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From Centrelink to Fine Art Coordinator: There are No Career Limits with Grace Group!

After a personal situation steered Elaine away from university, she found herself a little adrift as she tried to work out where she saw her future going.

While working with children was something she was passionate about; it wasn’t quite ticking the career boxes – and when the pandemic hit, Elaine found herself adrift once more.

A chance introduction to Grace Group started Elaine on a new career path – from Centrelink to Casual employee to Fine Art Coordinator, responsible for looking after customers’ valuable art pieces.

Jump into our chat with Elaine as she shows us why being open to any opportunity that comes your way can only lead to amazing things. You’ll also learn:

  • Who Grace Group are, their services, and the different departments you could join.
  • What Elaine’s role involves, and what a typical day might involve for her.
  • How Elaine got started with her career working with children after turning away from the university pathway and how this led her to question where she saw herself in the future.
  • How a casual role with Grace Removals quickly led to Elaine finding something she loved, was great at, and her hard work recognised by her management!
  • Why the best part of her role is working with customers and delivering high-quality, expert support through her role.
  • Some of the misconceptions about the industry and why there’s so much more to the work than people realise.
  • How it can be hard work – but extremely rewarding!

It was so clear to us that Elaine loves her work and has definitely found her own personal career niche! We loved hearing about her unexpected career path, and it’s such a testament to being open to any opportunity that comes your way.

We would never have known there was such a massive world behind those big removal vans – maybe it’s time you explored where a role with Grace Group could lead you?

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A legacy of the famous Grace Bros retail and home services empire; Grace Group has expanded to become Australia’s leading service provider of integrated asset moving and information management services for home, corporate and commercial customers.

Grace is the most significant relocation logistics and information management operator within Australasia. The wholly owned Grace Group network of fully operational offices and specialist warehousing facilities extends across every Australian state, territory, and New Zealand.

Find out more via their dedicated Explore Careers profile.

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