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These positions are based at Kenilworth and Gympie management bases. Kenilworth and Gympie form part of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Management unit, which is in the Sunshine Coast Area. The Sunshine Coast Area is part of the large, diverse operational South East Queensland Region.
This process will also be used to fill other vacancies and temporary relieving opportunities, as they become available over the next 12 months within in the Sunshine Coast Area, which also includes Noosa and Maleny work units. A reasonable degree of physical fitness is required. We are looking for keen, enthusiastic individuals able to work well independently when required, and as part of a team, and who can motivate others through their own performance and work ethic.


Rangers ensure that the Queensland’s national parks, state forests and reserves are protected, accessible and valued by all Queenslanders. Rangers work in partnership with local communities and other stakeholders to contribute to the land management, recreational and conservation outcomes across the protected areas which are managed by DES under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, Recreation Areas Management Act 2006, Marine Parks Act 2004, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act 1975, Forestry Act 1959 and other relevant legislation.

As the Ranger you will:

  • Perform general estate development and maintenance duties such as construction and maintenance of walking tracks, fencing and recreational facilities on protected areas, and cleaning and maintenance of amenities.
  • Perform estate protection duties such as assisting in cultural heritage management, fire management, pest and weed control programs.
  • Assist with law enforcement and compliance duties.
  • Perform operation and maintenance of minor plant and equipment.
  • Perform general administrative duties including the operation of computers and technology, and some basic procurement of goods and services.
  • Provide general information in relations to a wide range of queries from park visitors and other stakeholders
  • Foster a workplace culture that supports and promotes the interests of First Nations people and actively engage through our work to contribute to better outcomes for First Nations people.

What we are looking for

We’re looking for the best suited applicant for the role. We’ll do this by assessing your eligibility and your ability to undertake the requirements of the role (including, where relevant, the way you carried out previous roles). We’ll also consider your potential to make contributions to the department and how your engagement would support our commitment to equity, diversity, respect and inclusion.

This position requires an applicant who:

  • Understands the work environment and how work contributes to team goals. Follows direction provided by supervisor and asks for clarification if needed. Knows where to find information and ask questions to ensure better understanding of issues.
  • Works to agreed priorities, outcomes and performance standards either alone or as a member of a team. Reschedules and reorganises own work to reflect changes in priorities. Identifies problems and develops workable solutions.
  • Provides courteous, prompt and professional service to customers. Supports team members in achieving goals, especially during busy or difficult working periods. Willingly takes on additional duties including basic supervision when required.
  • Behaves in an honest, ethical and professional way. Actively manages own safety, contributes to and promotes safety of others.
  • Seeks to understand customer needs and responds through effective use of resources skills and techniques. Adapts communication style and approach to ensure they address the needs of different people.
  • Has basic knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of conservation and natural resource management. Understands a range of basic level trade skills with the ability to safely undertake general construction, repairs, and maintenance (where a tradesperson is not required). Understands how to use basic computer applications and equipment relevant to the job.
  • Contribution to workplace equity and diversity that enriches our culture of innovation, respect and inclusion.

 Applications to remain current for 12 months. 


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