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Empowering Style & Success: Unveiling the Magic of The Just Group!

07 September 2023

We’re going to shout it loud and proud one more time: Retail careers are NOT just about working in a retail store!

We’re constantly blown away by the fantastic opportunities in this industry and the incredible ways you can grow your career – the progression and pathways for professional development are endless!

But enough of what we think – you should hear it from the professionals, and you’re in luck.

Taylor, current Recruitment & Talent Coordinator with The Just Group, joins us to share more about how her career with the company has seen her go from strength to strength.

Hear from Taylor as she shares more about:

  • Who The Just Group are and the brands that make a part of their portfolio.
  • What Taylor’s current role involves, and her amazing journey across the company.
  • Taylor’s career journey from school to date and the key things she learned.
  • What some of the biggest misconceptions are about working in fashion retail (it’s not just about working in a store!)
  • How The Just Group work to create a supportive, inclusive workplace with heaps of opportunity to grow.
  • Taylor’s top insights for how the industry is growing and changing and the opportunities opening up.
  • What growth mindset means at The Just Group and how this is brought to life through their positive team culture.

Taylor’s career experience is an excellent example of how your ideas for a sector can grow with you as a professional; there are many opportunities to create a career that works for you in an area you love!

Make sure you don’t miss this one!

Find Out More

As Australia’s most exciting fashion and apparel retailer, The Just Group operates over 800 stores across all states and territories in Australia.

There’s a world of leading retail careers to be discovered with these leaders, and we know just the place to start!

Find out more about The Just Group and their 7 brands via their dedicated Explore Careers profiles and explore where you might end up with one of Australia’s most exciting retail groups.

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