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Discovering Unexpected Career Heights with BAE Systems!

01 December 2022

Many young people dream of being an astronaut when they’re younger, but how many come close to making it a reality?

Well, Kisa came pretty close, even getting her pilot licence before you got her driving licence!

When a citizenship hiccup stopped her original career path, she found herself working on some incredible projects with NASA before joining BAE Systems. As she puts it, that hiccup was a blessing in disguise and led her into a new, rewarding and highly enviable career journey!

We were so lucky Kisa could join us and tell us all about:

  • Who BAE Systems are and what they do
  • What her incredible role involves, and why no two days are ever the same
  • How an early career dream to become an astronaut led to one of the best career journey stories we’ve heard!
  • When things don’t go as you hope, it can still lead to amazing things (like a job at NASA!!)
  • How BAE Systems global reach others lots of opportunity to take your career around the world
  • Why if you’re a tech nerd, there’s no better place to explore a career than with BAE Systems!

Phew – Kisa’s enthusiasm and passion for her work have definitely convinced us – where do we apply?!

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