthcare provider to one of the fastest-growing and most diverse regions of Australia.

Western Health manages four acute public hospitals: Sunshine Hospital (including Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s), Footscray Hospital, Williamstown Hospital and Bacchus Marsh. We also operate Sunbury Day Hospital, Hazledean Transition Care in Williamstown, Melton Hospital, Melton Health and Community Services, Bacchus Marsh Community Health Centre, Caroline Springs Community Health Centre and Grant Lodge Residential Aged Care in Bacchus Marsh.

Western Health provides a comprehensive, integrated range of clinical services from our various sites ranging from acute tertiary services in areas of emergency medicine, intensive care, and medical and surgical services, through to subacute care and onsite and virtual ambulatory clinics. Our specialised services include oncology, renal, and women’s health, including maternity, chronic disease, geriatrics and cardiology.

We provide a combination of hospital, community-based and in-reach services to aged, adult and paediatric patients and newborn babies. Western Health also offers drug health and addiction medicine support through our inpatient service and community Drug Health Service.

Employing more than 11,000 staff, Western Health has a strong philosophy of working with our local community to deliver excellence in patient care.

Our Communities

Western Health is the major healthcare provider to one of the fastest-growing and most diverse regions of Australia. The catchment population is nearing 900,000, and the birth rate and movement into this region means that strong growth will continue in the years ahead.

Our communities are culturally rich, with members speaking more than 150 different languages and dialects.

Our population has higher-than-average rates of cancer, heart disease, stroke and mental illness, and diabetes and depression are also significant population health issues. And our community is ageing, with frailty becoming a significant challenge to independent, healthy living.

We are committed to providing Best Care to communities across Melbourne’s west, improving health outcomes for all.

Work with Western Health

Western Health is an employer of choice that offers excellent career opportunities and employee conditions to find the right work/life balance for their next career move.

Western Health serves a complex and multicultural community, and our workforce reflects this. Our employees find meaningful and rewarding careers that support our community of the West.

We have an inclusive and supportive culture, where we support our colleagues and work closely with multi-disciplinary teams to provide holistic and person-centred care. 87% of our workforce believe that Western Health supports and fosters cultural diversity in the workplace.

We are proud of our educational opportunities and the many courses and scholarships we have on offer. We support programs that aid in career progression and leadership. 96% of our workforce indicated that their learning and development needs had been addressed. You can find out more here. 

We want your future with Western Health to be fulfilling and bursting with opportunities for growth. In fact, 87% of our workforce believe that their job is meaningful and allows them to use their many skills and abilities.

Western Health takes pride in being an equal-opportunity employer and welcomes people with disabilities. We also encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to apply. You can find more about our Aboriginal Employment here.

Our employees are joined by an award-winning cohort of over 600 volunteers, which makes it one of the largest health service volunteer programs in Victoria. Our employees and volunteers embrace challenges together to provide the Best Care to our patients.

Medical Careers

Western Health has a strong reputation for leadership, training and research. We provide care for more than 700,000 instances of patient care each year. Western Health attracts talented health professionals from around the globe.

Make it about pride

Western Health has highly effective collaborative partnerships for research throughout Australia and the world with universities, hospitals, research groups and industry. In 2018 Western Health’s Office for Research approved 201 new projects approved with $40.58M in research grants, over 700 active projects and over 500 journal articles published. We encourage employees to participate in research activities and to help translate these findings into clinical practice.

Western Health has been successful in funding state of the art commission of the New Footscray Hospital, the new Sunshine Emergency Department, Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s and the Western Centre for Health Research and Education (WCHRE).

Make it meaningful

Western Health serves a diverse community that brings with it a variety in presentations and enables complex care from NICU to Geriatrics.

Our culture fosters multi-disciplinary collaboration and a supportive environment. Our senior leaders encourage our medical cohort to have their voice heard and work together to provide the BEST care for our patients. The Junior Medical Advisory Council (JMAC) provides an avenue for Junior Medical employees to work collaboratively with the Chief Medical Officer.

The Positive Workplace Strategy has been established to strengthen and sustain a positive workplace environment at Western Health. An environment where employees and volunteers feel safe and can work to their full potential and where Western Health continues to advance as a leading health service.

Make it about future

Western Health facilitates flexibility with employment across full-time, part-time and locum appointments.
The Junior Medical rotations are internally diverse, including Neonates, Geriatrics, Radiology, Paediatrics and Migrant Screening. Our external rotations are supported through strong partnerships with Mildura Base Hospital and Royal Children’s Hospital, amongst many others.

The Medical Education Unit aims to provide an optimal learning environment for our prevocational doctors. We use educational principles to help us deliver a comprehensive and relevant education program for Junior Medical Staff. ​

Your career starts here.

Please visit our Western Doctors site for junior medical staff: westerndoctors.wh.org.au

For current vacancies, see: westernhealth.mercury.com.au 

Nursing Careers

We are proud of the terrific teamwork that exists within Western Health and the care that we provide to our patients, which is underpinned by the Western Health values: Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Safety.

Make it about pride

Western Health serves a diverse community that brings with it a variety of clinical presentations enabling complex care delivery from NICU to Geriatrics. Western Health takes pride in its emerging excellence in research, including its role in the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC).

Western Health has been successful in funding state of the art commission of the New Footscray Hospital, new Sunshine Emergency Department, Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s and the Western Centre for Health Research and Education (WCHRE).

Make it meaningful

Western Health nurses relish in the variety of care required at the hospital and their real impact their care can have on the community. This enables them to grow their skills, experience and confidence exponentially. Passion, support and collaboration are at the heart of how our nurses provide person-centred care for our community. Our culture fosters multi-disciplinary collaboration and a supportive environment.

Make it about the future

We offer rewarding formal training and courses that are aimed at developing our skills, knowledge and abilities. We offer flexible career pathways from bedside care expertise, management and education, through to speciality and project roles such as Electronic Medical Records or Sunshine Emergency Department re-development.

We are a Registered Training Organisation with fantastic education partnerships, scholarships and nursing and midwifery research programs. Discovery programs run through the year across multiple disciplines and often lead to Post-Grad program opportunities.

Registered Nurse Grade 2 and Enrolled Nurse positions are recruited by our Central Nursing and Midwifery Workforce Unit (NMWU) team, with the current vacancies being found here.

The NMWU can be contacted on 03 8345 4040 during business hours or RecruitNMWU@wh.org.au

Emergency Nursing Recruitment

Sunshine Emergency is seeking passionate Registered Nurses with experience or a postgraduate qualification in Critical Care or Emergency. Click here for more information.

Emergency Nursing

The Emergency Department at Sunshine Hospital is one of the largest in the state. The staff who work there see plenty of action and need to be on top of their game as they encounter a wide array of conditions, illnesses and injuries. More than 100,000 patients come through the unit each year, including about 27,000 paediatric patients in the separate part of the unit.

The major expansion of the unit, completed in early 2021, means we now need several hundred additional staff so we can operationalise the new and state-of-the-art space we have available.

We need to expand to meet the incredibly high need in our community. We need you to help make this possible.

You will bring your career to life in a place where diverse patients have their own fascinating stories.

Never a dull moment, and some days are a blur, but your colleagues will always be there for you, ready to lend a hand or share a concern. If it’s some humour or snacks that you need – we’ve got that covered too!

Come for the organised ‘chaos’. Stay for the camaraderie. We can’t wait to meet you.

Maybe you’re looking for one day a week to dip your toe back into emergency nursing. Maybe you’re a specialist doctor looking for sessional work. Whatever your level of experience or career goals, we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for:

  • Nurses (NUM, ANUM and RNs)
  • Specialist doctors (Paediatric and Adult, Aged Care, Radiology)
  • Non-specialist doctors (Hospital Medical Officers and Senior Hospital Medical Officers, Registrars, Surgical, General Medicine, Aged Care, Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Allied Health professionals
  • Pharmacists, radiologists and sonographers.

Contact the Unit Manager for further information:

Recruitment Team – Nursing & Midwifery Workforce Unit: RecruitNMWU@wh.org.au 0383454040


Critical Care Nursing

Western Health Intensive Care Units are seeking passionate Registered Nurses with a postgraduate qualification in Intensive Care Nursing. Options exist for Critical Care Registered Nurses to work in a part-time, full time or casual capacity.

Take a look at our current vacancies by visiting our online recruitment system eRecruit.

We have intensive care units at Footscray and Sunshine Hospital. Each unit has nine ICU equivalent beds, and together, they provide care for approximately 1850 patients per year.

Western Health ICU maintains a broad clinical focus with a good mix of both medical and surgical patients utilising up-to-date equipment to provide outstanding care.

Join our team. Make it ICU and Make it about…

Your Future – You will see that Western Health is a place where there is a great deal of growth in our communities, and this is reflected in expansion and growth in career opportunities. At Western Health, your future is our priority. We foster a supportive environment, targeted at progressing your career and developing that important work/life balance.

Leadership – There are plenty of leadership possibilities within the ICU, with support for career progression and development through leadership opportunities. We also have well-developed special interest groups delivering best-practice care through research. From time to time, there are opportunities to step into leadership roles, such as rotational ANUM positions and a chance to step outside of the ICU to cover the Liaison role.

Innovation – Supporting research and improving best practices and staff safety are key priorities for our ICU teams, who have a strong record of embracing new technologies to support best care in the West through initiatives such as the development of a cardiogenic shock program in collaboration with the cardiac catheter labs and cardiology. Active research projects in conjunction with other ICU’s across Australia and New Zealand.

Teamwork – Western Health’s open ICU footprint caters for dynamic teamwork, supporting staff and creating learning opportunities. Our ICUs promote teamwork and support within the unit for learners all the way up to senior ICU staff.

Development – We place a great deal of importance on clinical coaching and educational opportunities, and our training is delivered by highly skilled practitioners.

Diversity – Multicultural patients and staff

Safety – Western Health has led the way in keeping ICU staff safe during the pandemic. Our implementation of PPE, face shields and the innovative isolation hood developed by Western Health in conjunction with the University of Melbourne, have contributed to protecting our staff despite the fact that our Footscray and Sunshine ICUs cared for more COVID-positive patients than any other Melbourne hospitals.

Wellbeing – Our staff are benefiting from a broad range of wellbeing and wellness strategies to ensure they are supported, heard, and have access to care packages, wellness hubs, safe spaces and mental health wellbeing programs

Contact the Unit Managers for further information:

Midwifery Careers

The Maternity Services unit in the brand new $200 million Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s at Sunshine Hospital is famous for its strong culture and supportive team environment.

We’re passionate about letting midwives at every stage of their career use and further hone their skills across the full spectrum of practice. It is in this environment where you will have the greatest scope to work to your full potential.

Our midwives are actively encouraged to upskill, develop their critical thinking, take leadership roles and lead care planning, with an emphasis on person-centred care.

 As a registered midwife (or nurse/midwife) you’ll be able to tap into your full range of skills and work wherever you’re happiest or across a variety of areas, including:

  • Antenatal Clinic
  • Maternity Assessment Centre
  • Birthing Suite
  • Postnatal Maternity Wards
  • Domiciliary (home outreach) team.
  • Home birth program

We also provide maternity services for lower-risk women through the Bacchus Marsh Melton Hospital, and this means there are opportunities for midwives to rotate through this smaller setting if they wish.

All Registered Midwife positions are recruited by our Central Nursing and Midwifery Workforce Unit (NMWU), with current vacancies being found here.

The NMWU can be contacted on 03 8345 4040 during business hours or RecruitNMWU@wh.org.au


Allied Health Careers

Allied Health services at Western Health encompasses a broad group of health professionals, including physiotherapists, dietitians, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, radiographers, allied health assistants, podiatrists, language interpreters, pharmacists, audiologists and social workers. These professionals use evidence-based practice for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic diseases and promote disease prevention.

Make it about pride

Western Health is focused on providing BEST care to our patients through excellence in education, professional development and research. Western Health is only one of two Victoria Public Hospitals that is also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We offer a wide range of qualification options from Certificates through to Post Graduate level. Allied Health professionals can access internal and external professional development opportunities.

Located within the Western Centre of Health Research and Education is the Western Clinical School for Medicine and Allied Health in partnership with the University of Melbourne and also houses researchers, academics and educators from Western Health, Victoria University and the University of Melbourne.

Make it meaningful

Western Health’s culture fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and a supportive environment. It serves a diverse community of over 1 million people that brings with it a variety in presentations and enables complex care from NICU right though to Geriatrics. This allows Allied Health professionals to develop their skills across a range of clinical areas within our health service. Western Health also supports advanced practice credentialing across multiple allied health disciplines.

Our senior allied health leaders encourage and mentor our employees and work together to provide the BEST care for our patients. A structured clinical supervision is provided to enable our allied health employees to learn, grow and always offer the best care to our patients.

Make it about future

Western Health facilitates flexibility with employment across full-time, part-time and fixed-term appointments.

Western Health is located in the largest growth corridor in Victoria in terms of health employment and population. The new $1.5 billion Footscray Hospital will treat almost 15,000 additional patients and facilitate an additional 20,000 other people to be treated by the emergency department each year.

Click here for more information about Allied Health Careers.


Pharmacy Careers

Western Health is the fastest-growing public health service in Australia, serving one of the country’s most diverse populations. Our pharmacists are an essential part of the life-changing care we provide to this community, supplying and optimising medication therapy for our patients in close consultation with their medical teams.

As our facilities and catchment area grow, our pharmacy team is set to expand rapidly. We’re creating dozens of brand new pharmacy positions, meaning a wealth of opportunity for early career pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to hone their skills and move up the ranks within our organisation.

Working at Western Health, you’ll get the chance to provide care across a broad range of clinical settings – including oncology, respiratory, paediatrics, maternity, emergency, ICU, aged care, and community outreach programs – meeting and assisting patients from all walks of life

Make it about Education

Education is a priority in the Western Health Pharmacy Department, we foster a supportive learning environment for students, interns and Pharmacists. The Pharmacy intern program is diverse, with the program offering a broad range clinical Pharmacy experiences on specialty wards and also operational rotations. We have also been approved to offer the SHPA Pharmacy residency program from 2021.

Make it about Teamwork

We have a strong focus on teamwork, within the department and also collaboration within a multidisciplinary team which includes doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

Make it about the Future

Western Health is responsible for roughly 800,000 people in the Western region of Melbourne, one of the most diverse and rapidly growing areas. Construction has begun on the new Footscray Hospital site due for completion 2025, providing further opportunities for Pharmacy Department growth.

Make it about Opportunity

The scope of Hospital Pharmacy is dynamic and diverse and Western Health supports the continual development and expansion of the role of a Hospital Pharmacist.

Make it about Pride

Be part of a Pharmacy Department that prides itself on prioritising patient centred care and is passionate about incorporating the Western Health CARES values (C-Compassion, A-Accountability, R-Respect, E-Excellence, S-Safety) into their everyday practice.


Administration and Support Careers

We are proud of the work our Administration and Support team contributes, which is underpinned by the Western Health values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Safety. Over 25% of our workforce is made of Administration and Support employees, which includes Administrative leaders, Finance Accountants, Cleaners, Patient Service Assistants, IT Professionals, Human Resources and much more.

Make it about pride

The work undertaken by our admin and support teams is essential in supporting the clinical teams to provide the Best Care. Our non-clinical groups have been instrumental in shaping the patient experience with such projects as Electronic Medical Records and planning for the New Footscray Hospital.

Make it meaningful

Administration and support staff are valued members of the multi-disciplinary team and contribute to positive outcomes for our community.

The Positive Workplace Strategy has been established to strengthen and sustain a positive workplace environment at Western Health. An environment where employees and volunteers feel safe and are able to work to their full potential and where Western Health continues to advance as a leading health service.

Make it about the future

Once at Western Health, many of our employees find value in working across various departments facilitated through promotions and internal secondments. Western Heath is only one of two Victoria Public Hospitals that is also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We offer a wide range of qualification options from Certificates through to Post Graduate level.

Take a look at our current vacancies by visiting our online recruitment system eRecruit

Secondary School Work Experience Program

The Western Health Year 10 Work Experience Program provides students with an opportunity to gain insight into the healthcare industry.​​​​​​ We are excited to showcase the Health Industry as a career choice for young people.

We are in the process of working through the applications and plan to finalise the review of applications in early 2023.

We will be in contact to advise the outcome of the application reviews as soon as we have finalised this process.

If you have any further queries please contact Kristelle De Taza on 8345 6689 and follow the prompts to our reception or email via westernhealthhr@wh.org.au

Make it about pride

At Western Health, our teams are friendly and supportive, ensuring we deliver a safe, person-centred and connected patient experience. Our work experience students work alongside employees supporting administrative functions and observing the critical work of the hospital.

Make it meaningful

As a student, you will be exposed to a real working hospital environment and have an opportunity to understand how healthcare can be part of your future. We hope this program will inspire you to become a member of the healthcare community and make a positive impact in the community. Western Health would love to welcome you back to the organisation as your healthcare career and studies progress.

Make it about the future

Year 10 students are given the opportunity to spend five working days in a department/ward at one of the Western Health sites. Our online application process opens in November for the following year’s program.

Western Health encourages applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

If you have any questions, please email People and Culture on westernhealthhr@wh.org.au

Applications for the 2023 Year 10 Work Experience Program have closed.


Western Health’s Volunteer Program focuses on engaging with our local community by offering relevant and worthwhile volunteering opportunities. The program operates across four sites and is one of the most extensive health service volunteer programs in Victoria with over 600 volunteers and 250 students.

Make it about pride

At Western Health, our employees and volunteers work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients and their families. We hold our volunteers in high esteem, and this is demonstrated by inclusive orientation and training sessions as well as recognition through award programs. From day one you will feel part of the Western Health team as you are supported by coordinators onsite and the introductory buddy system.

Make it meaningful

Our volunteers at Western Health enjoy giving back to the community; achieving a sense of purpose; developing new skills; creating friendships and working with socially, culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Our volunteers genuinely want to help improve the experience of our patients and their loved ones.

Make it about future

Community members are encouraged to share their time, skills and life experiences through a range of diverse and innovative volunteering roles. Prospective volunteers are required to make a commitment of at least 12 months to their position within Western Health. A typical volunteer role entails one shift per week or fortnight of approximately 3 hours in duration.

Click here for more information about Western Health Volunteer and Community Engagement Programs.

Application Tips

We want you to have the best opportunity of progressing your application. A well-prepared resume highlights your strengths. It can make you stand out as the right candidate for an interview.
Below are some brief tips to ensure you are getting the best out of your Resume:

  • Make sure it is up-to-date with your latest employment and education
  • Be specific about your employment history, including specialisations and achievements
  • Be clear and straightforward, avoiding complicated layouts and fonts
  • Review the Position Description and tailor your Resume
  • Review your Resume to ensure spelling and grammar is correct and ask a friend to review them; alternatively, you can upload your Resume here for computer-generated feedback.

For more tips, see https://www.seek.com.au/career-advice/resume-cv

How to Prepare Your Cover Letter

The Cover Letter is your introduction to the hiring manager. It is your opportunity to highlight yourself as a suitable candidate for the vacancy.

Below are some brief tips to ensure you are getting the best out of your Cover Letter:

  • Include your contact details (including best contact number and email)
  • Tell us about why you are applying and what attracted you to Western Health
  • Explain how your skills and qualifications make you a desirable candidate
  • Share your achievements and goals
  • Keep to one page
  • Review your Cover Letter to ensure spelling and grammar is correct, and ask a friend to review

For more tips, see https://www.seek.com.au/career-advice/writing-cover-letters

How to Address Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for a vacancy are found in the Position Description. You will need to match the criteria to your skills, experience and qualifications in your Resume and Cover Letter.

When advertisements ask you to address the selection criteria, we recommend the STAR approach:

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

That is, explain the “Situation” where the relevant example came from, such as customer service, follow that with the “Task”, which is your role in the example, outline what “Action” you took, and spell out the “Result”.

For more tips, see https://www.seek.com.au/career-advice/how-to-address-key-selection-criteria

Your Interview

Most people are nervous about interviews, but with some preparation and practice, you will put your best foot forward. Interviews at Western Health are not designed to try to trick you. Rather that are designed to give us an opportunity to get to know you better, and you as the candidate to get to know us better. This is an opportunity for you to ensure Western Health is a good fit for you and to get to know the team.

Below are some brief tips to help you feel comfortable and present as best you can at your interview:

  • Research the role, the department and the organisation
  • Allow ample time to travel to the site and locate the interview room with enough time to compose and prepare yourself
  • Revisit your application and review the selection criteria, and brainstorm examples that address the criteria
  • Think about Western Heath and why you want to join the team
  • Answer questions using the STAR approach. That is, explain the “Situation” where the relevant example came from, such as customer service, follow that with the “Task”, which is your role in the example, outline what “Action” you took, and spell out the “Result”.
  • Come prepared with at least 2 referees, contact details and their relationship to you.
  • Prepare questions to ask the panel.

For more tips, see https://www.seek.com.au/career-advice/3-must-dos-before-every-interview

The Reference Checks

When providing your referee details to the hiring manager, be sure to include their:

  • Full Name
  • Title
  • Relationship to you
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Please let your referees know that they may be contacted by Western Health for a reference.
It is Western Health policy that we contact your current Line Manager for a reference.

Outcome of Application

Western Health will notify you of the outcome of your application via email or phone. You can request feedback on your application if you are unsuccessful.

If you are unsuccessful, we welcome you to sign up for our email alerts and apply for our vacancies in future.

Click here for our guide to registering with eRecruit and setting up email alerts.

Why Work For Western Health

Western Health has a wide range of affiliations that provide discounts on goods and services. These relationships were established to provide our most valuable asset, our employees, with a variety of benefits.

Salary packaging

Salary packaging is an Australian Taxation Office-approved means of restructuring your income available to all employees at Western Health. It enables you to nominate items such as mortgage, rent, or credit card payments to be paid by your employer from your pre-tax income.

By ‘packaging’ part of your salary, you can potentially reduce the amount of tax that you pay and maximise your net salary.

You are entitled to a salary package up to $9,010 tax-free on items that generally attract Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), provided that this does not exceed 80% of the salary for full-time, part-time and casual employees.

Our employees are also eligible to package an additional $2,650 for Meal Entertainment expenses each FBT year.

Career and Professional Development

At Western Health, we regard our people as our most valuable asset and encourage them to develop their full potential. We aim to provide clear pathways for development and opportunities for all of our employees.

Western Health offers continuing education courses to enable our workforce to develop skills and knowledge.

Educational and professional development programs/courses available include:

  • Clinical Programs
  • Leadership Training
  • Postgraduate Education
  • Scholarships for Nurses and Midwives
  • Computer Training Courses
  • Onsite Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Courses

Click here for more information regarding professional development and training opportunities at Western Health.​

Work-Life Balance

We offer employees the opportunity to balance their work and home lives through the provision of flexible working conditions. Many of our positions are for full time, part-time, casual, or even night shift work and there is the ability for flexible rostering in many areas.​

Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

We are committed to ensuring all employees have access to services and programs that promote a healthier environment and lifestyle:

  • On-site Gym – Located at Sunshine and Footscray Hospitals.
  • Yoga – 10-week introductory program located at Sunshine and Footscray Hospital.
  • Annual flu and Vaccination Program – This program involves formal influenza vaccination sessions at each hospital site as well as a mobile Influenza Vaccination Clinic, which visits all clinical areas.
  • Critical Incident Response (CIR) provides care and support to any employee who requires assistance as a result of direct or indirect involvement in operational activities and community disasters.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides care and support to any employee who requires assistance as a result of stress such that their work performance or wellness is being affected.
Reward and Recognition Programs

Western Health promotes the acknowledgement and recognition of employees through a range of formal award schemes including:

  • INSPIRE Awards – recognise employees and volunteers both as individuals and teams whose actions inspire others to live our values.
  • Chief Executive’s Positive Workplace Award – recognises and celebrates our employees and volunteers who are contributing to creating a positive workplace.
  • Employee Service Awards – recognising the loyalty of long-serving employees.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Awards – recognising good work and commitment to ensuring a safe working environment.
  • Best Care Awards – honour improvement programs or initiatives that reflect the Western Health vision for Best Care and person-centred care.

Education & Learning

Education & Learning is committed to offer staff programs that continually develop staff capabilities and skills and support Western Health strategic objectives.

At Western Health we are committed to high quality, safe and person-centred patient care – we are committed to Best Care.

Western Health aims to provide work based education and training for Western Health staff, students and external applicants which will support excellence in practice and career progression opportunities. We are pursuing multi-disciplinary approaches, patient-centred care and lifelong learning.

Western Health offers short courses with the aim of enabling the healthcare workforce to maintain current skills and knowledge and foster professional development and expertise.

All programs utilise the services of suitably qualified and vocationally experienced educators and clinicians. Programs range in duration from half a day to two days and are competitively priced.​

Graduate Midwife Program

Western Health’s Graduate Midwife Program aims to be stimulating, rewarding and a positive consolidation of practice as a professional Registered Midwife. We are committed to the facilitation of the continuing development of the beginning practitioner in a learning organisation. Supported by the clinical expertise of educators, clinical support midwives, colleagues,  and a structured program. This program consists of study sessions that focus on clinical decision-making and clinical skills, the management of women throughout the continuum of care and professional practice.

  • Must be completing an Undergraduate degree in Midwifery or a Double degree in Nursing/Midwifery in 2023
  • Must hold a practising certificate with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) by 2024
  • Must not have undertaken any other Midwifery or Nursing Graduate Program
Program Duration

The Combined Graduate Midwife Program is a 53-week program:

Year 1:     Early career-supported program rotating across the continuum of pregnancy care.

Year 2:     Grad + Program (Additional 12-month program) undertaking two theoretical postgraduate equivalent subjects and options for additional rotations

Both years are offered at 64hrs per fortnight (0.84 FTE).

  • Major rotations  –  Birthing and Postnatal.
  • Shorter rotations  –  Antenatal Clinic, Maternity Assessment Centre (MAC), Potential for Newborn Services.
  • Bacchus Marsh  – Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s rotation – elective rotation to respective campus for 3 months.
  • Annual leave – 4 weeks pre-allocated in the program.
  • A minimum of two supernumerary shifts will be provided at the commencement of each new rotation.
  • February   2024
  • April          2024
  • July           2024
  • October    2024
Criteria for Completion
  • Satisfactory clinical hours (minimum 64hrs/fortnight)
  • Completion of Clinical Objectives each rotation
  • Satisfactory AMSATs and Annual Performance Development Review
  • Development and delivery of a project for Professional Development
  • Participation in Graduate Study DaysA certificate will be presented on successful completion of the Graduate Midwife Program
Study Days
  • 2 Days orientation for all graduates at the commencement of the program.
  • 2 Graduate Midwife skills/study days.
  • 2 Training days.
  • 3 Allocated professional development days.
  • 1 Graduate study day.

These study days aim to prepare graduates for commencing in the organisation, ensure competencies are met, practice development addressed and enhance knowledge and bridge the theory-to-practice gap.

Graduate Nurse Program

The Graduate Nurse Program Year 1 is a comprehensive program that offers the option of an additional one year Grad+ Year 2, to assist you with transitioning to the role of a registered nurse.  During this program, graduates are supported by clinical expertise, including Clinical Nurse Educators, Preceptors and Clinical Support Nurses. It is a structured program of paid study days and debriefing sessions that focus on clinical decision-making, patient management and professional practice.  Grad + Year 2 is an extended supported graduate year offering further rotations in areas of your choice to further consolidate skills and knowledge.  The extended program also provides a pathway to introduction to discovery and postgraduate studies.

More information about this program will be available at our information night sessions. Visit the Graduate Nurse Program – Application Process page to view dates. You can also download the Graduate Nurse Program Information Handbook.

Graduate Nurse Program  Structure Year 1

Program Duration

53 weeks  (2 x 6 month rotations)

  • February
  • May
  • Third intake  (To be confirmed)

Locations: Footscray, Sunshine, Williamstown & Bacchus Marsh

Induction / Orientation
  • Structured Induction & Orientation Program:
  • 1 Corporate/Hospital Orientation Day (Day 1)
  • 2 Graduate Specific Study Days
Supernumerary Days
  • 5 Supernumerary Days (Rotation 1)
  • 2 Supernumerary Days (Rotation 2)
Clinical Support
  • Assigned Preceptor
  • Assigned ward-based Clinical Nurse Educator / Clinical Support Nurse
  • Nurse Unit Manager
Criteria for Completion
  • Satisfactory clinical hours;
  • Professional objectives for each rotation;
  • Satisfactory Performance Development Review for each rotation;
  • Development and delivery of a project for Professional Development purposes for each rotation;
  • Participation in Graduate Nurse Study Days;
  • A certificate will be presented on successful completion of the Graduate Nurse Program
Study Days & Education Sessions
  • Regular graduate debrief sessions
  • Monthly group debriefing sessions and education sessions
Professional Development Days
  • In a clinical area of your choice
  • Shadowing an ANUM / NIC
Graduate Nurse Program  Structure Year 2
  • Participants can apply to participate in Grad+ Year 2
  • An extended supported graduate year that further assists with transitioning to the role of a registered nurse
  • Option to stream into areas of interest
  • Participants were offered further rotations in  areas of their choice
  • University-accredited subjects at no cost
  • Pathway to further Postgraduate Studies
  • Part-time employment
  • 64 hours/fortnight
  • 5 weeks annual leave
  • Rotating roster
  • Permanent ongoing employment
  • Support work-life balance

As per Nurses (Victorian Health Services) Award 2010

Application Date Opens
  • 5 June 2023 – 7 July 2023

Click here to apply: http://westernhealth.mercury.com.au/


Refer to PMCV guidelines & procedures.

PMCV Results Released

Date: 2 October 2023

Postgraduate Education & Scholarships

Western Health, in partnership with respected Victorian Universities, offers postgraduate programs for nurses interested in developing their knowledge and skills in specialty nursing practice.

The program will include:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Nursing (Adult Acute Care) in extensive specialties, including Cardiac Care, Critical Care, Emergency, Perioperative and Paediatrics.
  • Master of Nursing (any speciality)
  • A combination of employment and study
  • Increased opportunities to integrate theoretical knowledge into clinical practice by being employed in the specialty area being studied
  • Academic Pathways for higher degree studies
  • Financial recognition, i.e.: Higher qualification allowance for nurses who complete relevant postgraduate qualifications
  • All courses: Full fee paid by the student
  • Recognition of prior learning is possible for nurses who have completed post-registration studies in some clinical specialties. These nurses may be eligible for a credit of up to 50 per cent of the program.
Scholarship Applications

Applications​ close in February each year. Scholarships are only available to Western Health Staff.

  • 25% funds on 50% completion of studies
  • 25% funds on 100% completion of studies

Remaining 50% of funds 12 months post-completion of study.

Speciality Area Programs

The Introduction to Specialty Area Programs offers structured and supportive education, for Registered Nurses who wish to transition into a specialist area of nursing practice at Western Health.
The Introductory programs offered at Western Health are in the following clinical areas:

These programs provide a supportive environment for learning, where staff will be active participants in their own learning needs to assist with their transition into one of the speciality areas. The program will develop further knowledge and skillset through online learning packages, study days, simulations and support in the clinical environment from speciality Clinical Nurse Educators.

Graduate Nurse Program – Application Process

STEP 1: Applicants are required to register via the Postgraduate Medical Council of
Victoria (PMCV) Computer Match. Register to participate in the GNMP Computer Match Service.  

We will only accept applications that are eligible through PMCV computer match.

For more information about PMCV computer match, eligibility and how to apply, visit:   gnmp.pmcv.com.au    

 STEP 2: Apply to Western Health

In addition to your PMCV application, an application must also be submitted to Western Health.  To apply, visit our    online recruitment portal – eRecruit, at: http://westernhealth.mercury.com.au/

Applications are open 5 June to 7 July 2023.  We will only accept applications that are eligible for computer match.

Application Criteria: To apply to Western Health, your application must include the following:

  • Cover Lette: No more than one page
  • Curriculum Vitae: Outlining your education and experience, including a table that lists clinical placements (Degree year/organisation/type of placement/date/duration of placement
  • Nominate TWO referees: preferably clinical referees
  • Academic transcript (Certified): An academic transcript of all results you have received at the time of your application
  • Clinical Appraisals: Two recent acute clinical appraisals

Applications should be addressed to:

Cindy Lie
Graduate Nurse Program – Coordinator
Education & Learning
Western Health
160 Gordon Street


Graduate Midwife Program – Application Process

Bachelor of Midwifery and Bachelor of Midwifery/Nursing (dual registered) candidates must apply via PMCV Allocation and Placement Service APS.

STEP 1: Register to participate in the GNMP Computer Match Service

Applications must be registered to participate in the Graduate Nurse Computer Match Service via the PMCV Allocation and Placement Service website.  Refer to PMCV for eligibility and application guidelines.

We will only accept applications that are eligible through the PMCV computer matching service.

STEP 2: In addition to your PMCV application, an electronic application must also be submitted to Western Health via our online recruitment portal eRecruit.

STEP 3: Find the graduate program you are interested in, and click on the title. Click “Apply Now”

Application process opens: 5 June 2023 

STEP 4: Upload all documents required

  • Cover Letter of application (one page).
  • Concise Curriculum Vitae (CV), including a list of your clinical placements (hospital, type of ward/experience and placement duration), contact details of referees and a clear photo of yourself on the front page.
  • Academic Transcript: Certified copy of results to date (key to results to be included).
  • Clinical Appraisals: Two most recent clinical appraisals – at least one must be midwifery.
  • Completed Program Preference Form. Please note these preferences will have no bearing on whether you will be offered a place in either program.

Applicants will need to provide two clinical referees to APS. Please refer to the APS website.

Referees must be two clinical referees, of which one must have directly supervised your undergraduate clinical experience, preferably from a third-year or fourth-year placement.  Provide accurate contact details, including their phone numbers and
corporate email addresses.  (note: if applying for the Combines Program, it is preferred you have one midwifery and one nursing reference)

After you have listed the names and details of your referees, on your CV/Resume, your referees are each required to complete the Clinical Reference Check Form via the PMCV Allocation and Placement website at https://allocations.pmcv.com.au/.

Ensure your referees each complete this form before the closing date. 

STEP 5: Attend the Interview as Invited

Western Health Pharmacy Intern Program

Western Health is committed to providing high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research.

The health service encourages innovations in patient care, staff professional development and research activities. Our clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals are involved in a diverse range of activities that have received recognition at a local, national and international level. Western Health has links with The University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and Victoria University of Technology.

Intern program information

Seven intern positions are available (five government-funded, plus two hospital-funded).

The Pharmacy Interns at Western Health start in the first week of January and required to have provisional registration. The interns partake in rotations across a variety of clinical (medical and surgical), manufacturing and dispensary areas. The seven interns will rotate between Footscray and Sunshine campuses gaining exposure to different environments and staff. Interns are also included on our weekend roster (1 shift every 7 weeks) which contribute to the total number of supervised practice hours. Interns are expected to develop their skillset, such that by the end of the program they meet the national entry level pharmacist competencies.

As the year progresses, interns will be given a larger patient load to self-manage while still under pharmacist supervision. Throughout the program, interns are provided supervision by experienced pharmacists during all rotations while developing an appropriate level of competencies and responsibilities as outlined in our in-house competency framework.

Weekly tutorials cover a range of clinical, over-the-counter, and law topics designed, not only to prepare the interns for their exams but become competent pharmacists. Prior to the final oral exam, several practice exams are conducted under exam conditions.

The Pharmacy Interns are allocated their own individual mentor, usually a pharmacist who has completed their intern year within the last 2 years. Interns are expected to be enthusiastic, hardworking and willing to engage with the Western Health Intern Program and Western Health core values.

We accept interns only enrolled in the Monash Intern Training Program. The Monash Intern Foundation Program is also highly encouraged.

PowerPoint Presentation click here


Frequently Asked Questions


Western Health recruits graduates through the PMCV computer matching service, and currently we only accept applicants that are eligible for computer match. Please take a look at the PMCV website for eligibility criteria.

I am an international student; can I still apply?

International students may be eligible to apply if they meet the PMCV eligibility criteria. Refer to PMCV: https://gnmp.pmcv.com.au/the-match/#eligibility

When applying, you should also refer to Western Health eRecruit Graduate Nurse Program eligibility criteria.

I am an applicant from New Zealand or interstate.

New Zealand or interstate applicants may be eligible to apply if they meet the PMCV eligibility criteria. Refer to PMCV: https://gnmp.pmcv.com.au/the-match/#eligibility

My academic transcript will not have my final year results when I would like to lodge my application.

You can go ahead with your application by uploading your most recent academic transcript. If your third-year results have yet to be released at the time of your application, indicate this in your cover letter.  You will still be required to provide your final certified academic transcript.

Email to:  graduatenurses@wh.org.au  

Can I submit an electronic copy of my academic transcript? 

You can download an electronic copy of your official academic transcript and upload this onto the Western Health eRecruit online recruitment portal. This copy must include your university details.

Clinical Placement & Appraisals 

We prefer two most recent adult acute clinical appraisals.

What if I don’t have two recent adult acute clinical appraisals?

Where two recent acute appraisals are not available at the time of your application, we will accept one recent adult acute assessment and one subacute assessment from 2nd or 3rd year.  This can include a mental health placement.

What if my next clinical placement will be completed after the application closing date? 

You can proceed to upload your online application with your most recent clinical appraisals before the closing date.  In your cover letter, outline the details of any future clinical placements, including the date/organisation/type of placement.

Appraisals completed after the closing date must then be sent to graduatenurses@wh.org.au

What do my clinical appraisals need to include?

You are only required to submit your summative assessment. This includes preceptor comments (summative). You must also include the cover page with placement location/ dates/ type of placement.

My appraisal was split over two locations, do I submit this as one or two appraisals?

Include them as one single appraisal.

I did not complete any of my placements at Western Health.  Will this affect my application?

No. We understand that many of our applicants have studied at many different locations and offered placements with health providers other than Western Health.

Selection & Interview Process

Will I be contacted by Western Health for an interview?

PMCV are coordinating recorded online one-way video interviews.  Refer to PMCV for more information.

I have missed the Western Health and PMCV application dates.  Can I apply via email directly to Western Health?

No. Once the application dates close, we will not be accepting any applications.  Applications received via email will not be accepted.

Can I apply for a mid-year program?

Western Health recruits to fill graduate intakes by participating in only one matching process each year.

When will I find out if my application is successful?

PMCV will publish the results of the computer match on 2 October 2023. If you have been successfully matched to Western Health, a member of our GNP team will contact you on the day the results are released.

If I am successful, how will rotations be allocated?

We offer two/six-month clinical rotations. Successful applicants that are offered a position within our program will be given a    preference form to nominate their preferred rotations.  While we aim to give you one of your top five preferences, given the high demand for more popular areas, this is not guaranteed.

Grad+ Program  (optional)  If you participate in Grad+ Year 2 You will be offered two further rotations.

Our Videos


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Surgical and Perioperative Care
Emergency Department
Allied Health

First Nations People

Western Health is committed to increasing its Aboriginal Workforce.

Western Health respectfully acknowledges the Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung Elders and people of the Kulin nation as Traditional Owners of the lands on which Western Health sites are located. ​

The term “Aboriginal” is used to refer to all Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It is inclusive of people in Victoria who identify as Indigenous Australians, Koori and Koorie.​​

Make it about pride

Western Health seeks to support and collaborate with our Aboriginal employee cohort. One of the ways we facilitate this is through our Aboriginal Employment Committee which provides a voice for our Aboriginal employees. Additionally, Western Health sits on the DHHS committee, where we were one of four Victorian Public Hospitals to be successful in campaigning for online Aboriginal training, which will assist in building cultural awareness amongst our front-line staff to managers and beyond.

Our Aboriginal Health Unit (Wilim Berrbang) is passionate and committed to providing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community a safe and welcoming environment at all of our services.

The Koori Maternity Service (KMS) at Western Health facilitates access to culturally safe pregnancy, labour & birth and postnatal care for up to two weeks for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Make it meaningful

Western Health’s vision of “together, caring for the west” is reflected in the partnership with the Korin Koin Balit Djak: Aboriginal Health, Wellbeing and Safety Strategic Plan. Reflecting the diverse cultural community we serve, we are committed to developing a strong and supportive environment for our Aboriginal workforce, recognising the value that it brings to our workplace.

Western Health is committed to achieving equality in health status between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-indigenous Australians; we are an official signatory to the national Closing the Gap strategy.

Make it about future

In supporting government initiatives, Western Health has developed an Aboriginal Employment Plan that promotes employment strategies and initiatives to grow our Aboriginal workforce.

Western Health is committed to providing employment opportunities and career pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We aim to provide culturally safe interviews. As part of this, we encourage candidates to request an Aboriginal employee support person for the interview. You can make this request to the Panel Chair when you are invited to an interview.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Western Health, please check back soon.