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How to Empower Your Careers Education & Student Success With Explore Careers

In an ever-evolving landscape, preparing students for their future careers is a task that requires collaboration and innovation.

Enter Explore Careers: a groundbreaking careers education platform. We partner with leading employers to provide students with opportunities, early career insights, and invaluable guidance.

This blog post is dedicated to careers advisors and teachers. Here we share how Explore Careers can be an indispensable ally in shaping students’ futures and career education in the classroom.

A FREE Gateway to Possibilities

One of the standout features of Explore Careers is our commitment to accessibility. We understand the financial constraints schools and students face. That’s why everything we offer is entirely free for young people and their school to access.

Some of our most popular features include:

  • Our Career Quiz: Keep an eye out for updates and a refresh on the quiz coming this year!
  • Jobs Board: Updated regularly, students can find and apply for opportunities. From casual work to apprenticeships and entry roles.
  • Employer Profiles: Explore by industry and see who’s who and what they have to offer young people.
  • Explore Careers Blog: Discover resources and guidance for every step of the career journey. Downloadable resources coming this year!

Empowering Careers Advisors and Teachers

Explore Careers is designed to complement the efforts of career advisors and teachers. We recognise educators’ pivotal role in guiding students toward a successful future.

Our resources are designed to enhance the overall learning experience around careers by bringing in employer perspectives students can use to develop their understanding of their future pathways further.

Students gain valuable insights into various industries and professions, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future.

Real-world Insights from Leading Employers

What really sets Explore Careers apart is our strong network of leading employers. We collaborate with industry giants to bring real-world insights directly to students.

From company tours to live Q&A sessions with industry experts, employer blogs and behind-the-scenes interviews. Explore Careers bridges the gap between the classroom and the professional world in highly engaging and accessible ways.

Early Career Opportunities

Explore Careers goes beyond theoretical knowledge by providing students with early career opportunities.

Our platform bridges education and employment, offering internships, apprenticeships, and work-study programs. We work with our employers to highlight the diverse programs they offer and make these clear with our DEI Profile Badges.

We’re working hard to bring innovation to this space and have some big plans we look forward to sharing soon!

Guidance for Every Step

Navigating the maze of career choices can be daunting for students. Explore Careers acts as a guiding light, offering step-by-step assistance in the decision-making process.

From creating resumes to preparing for interviews and uncovering success in a busy job market, our platform covers the entire spectrum of career development.

Careers advisors and teachers can rest assured that their students can tap into comprehensive support at every crucial stage of their journey.

Discover How We Can Help You

Explore Careers is more than just a platform; it’s a catalyst for change in how we approach career education.

With a commitment to accessibility, personalised guidance, and real-world connections, we are here to empower the next generation of professionals!

Join us in fostering student success and turning dreams into tangible career realities.

Our Schools Relationship Manager, Jordan is always available to help you better understand how to make the most of working with us. Reach out to him at


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