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Everybody Belongs: Welcome to Harmony Week 2024

Are you ready for a joy, unity, and celebration-filled week?

That’s right – it’s Harmony Week! 🎉

This week is about embracing our differences, celebrating our diverse cultures, and coming together as a harmonious community.

Whether you love Aussie slang, have a passion for Tim Tam slams, or love the multicultural feast that is our Aussie cuisine, Harmony Week is the time to shine a spotlight on what makes us unique and special.

What is Harmony Week?

Harmony Week is a week-long celebration of Australian multiculturalism and the diversity of our wonderful communities – from the oldest continuous culture of our First Nations Australians to the cultures of our newest arrivals from around the world.

This year it’s taking place from Monday 18th to Sunday the 24th of March.

Why Do We Celebrate Harmony Week?

Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. It’s important we acknowledge and celebrate this when we can.

Harmony Week allows individual cultures to share their traditions in vibrant ways.

It’s also an opportunity to express gratitude and acknowledge how we all benefit from multicultural communities.

Harmony Week’s Core Values

Harmony Week has three core values that all events seek to promote:

  1. Inclusiveness: Inclusiveness is about celebrating our unique individuality and each other for who we are, humans, no matter where we come from.
  2. Respect: There’s much to be said about treating others how you want to be treated. Whether in-person or online, ensure respectfulness underpins all your interactions.
  3. Belonging: ‘Belonging’ is about accepting others as they are, offering a friendly smile and ‘hello’ if you think someone seems lonely and acting from a place of inclusivity in and outside school.

These values are essential for everyone regardless of their cultural or linguistic background.

What Types of Events Are Happening?

When it comes to the types of events planned – almost anything goes!

As long as it celebrates multiculturalism in a positive, respectful and inclusive way.

The official Harmony Week website has a superb list of everything happening across different Australian states, including:

  • Panel Talks and Conversations: Hear from different cultural leaders and spokespersons across Australia as they discuss what multicultural Australia looks like today.
  • Cultural Exhibitions: Communities everywhere set up and showcase cultural artifacts, art, and performances to highlight how culture and art are a vital part of our lives.
  • Live Music & Dance: Who doesn’t love a good chance to shake it on the dancefloor? And what better way to celebrate together than through music and dance! You’ll find many opportunities to learn, connect, and boogie throughout the week, from traditional music to traditional dances.
  • Wear Orange: Show your support for the week by wearing the campaign’s brightest colour – orange! Encourage your class to join in, snap a pic and share it on social media.

What’s happening in your school or community for Harmony Week? There’s still time to find simple ways to celebrate together!

Whether it’s a potluck lunch, a story-telling assembly, or a class discussion about what inclusivity and diversity mean to you – speak to your teachers, peers and student school leaders and see how you can all get involved.

Happy Harmony Week!

We hope this Harmony Week will show you that it’s more than just a chance to share good food and culture!

And that being inclusive, respectful and promoting a sense of belonging for all is a foundational Australian way of life.

Happy Harmony Week to everyone! 🎉


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