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From Casual Removalist to Management Superstar: Meet Brock!

“You get to see so much of the world that you usually wouldn’t, and you meet many different people. It really gives you such a great ability to handle challenges and build your basic career skills.”

When we asked Brock how he got into his career, he grinned and told us he started as a casual during his summer holidays – and just kept going back for more!

Working in the removalist industry really DOES seem to be one of those career paths that once you’re in, you’re in!

With more opportunity to grow and progress than you might realise, you definitely want to hear from Brock as he shares:

  • More about Kent Removals and their role in the industry.
  • How he started as a summer casual to work his way up the ranks, gaining excellent skills and qualifications along the way, thanks to Kent Academy!
  • How the role set him up for success as he progressed through university.
  • ALL the great opportunities to gain qualifications to succeed in the industry, including various professional certifications and truck licenses.
  • How the role sets you up to travel and meet SO many great people along the way.

Honestly, half the Explore Careers office is tempted by now to switch careers to removals – it sounds like a great opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive in a unique role! If you’re uncertain about your next steps, give Brock’s chat with us a watch.

Find Out More

Kent Removals and Storage is an Australian success story that started over 70 years ago! They’ve grown from a family business to an award-winning organisation built on reputation and excellence.

Removals have changed significantly since 1946, and Kent continues to transform and strive for excellence. To do that, they need the right people to help them innovate and drive the industry to new heights.

That’s why they’re committed to investing in the next generation: YOU!

Head to their exclusive Explore Careers employer profile to find out more and explore current opportunities.

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