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Whiddon has been providing exceptional care to older Australians across regional, rural and remote NSW and QLD for more than 75 years.

We’re an award-winning aged care provider with residential care, community care and retirement villages across New South Wales and Queensland. With more than 2,300 customers and over 2,000 people, Whiddon is passionate about enriching lives and keeping older people connected to what matters most to them in life.

We invest back into our people, our communities and services, and we partner with academics and universities that are developing the latest thinking, innovation, programs and training around quality of life and ageing.

Our strong presence in regional, rural and remote NSW and QLD sets us at the heart of our local communities, both as an employer and aged care provider. We actively promote and maintain a proud sense of community – wherever we are, everyone matters.

Careers at Whiddon

We all want to feel that rewarding passion for what we do in our jobs. To feel that passion, you need a little support from your colleagues and the organisation you work with.

We know it’s difficult to believe that another care organisation might be better than where you are now. But from our beginnings 75 years ago, we have always believed that the human quality of respect is especially important. That understanding others and personal connections are especially important. These set the foundation for deep and important relationships and have grown into a unique relationship-based care approach and a culture of teamwork, trust and open communication. A big part of this is the focus on employee growth and development to deliver that care model and culture.

It all adds up to the place where you feel supported in caring for others. A place where your own growth and development is supported. Where you really feel that passion in what you do every day. Take the time to explore how you can feel that passion again, at Whiddon.

Registered Nurse

We understand you want to provide the best clinical care possible for your residents. And we understand that your role as a Registered Nurse can be a challenging job. An important way we’ll support you is through our Care Managers who will take the time to coach and mentor you, in both clinical and people management. And making sure you have the time and support to continue your professional learning as a Registered Nurse because this is important to us too.

You’ll be working alongside colleagues who believe in teamwork, open communication and mutual respect, so challenges can be solved together. Backed up by our MyLife model of care and relationship-based care approach, your advocacy for residents will mean something.

It’s where, as you continue to grow, you’ll feel the personal satisfaction of knowing that every day you’re enabled to make a real difference to your residents and their quality of life.




Assistants in Nursing

We understand passionately caring for residents can be challenging. The importance we place on mutual respect that creates open communication and teamwork means we solve challenges together. AINs, nurses and residents all enjoy a friendlier and more positive environment.

Our relationship-based care approach supports you to really get to know your residents, understanding their feelings and preferences as well as clinical needs. This helps you better manage your time, while providing great experiences for residents.

With Care Managers and RNs who listen, agency staff when needed to maintain good staffing levels, and flexible rosters, you can live a better, more balanced life. There is also a big focus on regular training and active support for internal progression with scholarships if you’re keen to gain your Enrolled Nurse or Registered Nurse qualifications or even consider another career pathway.

It’s where you’ll see meaningful relationships fuel your passion for caring.

Community & Home Care

You love caring for others but appreciate a little help to do that well. As a Whiddon Home Carer, you’ll help a wide variety of people to stay living at home and remain connected to their community. We’ll support you with all the information you need about your clients and their home care needs, so you have more time to build meaningful relationships with them.

You can focus more on caring because you’ll be constantly backed up by friendly and experienced coordinators back at base, who will answer any questions or provide guidance and support whenever you need it. We understand that your life outside of work is important and that you need flexibility in your life too, so we’ll aim to find the shifts that work for your lifestyle.

It’s where you can feel satisfaction in what you do every day.

Wellbeing & Lifestyle

You’re creative, have ideas and love being around others but you’re looking for a more meaningful focus for your energy. Our Care Managers know the social and mental health of residents in aged care are key to their quality of life and so will actively support you as you as a leisure and lifestyle specialist to develop the activities and experiences which support their wellbeing.

As you work with residents to plan and deliver Health and Wellbeing programs, you’ll discover their unique personalities and life experiences. Relationships that you’ll find surprising, delightful, and personally enriching. The passion and dedication you’ll see in colleagues around you and the friendships you build with them will also be personally enriching.

It’s where your love of life and people can be personally fulfilling.


You love the creativity you can express through food as a Chefs, Catering, Cleaning and Laundry, and Maintenance, but don’t love the personal sacrifices that work demands of you. In aged care, the dining experience is so much more important than it is to the typical restaurant-goer. Not only will you experience the satisfaction in your food being valued by all, but for many, it will be the highlight of their day. All of this, while enjoying stable employment and family-friendly hours.

Of course, as a chef manager, there are additional challenges for you in building dietary requirements into this creativity. You’ll also have the responsibility of running your own kitchen and service and sourcing the best and freshest produce. You’ll certainly get to know the unique personalities and fascinating life stories, as well as the culinary preferences of your residents, more deeply than in any commercial kitchen.

It’s where you can feel the thrill of creative satisfaction and get your life back.

Leadership roles

You want a leadership role in aged care because you have the experience and great ideas to better lead a caring team. We trust your capability, ideas, and passion, so we’ll give you the autonomy that you need to achieve your goals.

But we also know you’ll appreciate great systems, the right resources, and the guidance and support when you need it. Whether that’s a conversation with our CEO or the advice of our quality team.

For 75 years in aged care, we’ve been for purpose – not profit – so you know we’ll support you in continually improving the care and quality of life of your residents. Our well-established MyLife model of care will serve as a great framework to get you started. Possibly most important though, is the experienced core of passionate, positive and collaborative employees we’ve gathered, who will effectively support the implementation of your ideas and achievement of your aspirations.

It’s where you’ll feel respected and trusted to apply your ideas.

Corporate Roles

Whether you’re pursuing a professional career or working for the weekend, it’s difficult to find a job where you know you are making a difference and supporting those who most need it. From finance and accounting to IT, property management, marketing and people and culture, you’ll work alongside others who enjoy doing something worthwhile with their valuable time, effort and capabilities.

75 years of enriching the lives of residents and clients has had an impact on how we treat each other. You’ll join a friendly, approachable and collaborative group of people that will help you achieve more but enable you to do that in a positive environment.

It’s where you can feel professional satisfaction from what you achieve and personal satisfaction for the difference it makes to others.

Culture at Whiddon

Our culture is built on strong and meaningful relationships, a commitment to supporting our people, and connections to the communities we serve.

We’re like one big family and treat each of our residents, clients and team members with the same levels of passion, care and respect.

Our Values

  • Nurturing relationships
  • Being progressive and innovative
  • Making an exceptional impact

When we describe our culture, we’re really describing what’s most important in how we behave toward each other. It’s probably the easiest way to decide if we are your kind of people.

Your organisation’s history matters here. 75 years of enriching the lives of residents and clients have had an impact on how we behave towards each other. It’s also had a big impact on the way we care for residents, clients and each other. 75 years of understanding that when both leaders and our colleagues actively support us in each of our roles, it’s easier for us all to experience that passion in what we do, every day.

Nurturing relationships is important to us

Wellbeing for our residents and clients starts with strong relationships among those who care for them. We work at nurturing these relationships, through showing mutual respect, trust, open communication, teamwork, and proactive support. Everyone matters in our family and many things go into making a family strong.

Being progressive and innovative is important to us

A willingness to try new approaches gives us all the opportunity to make our world a better place and increase the pride we feel in the work we do. We encourage creative thinking and actively support the professional development of our people that enhances this. And, we actively support the positive lives of our people outside of work that also enable this thinking.

Having an impact is important to us

Impact is only exceptional when it makes a real difference in all of our lives. But achieving this requires us all taking the time to really listen before we act. To residents, clients, families, and each other. Each of us has the opportunity to make sure our practices, processes and priorities make a worthwhile difference.


Benefits & Career Development

We want your journey at Whiddon to be one where you are encouraged to continue to learn and grow as an individual. At Whiddon you’ll be supported on your learning journey through a range of development opportunities:

  • Access to Certificate III and IV courses.
  • Traineeships.
  • Higher learning scholarships.
  • On-the-job learning.
  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Conferences and external education.
  • Leadership Development Program.
  • Learning, learning, learning. Leadership courses for all levels of leaders, education resources and more!
  • Whiddon Scholarships so you can study and advance your career. You can get financial support to cover your studies.
Employee benefits

We offer a fantastic range of employee benefits and training and development opportunities, including:

  • Salary Packaging options so you can keep more of your pay. Did you know that by salary packaging, you can increase your salary? (obtaining financial advice is recommended)
  • Leave entitlements so you can rest, recuperate and take care of your loved ones! Permanent employees only.
    • 5 weeks Annual Leave (or the option to cash out Annual Leave)
    • Long Service Leave after 5 years
    • 12 weeks paid Parental Leave
    • Up to 3 days paid community service leave each year
    • Up to 4 days paid compassionate leave
  • Work/life balance. Options to work morning, afternoon or night shifts. With flexible working arrangements available.
  • Get recognised for your great work! On-the-spot recognition, Annual Awards night and more.
  • Employee Referral Program. Earn bonuses for inviting your friends to work.
  • Employee Assistance Program for when you need extra support.
  • Sponsorship Visas for Registered Nurses.


Here at Whiddon, we have various opportunities available with various roles, including Full Time, Part Time or Casual!



Sydney Metro: Glenfield & Hornsby (Community Care)

Central West: Kelso & Mudgee

Newcastle & Hunter: Belmont, Largs & Redhead

Mid-North Coast: Laurieton & Wingham

Northern River: Casino, Grafton, Kyogle, Maclean & Tweed Heads

North & Far West: Bourke, Moree, Narrabri, Wee Waa & Tamworth (Community Care)



Queensland- South East: Beaudesert


Community Care
  • Community Cleaner
  • Home Care Worker
  • Registered Nurse
  • Community Care Coordinator
  • Leadership Roles
Residential Aged Care
  • Administration Officer
  • Assistant in Nursing
  • Enrolled Nurse
  • Hospitality Services (Catering, Cleaning & Laundry, Chefs)
  • Wellbeing and Lifestyle
  • Maintenance
  • Registered Nurse
  • Leadership Roles
Management / Corporate
  • Customer Liaison
  • Finance (Accounts, Payroll, etc.)
  • Hospitality
  • ICT
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Operations
  • People and Culture
  • Procurement
  • Property
  • Quality Care and Compliance

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