12-Month Navy Experience – Mechanical Engineer

17 May 2021

Your role:

Develop your potential as a leader by learning from qualified Navy Mechanical Engineers as they manage the operation, maintenance and repair of the engineering plan critical to the ship or submarine’s mission. You will be exposed to a full range of engineering systems, whether it’s a diesel engine, gas turbine, ventilation, power generation or hydraulics, your experience is guaranteed to be varied. As a Gap Year Mechanical Engineer, you’ll be immersed in this world of Navy innovation, working closely with the people who tackle a range of engineering challenges.

For those wanting an even more unique experience, there’s also the option to complete the program as a Submariner, working within one of the highest trained forces in the Navy. In this position, you’ll see what it’s like to operate and maintain highly advanced systems on board a Navy submarine.

This action-packed role isn’t just reserved for people that are straight out of school. It’s a unique opportunity where you’ll get the chance to try out a year in the Navy working alongside fully qualified Mechanical Engineers, all without needing any prior qualifications. You’ll get paid to travel and gain invaluable life and work experience while making friendships that could last a lifetime.

Life in the Navy Gap Year Program:

The Navy Gap Year Program is a one-year commitment that takes you well beyond the ordinary to experience everything the Navy has to offer. Whether you’re sailing across the seas by ship, exploring the ocean’s depths by submarine or soaring above by helicopter, you’ll be given skills and experiences which could extend into a longer-term role in the Navy or elsewhere.

On top of the many benefits you get from a job in the Navy, you’ll also experience a very supportive and collaborative team environment to help you thrive. Take this opportunity to discover a highly rewarding career with the Navy Gap Year Program.


During your 12-month role, you’ll receive a salary package starting from $44,462.

In addition to your salary, you will receive generous superannuation, housing subsidies free medical and dental care, service and uniform allowances, as well as a Maritime Allowance (if applicable).

Apply Now:

For this role, you must have completed Year 12 level of secondary education (or equivalent) to Officer Entry standard and achieved an ATAR which would qualify you for entry into a degree at UNSW/ADFA that is aligned to a relevant engineering pathway. Applications can be considered if you are yet to complete Year 12 and are tracking towards the required ATAR.

Click the APPLY button if you think you have what it takes to spend 12 months as an ADF Gap Year Mechanical Engineer or ADF Gap Year Mechanical Engineer Submariner and we’ll get in contact with you shortly.

You can also visit the link below to view the full position descriptions and learn more about life in the Navy.




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