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Growing the world from the ground up with Nutrien Ag Solutions!

12 April 2023

Make a difference. Being part of Nutrien Ag Solutions, one of Australia’s largest agriculture companies, means your purpose for coming to work every day is real and impactful – growing our world from the ground up.

Our people grow their careers at Nutrien through unique opportunities across every corner of Australia and globally.

Make an impact and help build a sustainable, productive and profitable farming industry. We work in areas such as merchandise, wool, livestock, digital solutions, finance, insurance, real estate, water, supply chain and logistics, manufacturing, product development, and sustainability. We’re diverse.

We’re transforming Australian agriculture and you can play a role by bringing forward solutions in data science, innovation, sustainability, and digital technology.

As the leading ag solutions business, together we’re feeding and clothing the world and creating a sustainable future.

Join the world’s largest provider of crop inputs, services and solutions.  The breadth of our business is diverse with endless opportunities to grow your career with Nutrien. If you’ve never thought about the agriculture industry it’s time to explore opportunities you’ve never dreamed of while making a real difference. So, come join us.


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