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Flex Those Green Thumbs in Elder’s Graduate Program

“I would never have had the exposure to horticulture without the program or considered horticultural agronomy as a career path – and look at where I am now.” – Molly, 2022 Graduate of the Elders Graduate Agronomy Program.

In specialised industries, you can’t always jump straight from high school to the workforce; tertiary training can take anywhere from 1 to 5+ years, depending on your industry. Once you’ve earned your degree, you’ll be facing the exciting world of grad programs (which really isn’t as scary as it sounds)!

In simple terms, grad programs are essentially the equivalent of work experience for university graduates. They’re designed to set you up with the skills needed for a long and successful career in your industry, and, before you ask, they are definitely worth it!

While you can find graduate opportunities across a range of exciting industries, we’ve found one specific program that’ll make you want to put all your eggs in one basket (P.S. It’s all based on sustainability, too!). What’s more, we’ve included some top tips to give you the best possible chance of landing the role!

Introducing Elders:

Elders has been a staple in the Australian agricultural and horticultural landscape for over 180 years now; that’s almost two centuries! Their sustained success can be attributed to their diversified knowledge and skillset, which are used to help their clients in all sectors of their business. Essentially, Elders can always find ways to help others reach their full potential, regardless of whether it’s in the office or in the field.

However, this powerful sense of compassion extends far beyond their clients; Elders are committed to looking after both their employees and the environment, too.  So, if you’re looking for a dynamic company to establish yourself in (while flexing those green thumbs and making a real difference), look no further! Elders’ Grad Program could be the perfect place to start.

Elders’ Graduate Agronomy Program:

If you prefer hands-on training, would love to work with Australia’s leading agronomists and want the opportunity to travel across the country, Elders’ two-year Graduate Agronomy Program might be for you!

Wondering what your day-to-day might look like? Let us break it down for you! In your first year, you’ll be participating in two six-month rotations designed to build your understanding of crop segments. Then, your final twelve months will be spent specializing in a crop segment of your choice!

To be eligible for this exciting opportunity, all you need is:

  • A relevant university degree.
  • A willingness to relocate around Australia for program rotations.
  • Australian or New Zealand citizenship status.

Setting Yourself Up for A Career in Agronomy:

While you won’t be able to apply for Elders’ Graduate Agronomy Program until you’ve completed a bachelor’s degree, it’s never too soon to start thinking about your future!

By planning out what high school subjects you’ll need and what university courses will come in handy, you’ll be setting yourself up for the best possible start in the agriculture industry!

High School Subjects

  • English and Math (don’t write these subjects off; they’re often prerequisites for university entry!)
  • Biology
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Agriculture

Relevant Degrees

  • Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science
  • Bachelor of Arts; majoring in Agricultural Science, Food Science, Botany or Plant conservation

To find out more about all the good being done by Elders, check out their employer profile, or start planning your grad journey by reading up on their program here!

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