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Get a Completely Hands-On Experience With a Leidos Internship!

12 December 2022

There’s often a misconception that interns don’t get to do much and are just there to help make tea and do the boring stuff no one else wants to do!

Well, this is not the case – and it’s definitely not the case with Leidos!

James would know – as a current Software Developer Intern; he’s fully hands-on, treated as a core part of the team, and given the full opportunity to develop his technical skills and industry knowledge!

Jump into our chat with James and learn all about:

  • Who Leidos are, what they do, and the projects they help their clients with.
  • What a software developer does and what a typical day-to-day looks like for James.
  • How he got started with his internship, and what drew him to Leidos to begin his career.
  • How Leidos supports full flexibility in the workplace to deliver a fantastic work-life balance.
  • Why the workplace culture and support from the team make Leidos a standout employer for James – especially as he’s still learning and developing his work-based technical skills!

James also gives us some solid advice about finding opportunities and the skills and attributes that will help you stand out when applying for these types of opportunities yourself.

Find Out More

Leidos is Australia’s largest commercial supplier of services to the Australian Intelligence Community. They also maintain legislative websites for governments, provide critical systems integration projects to the Department of Defence and support the IT environment for the Australian Taxation Office.

There’s so much to explore with these science and tech-based leaders, and you can find everything you need to get started here at Explore Careers!

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