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Explore a Brighter, Better Future With Newcrest!

19 August 2022

We know we kept telling you that automation and AI will create jobs, but we haven’t talked much about what that might look like.

Well, here to showcase exactly what it looks like in the mining and engineering sector is Logan, an Automation and Product Engineer with Newscrest!

We had to pick our jaws up from the floor after Logan’s incredible knowledge download of what mining looks like today, and how his work makes it safer for his colleagues and helps build better futures.

Hear from Logan as he shares:

  • Who Newcrest are, what they do and why they’re an employer of choice for him.
  • What he does as an Automation & Product Engineer, and how his role makes a huge difference across the mining sector.
  • The latest technology developments across the mining sector and what this means for inclusion, diversity and equality across the board.
  • Why the sector isn’t just for burly men, and the range of opportunities available across HR, IT, marketing and many more!
  • How mining is constantly evolving and what this means for sustainability and the environment.
  • Some of the genuinely unique projects he’s currently working on (including a little mention of robots).

We couldn’t have imagined how little we knew about the sector before Logan’s talk! If you’re curious about your next steps, Logan’s got top-notch advice to help you make those decisions and explore why mining might be the sector for you.

Find Out More

A career with Newcrest offers a wealth of opportunities – from fascinating roles, diverse work locations, life-long training and development, a commitment to sustainable work practices, and the chance to innovate and look for better ways to do things.

Find out more about Newcrest and everything they have to offer via their Explore Careers dedicated employer profile.

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